Your Baby's Development At Ten Months
Playing baby at ten months - Your Baby's Development At Ten Months: 10 Great Things To Look Forward!

Your baby’s development at ten months is surprisingly amazing. Your baby’s exploring everything. She can clap her hands, wave goodbye, and even blow you a kiss. There are episodes of separation anxiety with your baby these months too. Check out your full baby’s development at ten months below.

What to expect for your baby’s development at ten months both physically and mentally? Do you anticipate any new things for your baby these months? What are the milestones that you can celebrate with you and your little one this month?

Your Baby’s Development At Ten Months

How time flies so fast, right mommy? Imagine your baby’s development at ten months is mostly exploring everything. There are no boundaries on how your baby will check the whole house.

The seeking and getting everything at hand is truly amazing. If your baby can crawl from one end over the other end, well it’s a sign that the house will be messier than ever.

Relax and breath because there’s more to what you are experiencing right now. It is just the beginning. You are not getting crazy because your baby tends to incredibly get everything they shouldn’t be into. This phase is normal.

What else do you expect for your baby’s development at ten months? We’ve compiled the best things, and what to anticipate too. Learn them with us and enjoy like how it should be!

What To Expect For Your Baby At Ten Months

Your Baby's Development At Ten Months
10 months baby – Your Baby’s Development At Ten Months: 10 Great Things To Look Forward!

When it comes to physical activities, your baby’s development at ten months is exceptional. She wants to explore everything at hand, and even those hard to reach areas.

  • Your baby’s development at ten months includes her new physical activities. Clapping her hands and waving goodbye is a few things to watch out every day. This can develop and be a routine as she does it every day.
  • Your baby can stand or walk unassisted. mak sure that she is walking or crawling on a protected floor. Playmat, babyproofing and other things to keep her safe are essential.
  • Your baby can now recognize her body parts. You can even start teaching her different body parts.
  • Your baby might still have her separation anxiety. That means, she will guard your presence more than ever and won’t allow you to leave her sight. She is not comfortable with strange faces. That is totally normal for her age.
  • Your baby wants to take over the world. She thinks she can do everything on her own.
  • Your baby can start using her sippy cups. Either to explore or to teach her to drink in it.
  • Your baby’s appetite may decrease. As long as she is not losing the weight is okay. She is now more interested in playing and exploring stuff.
  • Your baby might start to be a picky eater at times. Don’t give up and be patient with her.
  • Your baby can start weaning this month. Especially for formula-fed babies as it will be harder the more that they get older.
  • Your baby might develop a few odd behaviors this month.

Your Baby’s Health And Growth At Ten Months

As your baby grows, she will still in need to be fed properly. That means healthy food should always come in first. She may develop an attitude about saying no to some foods. Extend your patience especially during feeding times.

Though your baby might not be as interested in food as before, it is by how you make things interesting that she keeps eating them. Try working and offering different meals to try. She may be eating less but do not worry as long as she is not losing weight.

Your Baby's Development At Ten Months
Baby at ten months – Your Baby’s Development At Ten Months: 10 Great Things To Look Forward!

Her solid food place a vital role to keep her nourished with the right nutrients. It is also a great start this month to wean. This is better and easier than waiting when she turns two. Another factor is that continuous bottle feeding may cause cavities to her teeth along the way.

Get in the habit of brushing your baby’s teeth. At least try to establish a routine twice a day. It is also ideal that they get full of solids and not liquids. This is also to train their tummy and eating habits at a young age.

Your baby ‘s development at ten months is all about exploring a lot of things. She may be crawling from one place to another. She can now walk without support. But it is better to keep everything safe for her.

Baby proofing is ideal once your baby starts crawling or walking too.

Don’t forget about introducing new things to her. The sippy cups are best to start working this month.

Separation anxiety is still a big problem for you especially if you are leaving the house. Your baby is not comfortable with new faces. This is totally normal for her age. She will eventually get used to some new faces.

Do not force your baby to like strangers instantly. They will just end up getting uncomfortable with everyone. This is also normal and part of their development. Have more patience and she will get the changes soon. If you really need to leave your baby to someone, make sure that she gets familiar with.

Family members can help you out or even her grandmother for instance.

Tips For Mommies Who has A 10-Month Old Baby

Your Baby's Development At Ten Months
Baby crawling – Your Baby’s Development At Ten Months: 10 Great Things To Look Forward!

The best thing for your baby’s security is to secure the whole area. Baby proofing is not just about the edges but making everything off reach to your baby. Calculate everything that might harm your baby too.

There are different way on how you can take care of your baby as well. This is not just about looking or hiring for baby sitter but you can also take turns with your partner.

Your baby by this month is sleeping better and longer than the previous months. Take this opportunity to relax and enjoy your ‘me time’ alone. This can be for a couple of hours over the weekend.

If you will be travelling long hours, best to pack stuff for your baby. Before doing so, determine where you will be going and how long.

If you are going to a hotel. Best to check their amenities, if they are baby safe and friendly.

Camping can be a big challenge especially if you have a baby to carry along. The supplies, the safety stuff and everything that won’t compromise your baby’s comfort and safety.

The things that you will bring might be more than you will need. You will need to check the weather where you are going. This will help you decide whether to go or just cancel the trip.

Take time to check for travel size stuff for your baby. from milk supply to bottles, wipes, and everything to clean your baby. Blankets and clothes.

The thing that you need to check when you go out is how you can bring the house in one bag. Crazy it may seem but when you have a bay, this is the first thing on your mind.

Another factor to boost your baby’s confidence is how you celebrate every small thing that they make. Don’t forget to celebrate even the small things that you also achieved!

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