12-month-old baby
Activities for a toddler - Your 12-Month-Old Baby's Wonderful Development

Let’s welcome your to becoming the new toddler in town. Though most parents will agree that they will stay baby forever. This is not just a milestone for your but most especially for you!

What are the things to expect for your ’s wonderful development? What to anticipate for the new toddler on the lose? What are the helpful tips for new moms with a new toddler?

Your 12-Month-Old Baby’s Development

Congratulations for the first year of wonderful experience with your little bundle of joy. Though your 12-month-old baby has a lot of things to offer, they still and will always be that little love of yours. No matter how they grow so fast.

There is some 12-month-old baby who can independently walk on their own. While there are some that still lean on something or someone to walk. Either they still need full support from the furniture or a plush toy.

There are different milestones and achievements for every baby. So if your baby is starting to stand just now, that is totally okay. One day or another, they will be running around and all you can do is watch them from afar.

Usually, the baby will start to walk around thirteen months. So let your baby be clingy for some time. Your baby will surely love her new motor skills. The independent way on how she can move will really boost her confidence.

There may also be some time that your baby will like to do things on her own. However, there will be days that they only want to stay close to you. More clingy than ever. Enjoy those days though, you will surely miss them when they are independent enough to run around the house unsupervised.

This month, after their first birthday, you will still need to supervise them. Though they will be doing most of the walking for exploring. There is a pace about their dependance and independence that makes them that little baby transitioning to toddlerhood.

12-month-old baby
1 year old – Your 12-Month-Old Baby’s Wonderful Development

Another great thing to enjoy is to let your baby explore outside. Almost everything she can touch or look at will pique her interest the most. Let your baby touch the lawn grass, walk and roll over it.

Let your baby chase butterflies or picked flowers. Let her touch them and examine their texture too. There are a lot of things that your baby will get curious with, be there and help her.

As part of your 12-month-old baby’s development and growing years, comes her finer motor and mental skills. There are times that they will like to play on stock blocks and arts. Other days will be all about going out. They may want to go down the slide too. All of this is amazing milestones that you and your baby can share together.

The best part is to let her explore and learn from them. Of course with risk supervision. She can now communicate with still fewer clear words but totally understandable actions and gestures.

For example, she might pull your pants to point her lovely sippy cup. Or would gesture you to give her food. Stuff like this will be a great bonding time for you to understand your little baby.

12-month-old baby
Adorable toddler – Your 12-Month-Old Baby’s Wonderful Development

One great fact is, no matter how inaudible and ununderstandable it may seem, mommies will always have that wonderful ability to understand their babies. That is something no one can fathom away from you. Let’s say, one of your greatest superpowers!

One helpful mommy tip with a 12-month-old baby is to never push them to do things. This will just stress your little one and won’t be interested in any activity you tell them.

What To Expect For Your Baby’s Development At 12 Months

There are a lot of things to expect for your baby’s development at 12 months. That includes her growth and weight. But for further details, check out your baby’s development from above.

  • Your baby’s weight will be around 20 pounds for girls and 21 for boys. Take note that boys are bigger than girls, boys length will range till 30 inches while girls will stand 29 and a half inches.
  • Your baby is now transitioning from baby to toddler.
    Your baby can now walk unsupervised. But if your baby is not walking yet, rest assured that she will eventually, give it time and don’t push too much.
  • Your baby can now stand, either leaning into something or by themselves.
  • If you are bottle-fed, your baby is starting to wean and more dependant with solid foods.

    12-month-old baby
    A toddler walking with support from a parent – Your 12-Month-Old Baby’s Wonderful Development
  • Your baby can speak a few real words, aside from dada and mama.
  • Your baby can communicate with you through gestures and signs.
  • Your baby will love to explore outside and would want you to always support her.
  • Your baby will start to drink cow’s milk.
  • Your baby will still need a great nap time aside from the 11 hour night sleep.
  • Your baby will have a good visit to your pediatrician this month.
  • Your baby might have some behavioral issues which you can discuss with your doctor too. No sharing, sometimes she might hit when she gets fussy. These can be controlled with the right knowledge.
  • Your baby will have a few rounds of shots coming ahead this month.

The Health And Growth Of Your One-Year-Old Baby

The health and growth department is on the right track as long as you and your doctor keep the record. There are an ideal weight and height but do not freak out as long as your doctor says everything is okay.

Do not compare your babies growth and health with other babies her age. Together with her developmental skills. Every baby is unique in every single way.

Your baby will still need to recharge in order for them not to be grumpy. They will still need a couple of naps during the day. Make sure that they also get at least eleven hours of sleep in the night too.

All those sleep time is essential for them to play and have fun exploring. You will also need to recharge as your baby sleeps. These moments are priceless and nothing can compare to witnessing them first-hand. With the right mood and relax body.

12-month-old baby
Fun activities for tots – Your 12-Month-Old Baby’s Wonderful Development

This month is another good visit to your pediatrician. There will be new topics to discuss with. Especially those year-old tots behavior to expect.

There is also some vaccination to be given to boost your baby’s health. There are the dosage of MMR, Varicella or also known as for chickenpox, HEPA A and HEPA B. Check with your pediatrician what is the vaccination that will be given by schedule.

What Parents Will Anticipate During The First Year

I know that it will be really tempting to give your little one a 15 minute of screentime. Just to finish the dishes or do a quick clean up. But medical studies strongly discourage parents from the idea of giving their baby devices. Even if there are plenty of application made of their age.

It is not a healthy method and a bad routine for your babies mental and physical development. This can help them to settle for a few minutes but surely they will want more. And you cannot tolerate them always.

Though there are different rules for every child. You can have all the rules you wanted to implement for your toddler.


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