3 Wonderful Stages Of Labor And Childbirth
First stage of labor and birth - 3 Wonderful Stages Of Labor And Childbirth

Ever wonder what are the that every woman will experience before they welcome their little baby to the world? In this article, we will breakdown all the to give you the exact knowledge of how wonderful you really are.

What are the to help you ease delivery pain? Do all mothers go to these different stages of labor and childbirth or are there any shortcuts to these stages? What are the things that we need to know about the ?

The Wonderful Stages of Labor And Childbirth

As a mom-to-be, it is best to know what are the different stages of labor and childbirth that you will encounter along the way. The truth is, you cannot compare your pregnancy from any other mothers out there. No matter how similar the situation is, how they can relate to the pain of every contraction. Each woman undergoes a unique process of giving birth to her baby.

There are some cases that mothers endure a lot of pain and would go for long hours of labor. While there are some that will stay in the delivery room for just a couple of hours and they are done with their labor. Others even stay in active labor for a few days. Which everything is unique in their own phase and time. But are an all wonderful journey towards .

Wonderful Stages Of Labor And Childbirth
Pain due to contractions – 3 Wonderful Stages Of Labor And Childbirth

They say the best way to tell a story is to be at that exact moment and personally experienced it. Labor, delivery, and childbirth, regardless of how long you’ve been through active labor, is a unique kind of selfless love just to welcome that little bundle of joy that means the world to you.

Now, are you aware that there are different stages of labor and childbirth? There are actually three different stages before we can fully say hello to our baby love.

Once you are into the delivery room or under such pain due to contractions, it is best to know which stage of childbirth you are. That way, you can cope with the pain and help yourself ease the pain of every labor and delivery.

To help a pregnant woman cope and endure all the physical, emotional, and mental pain that they will go through, it is best to give your full support to your wife or partner. Childbirth is not easy yet it is such a wonderful process of welcoming a new life into this world.

Understanding The Different Yet Wonderful Stages Of Labor And Childbirth

There are three wonderful stages of labor and childbirth. Are you familiar with all of these stages? If not, then do not worry as we will help each other learn and understand each stages. That way it will be easy for us to embrace the new journey in our life that will transform you to be the best version of yourself.

The First Stage Of Labor And Delivery
If you are into active labor, then it is safe to say that you have entered the first stage of labor and birth. This is when you feel the consistent abdominal pain or much better called as contractions. This can have a 15 to 20 minutes interval of contractions. Then active labor is as it lessens the time interval of each contraction.

3 Wonderful Stages Of Labor And Childbirth
Active labor – 3 Wonderful Stages Of Labor And Childbirth

The first stage allows your baby to start positioning himself into the birth canal. The contractions are caused by the opening of your cervix. As is soften and prepare for your baby to go out, it opens, becomes soft and short. The first stage will be the longest of the three wonderful stages of labor and childbirth.

The first stage, if we will try to check has two-part; the early labor as what they called and the active labor. When you are in early labor, your contractions are not as painful as the active labor. though your cervix will open, it still in the first phase.

Early labor may not be uncomfortable, but it is still the start of your childbirth. Best to relax during this stage and take a walk if you can or a bath/shower even before you will be in labor or delivery to help you relaxed. Listening to relaxing music will help you focus on and clear your mind properly. You can also try working with your breathing exercise and as much as possible, be in that most comfortable position you can be.

Active labor is when your cervix opens from 6 to 10 cm. The pain from your contractions is stronger and sometimes unbearable for some mothers. Remember that you are the only one who can decide if you will need medication or you can still endure the pain.

When you are going through active labor, it is best to go to the nearest hospital so that you can be assisted properly. This is also the best time to work on your breathing and try to be calm even if it may seem impossible due to the severity of the pain that you are going through.

If pain medications are not for you yet, then you can ease a few of the pain by having some massages. This can be done by your husband. Walk at some point if you still can and breath.

Your health care provider will monitor your condition and if in case you will need to go c-section. In the case of this incident happen, you are not allowed to have large meals, a light meal will be given to you. Water, ice chips, and juice are among the few food options you will get. As food will cause complications when you are under the caesarian section.

The Second Stage Of Labor And Birth

3 Wonderful Stages Of Labor And Childbirth
Early labor – 3 Wonderful Stages Of Labor And Childbirth

The second stage of labor is when you deliver your baby. Some might take a few minutes until they complete this stage. On the other hand, first-time mothers and those moms-to-be that have epidurals might take some time for them to deliver their baby.

This is where the pushing will mostly happen. Though pushing is not the only way, you might even be asked to hold for a while before you push your baby out. Find the most comfortable position that you can be for pushing. If you feel the urge to push, you can inform your health care provider.

Once your baby’s head is out, the second stage of labor and childbirth is almost done. When your baby’s head is out, her body will follow smoothly out. Once your baby is out, your doctor will cut the umbilical cord of your baby. You might also hear the very first cry of your baby afterward.

The Last Stage Of Labor And Childbirth
The last stage will be about the placenta being delivered. This will be less painful than the first two stages. You will have time to hold and cherish your baby. Some will even encourage the mother to try breastfeeding their baby as early as after delivery.

The placenta will be delivered in less than an hour. You might be asked to push one more time for you to deliver the placenta. There are some cases that you might have medications during this time or after delivery. This is to prevent any infection.


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