10 Unique Theme for Your Kids Party
10 Unique Theme for Your Kids Party

A birthday theme for your is the most important day of the year for a child. The feeling of excitement in anticipation of what will happen next is incomparable. Therefore it is a parental obligation to fulfil the yearly celebration for the little ones. Be it simple or grand, a birthday should be celebrated with the assurance that it will be loads of fun, never-ending smiles, laughter and giggles.

Theme for Your Kids Party
Beautiful set up for pastel color theme for your

Throwing a great theme for your may somehow get complicated. But with the goal of giving the little ones a magical moment for a lifetime of memories, everything would be possible for parents. It is heart-breaking to deprive the child of his once a year big day. Most Moms seem to have the ability for party planning but there are some who get lost and needs proper guidance and help.

In party planning, aside from your prepared list of Different Games for Kids Party, one essential factor to be prioritized is the theme for your kids party. Start to make a list of what your birthday child wants the most. Or you can ask his opinion, of what theme he likes most. Be particular in choosing the party theme and be creative enough to adjust the theme appropriately as to the age of the celebrator and his guests. It would be best to personalize the party theme around something that is most loved and meaningful to the celebrator.

Listed below are the unique theme for your kids party. Perhaps you can spot one party theme here that you have envisioned to make your kid’s birthday party a blast! Pick up some practical suggestions and professional recommendation to make your party a big success.

10 Unique Theme for your Kids Party


A sweet birthday party filled with bright colors, cool patterns, with lots of frills and sugary treats. This theme is sure to please the sweetest little girls. Set the mood for the party with a sweet and simple invitation design. Multicolored cotton candy cones and chevron print give this invitation a fun and festive look. This theme  could be hosted at home or would be fantastic at a candy or ice cream shop. If you would like the guests to dress up, do not forget to note that on the invitation. The girls will love getting dressed up for this party.

Tutus, dresses and fancy headbands all add to the sweet atmosphere of the party. Provide outfits for each girl or have them come dressed to impress. The perfect centrepiece on your dessert table will be a simple white buttercream cake, with multi-colored sprinkles all over. For your cupcakes, dress them up with printable cupcake toppers with the celebrator’s name and colourful cupcake wrappers. Your little guests will not be able to resist them. Display the cupcakes on decorative cake stands for an even fancier look. The celebrator will notice the customized party accessories with her name. Children love seeing their names on things, especially when it’s their special day.

cotton candy themes party
Ideas of Cotton Candy Theme for your Kids Party

Without the cotton candy, you cannot have a cotton candy theme for your kids party. It is a must to rent or purchase an affordable cotton candy machine to make your own fluffy stuff. You can purchase online or at the party supplies store. The machines use any hard candy, so choose your favorite colors and start swirling.

But if you have limited time and you wish a no-hassle preparation, you can purchase online, there are several specialty shops that offer gourmet cotton candy, delivered straight at your doorstep. Cotton Candy served in adotted, checkered or stripes treat cups topped with a flag made with paper and lollipop sticks. The flag has the celebrator’s name printed on it. Also, try these inexpensive milkshake glasses filled with layers of cotton candy and topped with a striped paper straw. These would make a perfect party favors too!

Use your hidden talent with the way you display the sweets. Glass jars and vessels show off the colors and textures of the various sweets. Multi-colored dot chocolate candies dress up the glass pedestals filled with cotton candy balls, cupcakes cotton candy in a uniquely personalized cup. Big balloons with the celebrator’s name can make a remarkable statement in your venue and kids absolutely adore balloons. Big balloons can be for decorations, prizes for some games and an exciting party favors too.

Cookies are one best seller in a kiddie party, get more creative and intricate with the cookie designs that will match your cotton candy theme. Wrap them up in a transparent cellophane bag tied with a multi-colored ribbon with a “Thank You” tag.


Loaded with fun and engaging activities for all of the children, princess theme for your kids party will be unforgettable for your child! This company is recommended among the top 3 high-end character entertainment in the USA. Party Princess Productions provides high-end birthday party character entertainment specializing in princess parties, superhero parties and many other characters themed events. They have handcrafted costumes, wigs and accessories to be used by the cast to ensure the most authentic performance for your child’s special event.

Princess Party Inclusions are:

  • The princess of your choice will make a grand entrance to the party. Have your cameras ready to document your child’s instant reaction when they first see their princess, live!
  • The princess will then gather the kids for an interactive story as she narrates her adventures and experiences as a princess.
  • Again with your camcorder, to document the princess and production staff serenade your kids with songs from their world theme.
  • Your child will eventually learn how to walk, talk, and act like a real princess.
  • An activity where the princess will paint some designs with a glittery dash on any child who wants one.
  • The princess leads the singing of a happy birthday song and the cake cutting while picture taking is abundant.


Elsa birthday party
Table set up for elsa theme for your kids party

Bring on the wintery magic! The Elsa Parody party character is a gracious and kind queen. She rules with wisdom and justice and knows that it is best to open up to her friends and family than to shut them out. She loves to have fun with her ice power by making stunning decorations for special occasions and creating winter wonderlands for everyone to play in.


Let the intelligence and charm of Belle reach out to you. Belle party character is beautiful, the epitome of beauty inside and out. She loves to read and learn, and she uses her strong mind to help others whenever she can. She is a gentle and strong-willed girl who always puts her family and friends first.


Cinderella and Prince Charming create a magical and delightful party. They are the perfect royal pair to make your child’s party a stately and glamorous occasion. They make a great team, showing the world that dreams can come true and that kindness and grace go a long way. Cinderella’s hopeful outlook and love of life are unbreakable, and Prince Charming is a true gentleman in every way.


The Jasmine Parody party character is gloomy if she will just sit down and not do anything about what is happening around her. She loves to get out of the palace and meet new people. Being confident, self-reliant, and kind makes her the perfect princess character for your child’s birthday bash. She would love to help entertain guests at your kiddie party.


Little Mermaid Ariel & Prince Eric are a royal couple made for the sea! Ariel loves swimming and playing with all her little ocean friends, and Eric is a fantastic sailor. Sharing their royal charm and love of adventure, they will both make waves into your kids’ party. Both have character traits of being kind, caring and brave making them perfect for one another and a good example for your growing kids.


moana theme party
Table set up for Moana theme for your kids party

A master sailor and loves exciting adventures will take you on a mystical journey! Moana Parody party character is a fearless princess and a true voyager. She has a beautiful voice and loves to entertain her fans.


She will show the kids what being a princess is all about. Sofia the First Parody party character is a little princess who loves to learn and play. She is new to being a princess, but she enjoys learning the ropes at princess school. She knows that she should always be herself and love her friends and family for who they are. She is great at being kind, generous, and caring, all while having fun! She loves to play with children everywhere she goes.

SuperHero Party Inclusions are:

  • The superhero of your choice will make a super entrance to the party! Make sure to have your camera ready to capture your child’s reaction when they first see their superhero, live!
  • Your little hero will learn how to fight the bad guys with the best teacher around! They’ll learn hands-on what it takes to fight crime and save the world.
  • Age-appropriate games, choose from duck-duck-goose, musical chairs, freeze dance and many others.
  • The superhero will paint simple designs with a dash of glitter. No face shall be left behind!
  • The party is wrapped up by having the superhero lead the Happy Birthday song and cake cutting!
  • Do not forget to take plenty of pictures! The characters will be available for any and all photos right after the cake cutting.


The Captain America Parody party character is a real nationalist with a golden heart and a super-strong shield. His ultimate goal is to defend his friends and the American dream no matter what comes his way. His enhanced strength makes him a powerful defender of freedom everywhere. You can celebrate your own American dream with this hero by your side.


This Batman Parody party character is a superhero of his own making. The Crime-buster! The Super Hero with extraordinary mind and muscle that he uses to outwit and outfight anyone who threatens the peace. He puts all of his great intelligence, strength, and wealth into fighting crime. While he puts on many acts in his efforts to keep his true identity hidden, his one desire is to defend justice wherever he goes. You’ll get to see the man who has and does it all if you allow Party Princess Productions to send a Batman Parody party character to your party.


spider man theme party
Stage in spiderman theme for your kids party

The Spiderman Parody party character is a smooth-swinging, web-flinging superhero who uses his incredible spider clouts to perceive a threat and outright protect the innocent. He looks out for anyone in need of help and defends his city and others from all evil things. He has all the spirit of a determined young man and all the amazing abilities of a wild spider. Spiderman is the Super Hero who can capture the hearts of many kids in his heroic web.


The Superman Parody party character may not be from Earth, but he got here as fast as he could. This alien-born Kansas boy is the very definition of a superhero. His bravery, kindness, and strength are unmatched. He fights for truth and justice by rescuing the innocent, demolishing the evil plans of villains, and keeping America safe for law-abiding citizens. Contact Party Princess Productions to invite our Superman Parody party character to your party, and prepare to be amazed at his incredible superpowers.


The Power Ranger Parody party characters are a group of crime-buster superheroes who use their powerful resource of brains, muscles, and technology to fight for what is right. They may have special tools and incredible martial arts skills, but they believe that “teamwork” is the way to win a fight. Each Power Ranger Parody party character is a unique individual, but when they put their talents together they become one powerful force that keeps evil away.


Start by creating an invitation that looks similar to a circus ticket stub, “one child admission” to the circus that will soon occur in your backyard. If you do not have enough space, a public park will do. Just announce the amazing activities that will take place. Otherwise, you can also write the invitation onto a balloon with a permanent marker, then deflate the balloon and mail it into an envelope with confetti.

Circus theme party
Circus theme for your kids party set up in the backyard

Decorate with multi-colored balloons and streamers and create tickets, game, and food booths using cardboard appliance boxes. A tent makes a great addition as well. Serve crackers, hot dogs, snow cones, lemonade, and cupcakes. For an additional treat, you can rent a popcorn or cotton candy machine. Set up a face-painting station and a table with bubble supplies. Blow up long balloons for kids to make their own balloon animals. Hang mock circus pictures around the party (rubber man, mermaid lady, etc. with the kids’ images superimposed on them).

For more excitement, you can even place shiny sheets of mirror paper on the walls to look like silly mirrors. Ask each child to bring their own “circus act” to the party, and then step right up to enjoy the show! For party favors, it is highly suggested to give each guest, either of this selection: mini gumball machines, mini candy dispenser, personalized chocolate lollipops or confetti poppers.


Here is one theme to be a surefire way an assurance of an adventurous good time for all. Create treasure maps on brown newsprint—X marks the spot for your party’s location. Make it truly authentic by burning the edges, roll the map, and slip it directly into a root beer bottle for delivery. Request for pirates to come dressed in proper gear. Or, you can make each child’s pirate transformation into the party’s main event by having a selection of eye patches, hats, tattoos, fake blood, and beards available as they arrive.

Decorate by hanging fishnets filled with shells, starfish, and other oceanic items around the venue. Plastic skeletons in pirate gear scattered all throughout the party venue make the effect more natural. Create a personalized pirate ship from a cardboard appliance box, and have each child pose onboard for a picture souvenir. This party lends well to a scavenger hunt that ends with the discovery of buried treasure.

You can make a treasure chest by spray-painting a strongbox cooler black and filling it with a selection of chocolate gold coins, colored bead necklaces, and small toys. Serve hot dog “pirate ships” with a toothpick flag placed right into the ship, or serve fish sticks and macaroni. Definitely, the guests will have a good time at this party. You can give party favors such as mini metal sailboats, personalized inflatable lifesaver, personalized chocolate coins, a bag of shells, and personalized beach theme cookies.


An indoor camping party for an eleven-year-old boy is really amazing! When you originally have the plans of a backyard camping but suddenly the weather did not forgo with your plans. Here, the idea is to have it in the garage! Just to materialize your son’s wish of having a camping party on his 11th birthday, nothing is impossible to beat the weather conditions.

Camp theme for your kids party
Inspiring summer Camp theme for your kids party

A little innovation on the games, but the decorations and all other party details runs through smoothly, and perfectly! No big trees, no lush green forest, nor screaming animals and chirping birds. BUT the neon lights and continuous flow of acoustic music creates a rustic aura. And this will be one birthday memoir that will last a lifetime.

Shopkins Birthday Party

Shopkins are a collection of mini figures, each with its own shape and character. Most kids adore the lovable little Shopkins collectibles. They are non-living objects that are brought to life and kids just cannot get enough of them. Shopkins started as a widespread line of toys for girls and rapidly shoot up into a collaborative brand with a website of licensed products.

With the abundance of party suppliers on Shopkins, turn your child’s birthday party into a Shopkins bonanza. They are these mini grocery items, mini appliances, mini furniture that kids collect, share and trade. The characters featured on the tableware set include Poppy Corn, Delish Donut, Cupcake Chic, Strawberry Kiss, Kooky Cookie and Apple Blossom and many more. Some kids are even obsessed with these cute items that they learn to have vlogs and youtube covers.

For the decorations, again in a hard and thick carton, you can cut out figures related to shopkins and hang them all over the venue. Design and print your invitations with shopkins figures, and shopkins cut-out for your cupcake toppers, a delicious shopkins butter cake on the centre table would be awesome. Delight your guests with party favors of an assorted shopkins figures. 

PUG PARTY THEME                           

A pug is considered as the best dog in the whole wide world! Whether you have a pug at home or just love pugs, you can create a theme for your kids party that is a fun one because it caters to girls and boys! Spread the word about your event with the pug personalized invitations, anyone who doesn’t love them must be barking mad. This theme is a fun one because pug parties and dog parties, in general, are so popular with children. They enjoy getting the love and affection a dog can bring – maybe you can even get a pug to make an appearance. Whether you have your pug theme for your kids party at home or at an outside venue, this theme will fit right along.

Be prepared with tons of pug theme for your kids party decors to brighten up your party.  Cover your dining area with your vibrant plates and cups matching the pug and party hat design. Choose from cutlery of all different colors to keep up with your colorful theme. Once you have chosen your colors, you must choose balloons to match in the same hues so that everyone can create fun memories.

A pug piñata will be large and full of sweet treats for everyone to scramble and enjoy. Your birthday cake can be of inspired by your favorite dog breed. Dog shaped crackers will do great for party favors. Create sweet memories with a party the kids will never forget! Such a great feeling it is to really be satisfied with a party you have thrown.

Rainbow Ribbons Party Ideas and Inspirations

rainbow theme party
Rainbow theme for your kids party set up ideas

A fabulous rainbow connection at your child’s birthday party. Throw a colorful and cheerful celebration and you will not regret a single bit.  Start with multi-coloured invites and thank you cards which includes several styles.  Pick up invitations and thank you cards at the same time so you can have them handy when the party is over. The table is the focal point of a party so theme plates, table covers and napkins with ribbons of color and few extra embellishments like swirls, dots and circles make sense.

In the center is a happy birthday message written in the script.  For the balloons, there are letter-shaped, star and number-shaped, including a foil balloon with matching rainbow ribbon pattern. Liven up the décor with a rainbow ribbon banner and decorations such as scene setter kits and hanging swirls of curling colored ribbons. One of the highlights of a kid’s party is the piñata.  A rainbow shaped piñata with balloon frills will look awesome in your child’s party.

After the piñata comes the cake topped with multicolour number candles. Customize your mini cupcakes and personalize your favor containers such as a mini paint can or glass jar. Fill with treats, such as gumballs and rock candy. If not, then a rainbow ribbon cellophane bag will do. Then pick up some rainbow ribbon party hats and birthday blowouts for cake time. Nothing beats a colorful party!


Nerf toys for the boys! Your little one has been dreaming of a Nerf battle inspired birthday party. Give him what he wishes for. Prepare a Nerf battle party. Since your little John wants to let his friends know that his birthday party is going to be an all-out nerf war, start a Nerf fun with your party invitation like “little John is on for a Nerf Battle, Come and Join the FUN!”

And so with the thank you cards, “Nerf Battle was great, Thanks for joining”. Fill the party venue with Nerf inspired decorations and just everything he wants to complete the Nerf experience he most deserves. Nerf balloons and Nerf inspired piñata loaded with nerf miniguns, and all other Nerf accessories the kids would surely love. All these will add more fun to your son’s birthday party.

Plus the sweet Nerf decorated cake on the centrepiece, personalized Nerf tablewares (paper plates, paper cups, table liners) that are equally action-packed. By the time your party close to an end, it would be wonderful to send home your kiddie guests with Nerf party favors and gifts. This way, you have made the Nerf Party memorable for your son and all of his classmates for days and weeks to come.


unicorn theme party
Paper plates for unicorn

Having a unicorn theme for your kids party gives you a great opportunity to introduce kids to all things of the ’80s, most especially the color palette because no unicorn would turn up her nose at neon shades. If your child believes in fairy tales, create a party where the guest will discover a land that is magical, in a party created full of fantasy. Party shops offer an assortment of unicorn party supplies.

Unicorn horn as party favours is exciting. To start with, make sure to fill the atmosphere of the venue the feeling that unicorns do exist. Send out sparkly unicorn invitations. Set up your party with decorations that will shine and stand out from the crowd such as unicorn balloons, unicorn paper plates and plastic cups. Fill the venue with tons of personalized unicorn knick-knacks so the kids will not forget that unicorns are the only thing they should be thinking about for the duration of your child’s big event.

There is nothing better than giving your child exactly what she wants. Even all the other kids and adults in the party will most likely believe that unicorns do exist! Have your piñata kit filled with tons of unicorn trinkets and accessories. Your party favors would be adorable in a unicorn printed paper bag. Sending off your guests with sparkling memories of a unicorn birthday bash is a success in itself!


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