Unique cake themes
Unique Cake Themes

Unique themes for a is a sugary, baked dessert. The ingredients are typically a combination of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter with some mixtures also needing liquid and leavening agents. The finished product is every so often heightened by covering it with icing, or frosting, and toppings such as sprinkles, mallows, chocolates.

As we all know that along with the gifts and party favors, the most awaited part of any birthday party is the blowing of the candle over the birthday , plus the slicing of the right after. Cutting the is part of a time-honored ritual which signifies the special day and also as a toast to the celebrator. It also symbolizes the joy and festivity of the occasion.

With every passing day, several patissiers are coming up with innovative ideas for preparing the best birthday cake for children. They ensure the fact that these recipes are delicious as well as alluring to the eye. The use of various ingredients, flavors, fruits, etc. can whip up an excellent dessert that serves as the main attraction in the party. As you go along this article, you can have a few tips on unique cakes themes that can help you make the right choice.

Unique Cake Themes
Ice cream Unique Cake Theme

You are planning for a birthday cake for your child and have not yet figured out the right one. Well, this is the case with most parents as the child has various likings and eventually cannot come to a conclusion on the type of cake they want for their birthday. The ball finally comes to your court where you have to think of an innovative idea about having the best for your child.

Children have sharp memories and when it comes to remembering their last birthday party, they would not want you to repeat anything from the previous one.If you plan on having a party that has a theme, whether you have it at home or somewhere else, either you DIY every party detail or you hired the services of party organizer for kids party, you are obliged to serve a themed cake.

Themed cakes come in many different styles. And birthdays are also the best time to go all out on cake decorations. We have to ask the birthday celebrator if what type of cake he most prefer: would it be a chocolate cake, strawberry, vanilla or utmost an ice cream cake! As long as it complements the party theme, you can have your Unique Cakes Themes.

5 Unique Cake Themes for a Kiddie Party

Edible photographs

Patissiers have found an enormous demand for photo desserts where there are edible photographs printed and laid on top. The photographs could be of your child or anything that your child adores. It gives about a realistic appearance to the photo and thus making it an attraction at the party. The best expression of your love and care is to surprise your birthday kid on his birthday with a lip-smacking photo-cake baked with utmost perfection and creativity. You can print his favorite photo, or any character that matches the party theme.

Non-toxic edible ink made from sugar and coloring are used to print the photos onto the frosting sheets.Most edible photographs have lesser texture and no particular taste. They are designed to dissolve on a moist surface like the top of a frosted cake. Gone are cartoon characters and superheroes on top of the birthday cake. The trend nowadays is the photograph of the birthday celebrator on top of the birthday cake, exactly the same as what you can see in the photo frame.

To go into the details, making an edible photograph is a fairly simple process due to modern technology. Even in your home computer, scanner and printer you can print edible photographs as long as you use the right materials such as edible ink and frosting sheets. Edible ink are made from sugar and food coloring while frosting sheets are made of rice, potatoes, cornstarch, and sugar.

Animated characters

Paw patrol unique cake themes
Paw patrol unique cake themes

Another unique cake themes are these cartoons and superheroes thing. You child for sure loves watching cartoons on the television and has a favorite character that they love. You could surprise them with a character themed dessert which could be overwhelming for your child. If your daughter loves to be surrounded with Barbie, you could have a Barbie-themed dessert beautifully decorated in the shape of a doll.

Take her love for Barbie to a whole new level by indulging her in a yummy Barbie cake.Or you may wish to base the birthday cake with your kid’s favorite cartoon character, or animals and colors. It is common knowledge to parents that cartoons hold a special place in the hearts of the kids. Often they get lost in their imaginative world of fantasy as they are fascinated by the cartoons funny and adorable appearances. The sparkle in the child’s eyes, and the widest smile means a lot to parents.

Thus most parents are willing to pay any cost for it. Making your child’s birthday party the most amazing one is beyond measure, because our kids means the world to us and we just want them to be cheerful and happy at all times. If you DIY some unique cake themes, you may start on putting figurines of cartoon characters on top of your home-made and personalized birthday cake. Do not stress yourself about creating sculptures out of molding icing, be content with a small set of figurines. Just be creative and resourceful.


If you have a child who is a sports enthusiast with an inclination towards games like basketball, baseball, football, etc. you could have the dessert designed in the shapes of the games ball or have a flat slab with colors of a football field with necessary decorations to make it look real. The cake can also be created using your child’s favorite team color or emblem. Sporty Unique Cake Themes are the only cake that will suit a true sports buff. You may be actively participating in a sport or cheering from the bleachers, you will find the coolest birthday ever with a sporty unique cake themes.

Like for instance, soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, volleyballs, and golf balls on top of your birthday cake that would look actually like you want to pick them up and start a game, yet you chose to devour them instead. Just bear in mind that there is no limit to possibilities, from gymnastics to horse riding, from rock climbing to cycling, your sporty birthday cake will be bursting with energy.


unique cake themes
Animal jungle unique cake themes

Cuddly animals like kittens, puppies, teddy bears, pandas, etc. are famous amongst little kids where they adore them. Having the dessert in the shape of these animals can make their day where the addition of colors would make it look attractive to them. You may innovate your own unique cakes themes with that of your child’s favorite pet, a safari, a zoo or an animal kingdom! Most often babies and kids are attracted to animals.

You will find thousands of videos on YouTube where kids are happily playing with dogs and cats without a hint of fear on their faces. It is a good idea to expose young kids to the Animal kingdom and let them explore at an early age. But you have to guide your kids as to not be confused on rare animals such as dolphins, giraffe or hippopotamus. Of course, the kids are too familiar with cats and dogs, these are very domesticated animals and considered as family members.

However, those in the wild as mentioned earlier should be introduced to the young kids. It is suggested that you bring your kids to the zoo so they can actually see the animals in their kind of habitat, most especially dangerous animals such as crocodile, monkey, snake, tiger, lion and etc. It is a good idea, an educational move to throw a party with a zoo theme. You can bake a zoo themed birthday cake with all those beautiful and amazing creatures of the animal kingdom!

Letting the kids customize their dessert

You could bring about fun to the party where you could make arrangements for decorative items and allow the kids to decorate their dessert. Under adult supervision, you would notice innovative decorations and watch the kids relish what they have made for themselves. This would also serve us as a party game idea that everyone would enjoy. Allowing your kid to create her own cake design ideas and letting loose her own imagination, unknowingly enhances your child’s self-confidence.

If you throw the party at home, all you have to do is to ask your child what theme she most prefers. Then start gathering all the ingredients and materials for the birthday cake. Involve her in the preparation and baking procedure. You will see how she would brightly beam on her special day showing off her birthday cake to her friends and guests. Prepare some more cake decorations to complement your party theme and invite the kids to add some more decorations on the cake which they deem necessary. You will then notice how the kids will act excitedly and feeling great for they are given the privilege to decorate a birthday cake! 


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