Halloween Party Ideas
Halloween Party Ideas Food

Halloween time is just a few short weeks away and it is time to start planning for your fabulous party. Remember, the earlier you plan, the better the chances of saving and being able to stick to your party budget. There are a lot of things involved in planning a party especially for Halloween and it never hurts if you would start early. Yes indeed, a blissful season of the year to have a birthday with all the fun Ideas you could utilize.

holloween party ideas
A bloody table is good for ideas

Just imagine when all of your Halloween decorations so perfect to use for a fun birthday party such as fun witches’ hat, and spider cobwebs spinning around the chandelier above the Halloween birthday party table! Creative desserts to include boo jello, worms and dirt, oreo spiders, and ghostly cake pops.

As stated above, it is true that the most important things to consider about your party are the food and drinks. Next would be the decorations and the entertainment for the party. Appetizers and desserts can be converted into decorative pieces as well especially during Halloween.With skeleton bones popcorn bubbling out of a witches huge metal pot – really awesome! That is the way how to make a popcorn spooky! And everybody loves popcorn anyway.

Despite your budget limitation, a Halloween birthday party will be dull and boring without any exciting, weird and out of this world spooky games or activities along the way. Precisely, games and entertainment are equally important as the spooky food, witches’ drinks, spooky decoration, and party favors for that spooky halloween birthday party! Here are some Ideas you should consider to have a fun, memorable and spooky Halloween birthday party on a budget.

5 Spooky Halloween

1. Theme and Color Pattern

The theme is where it all starts. Have a fixed theme for your party where your guests can relate to. From here, you can start planning and creating a list on the things that you will need for the party especially for the props, decorations and entertainment for the party. To create the right ambience of a Halloween party, one secret is the light effects. Trade all the lightbulbs in lamps and ceiling light fixtures for red, orange or purple lightbulbs to create a creepy effect in every area of the venue. You can buy a set of colored lightbulbs at a cheap wholesale price in any Walmart stores.

Check your home for readily available items

Halloween party ideas
This witch hat and banner are great Halloween

With the aim to save but still have fun for your party, you should start looking for items that are already available inside your home that can be used for your Halloween party. These include décor, tablecloths, dishes and several items that can be repainted and redecorated to be transformed into your Halloween party decorations.

Grab the big SALE

Watch out when stores virtually put off everything-Halloween-related stuff on the clearance racks. You can start picking up non-perishable Halloween supplies weeks or months away. Usually, the stores give up to 90 per cent off the regular price! Stack them neatly in boxes and store in your attic for the next season. But who knows, you might be needing them at one birthday party. Why wait for Halloween when you can decide to have a scary birthday party theme in the forthcoming months.

Invite a few friends and relatives

Keeping the number of guests low does not mean that you will make your party less fun. This will just make the party more affordable and more intimate making it more fun and easy to handle compared to having a party with a big crowd. Take advantage of the Facebook Events feature or use some apps for this event invitation. Rather than throwing away your hard-earned money on paper invitations – a majority of which is tossed into the trash bin or pinned with a ref magnet on refrigerator doors; just send invitation online. Your Halloween party invitation should scream of fun and entertainment as well.

2. Host / Performers / Musicians 

Hiring a professional host, musician and entertainer will cost much. Now if you want to stick to your budget, you can reach out and seek help from family and friends with musical talent. They can join the Halloween party, expose their talents and everybody will enjoy. Or rather you can post on Facebook that you are in need of local talents for the party who are willing to perform for free, and they will agree to perform just for exposure and experience.

Halloween party ideas
This popcorn inside a pumpkin is a great Halloween party ideas

3. Go with DIY décor ideas

Since you started planning your Halloween party early, you can still have time to do things and decorations by yourself. With a few old items at home, paint and some creativity, you can save a lot of money from décor and accessories when you create them by yourself. You can involve the whole family as well to make an experience out of it.

You can also consider borrowing old decorations and accessories from families and friends to keep your budget in check. Extra chairs and tables can also be borrowed from your friends too. Do not be shy to borrow, as long as you be responsible for taking good care of the stuff. Clean the chairs properly before returning them to the owner.

Online Shopping

You can stretch your budget by doing your Halloween shopping online since there is a large selection of Halloween decorations, costumes and party supplies offered at a minimal cost. You can take advantage of savings on Halloween candy, table cloths, plastic ware, streamers, paper plates and other basic Halloween party supplies. There are loads of Halloween Party Ideas online, all you have to do is to navigate and gather ideas and choose the best one you think would fit into your budget.

4. Food servings and accessories with the theme

Halloween party ideas
Halloween party ideas for your pick a pick food

When you start planning for your Halloween food menu, make sure you check on store sales and specials before you shop for food supplies. Grocery stores often put a wide range of items on sale with their “buy one, take one free” specials on weekends. Just plan ahead to be able to stock up on important items such as bottled water, baked goods and snacks.

To make the party really Halloween like, be sure that your food and decorations are in line with your theme. If you have a Zombie theme for your party, include a lot of chocolate and brownies on your menu list. DIY graveyards made from old cartons and Styrofoam would complete the look of your Halloween party as well. You wouldn’t have to worry about dirt coming inside your home for the meantime with all the kids running around your yard and home with a party theme like this as well.

Potluck is FUN!

 Halloween party
Foods that we can bring at a Halloween party

If you have a large group of guests, it is difficult to control the cost of food and drinks and you may go overboard with your expenses. One of the best Halloween Party Ideas is to turn into a potluck party so that everyone (parents of your kids’ guests) will be responsible for bringing at least one dish to your party. It must be stated in the invitation, A Potluck Halloween Party Come & Enjoy.

You can also suggest what menu to bring to make sure you have a variety of foods for everybody. So, you will be responsible for only one dish and of course the party favors. Choose a Halloween party favor which will not break your budget and the guests will surely love. One great example is candy corn pudding pops. Made of vanilla, white chocolate pudding mix, yellow and orange food coloring and moulded on Popsicle sticks.

5. Games, Activities, and Entertainment

Halloween party ideas
The celebrant is enjoying playing with friends

A selection of spooky games, activities and entertainment loaded in Halloween Party Idea that would challenge, gross-out and deliver hours of good times and laughter are as follows:

  1. Halloween Egg Hunt. Fill plastic eggs or plastic pumpkins with candy and hide around the room or outdoors. Take advantage of the early setting sun and search for the eggs with flashlights.
  2. Bubble Gum Pie. Fill a pie plate with whipped cream and bury a few pieces of round bubble gum inside. Using only their face, the first kid to find the bubble gum, chew it and blow a bubble, wins.
  3. Fear Factor: Egg Roulette. Hard boil 12 eggs and let cool in refrigerator. Place eggs on a table in front of your guests. Tell the kids that there is one raw egg among the hardboiled eggs. Challenge them to find it by choosing an egg and smashing it on their forehead. Get your cameras ready – their expressions will be priceless!
  4. Plastic Wrap Mummy Race – Break the group into teams. Choose one person from each team to wrap in plastic wrap (from the neck down). As soon as the mummy is wrapped, the team has to gently lower the player to the ground and roll them down the racecourse. When the player gets to the finish line, the team stands the player back up and completely unwraps them. For a longer race, have each team rewrap the next person and race back down to the other end.
  5. Pumpkin Face. Have the kids put a layer of Vaseline on their faces. Put several cheese balls on a long table. On “go,” each person has to cover their face with cheese balls without using their hands. Set the timer for one minute and the person with the most cheese balls on their face wins. This is also a great photo opportunity!


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