With the high cost of living nowadays, people find it difficult to shell out money for parties. Because there are a lot of expenses to be prioritized. With these, should everyone stop celebrating and throwing a splendid kids party? Definitely not! Because you can have a splendid kids party at a minimal cost. After all, kids in their innocent minds, do not have any concern about how much you are spending for their birthday parties.

But as parents, you absolutely want and love to celebrate your child’s birthday. Right? Doing something special for your child’s special day usually connotes expenses. Let me share with you some good ideas when it comes to your kids party in a budget. And prove to you that special does not necessarily mean expensive.

Tips for Splendid Kids Party at Minimal Expenditures

Splendid Kids Party
Splendid Kids Party with DIY Mexican decorations

Where will the party take place? How many children should you invite? What will be the entertainment? And most of all, how much will it all cost? The fact is, many great kids’ birthday parties don’t require a lot of fanfare or expense. It is just a matter of how you do the planning.

You cannot do this by alone. You will need a lot of brainstorming with your spouse and or other adults in the family. With careful planning, you can come up with great ideas for your kids party that your kid and his guests will surely love – and they won’t even notice that you did it on the cheaper budget.

On your child’s special day

Fill her room with balloons and flowers. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with the smell of flowers and the sight of colorful balloons?

  • A surprise breakfast in bed will delight the celebrator.
  • Leave a trail of sweets and glitters from the foot of your child’s bed leading to the living room where a surprise gift awaits him on the day of his birthday.
  • Instead of packing her usual daily lunch at school, pack a special birthday lunch with a slice of chocolate cake, apple tart, fresh pineapple slices and a bottle of chocolate drink, underneath the lunch box, lies a small package wrap in pink colored paper.

Kid’s birthday on a summer

Splendid Kids Party
Splendid Kids Party made on DIY decorations

▪ A garden party will be most suited with a few of his friends, they will surely enjoy the music, chips and strawberry shake.

▪ A birthday festival at your backyard is also a great idea, with sandbox, modeling clay, and kinetic sand to keep their minds and hands busy.

▪ A scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt at your backyard with his friends will make his day.

▪ If your child’s favourite sport is swimming, take her and a few of her closest friends to a beach.

▪ A pyjama party will be fun, her friends can sleep-over too.

▪ At the end of the party, instead of distributing loot bags loaded with expensive sweet stuff and toys, why not hand each child a whistle or bubbles, or a yoyo.

If your child is old enough

A group of nine-year-old kid will most likely appreciate and enjoy a craft party, where she and her friends can try their creativity and imagination.

Another birthday surprise you might decide to prepare for your kid is, tape an old blanket from your child’s door to the ceiling, and fill it with balloons before taping it up. When your child opens the door in the morning, balloons will fall around her.

  • A pamper day will do for kids ages 8 and up. Face painting, make-up, nail polish and hair styling.
  • A costume party for the kids will be so thrilling most especially if your child’s special day falls on a Halloween.
  • Allow your child to wear whatever he wants all day, including face-paint, mask, or even crazy outfit to her heart’s delight.
  • If your child loves music and enjoys singing, a karaoke party will be a nice idea.

Hanging out with a few friends

splendid kids party
Outdoor DIY pillows and mat splendid kids party

Have a trip to somewhere free, fun and educational such as the local museum. Pack some cookies, nuts, fruits, a jug of fresh orange juice and bring your kid to a park where he has never been before. A movie will also be a good idea. Treat your child and his closest friends to a movie house, with unlimited popcorn and drinks.

Taking him and a few friends camping could be a great success. Pack marshmallows and hot chocolate for a sweet treat. Treat your child and a few of his friends in a nearby burger stand or you can take him to his favorite restaurant. Invite only a few friends. Arrange a small party and take them to a pizza parlor.

Party at home with the minimal cost

Another good idea for the kids, a stuff toys party wherein all stuff toys, teddy bears, panda, huggable character pillow will be spread on the carpet as they play and roll over them, then the best part is, by the end of the party, let each child choose one to take home. This saves you the traditional loot bag or party favor.

For a creative child, throw a paper mâché party and let them create whatever they want. Check out tips and tricks online and craft something with your child! Listen to the suggestion of your child as to what food they want to eat during the party.

Be creative with your foods. There is an old standard birthday party food pizza. You can add some sandwiches cut into fun shapes with a cookie cutter. You can also set up a cookie decorating station. All these are healthy snacks.

Splendid kids party
Splendid kids party with unicorn DIY decorations and accessories

Limit your guest. It might be best to keep a limited guest list that includes only the immediate family and a few close friends. Not only will you save money on supplies and food, but most kids also prefer a more intimate setting with more familiar faces.A good rule for kid’s birthday parties is to invite one child per year of your little one. So if your baby is turning one, inviting just one friend his own age would be ideal. Turning two? Then two buddies can come, and so forth.

Ideas for a successful kids birthday party in a budget

If you’re planning a celebration around an activity in your houses, such as a treasure hunt or movie, be sure to have something else ready to go. Grade-schoolers’ attention spans usually won’t last through a 90-minute movie. If they finish an activity or get bored, you will definitely want to have another activity ready or you’ll run the risk of having kids run amok through your house, chasing each other and wreaking general disorder. But kids are kids and once you decide to host the party in your home, you will always get ready for whatever will happen. Design your own birthday invitations for the party or better yet to use the social media.

Making a personalized invitation is a fun opportunity for your child to express his creativity, a sure way to save money too. Make your own decorations. Gather the school artwork of your child and use them as decorations. Personalize your games and activities, with fewer materials needed. Put on some music and have a freeze-dance contest in the living room. If the weather’s a nice set up a badminton net in the backyard or has an obstacle-course party. a cardboard house building is also fun.

The above-mentioned tricks or ideas are only a few of the many ways to create a splendid kids party, at a minimal expense.

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