There are a thousand Reason to Celebrate Birthday Party, more so a . Be it a kid’s birthday, christening, dedication, confirmation, academic awardee and more. But what is the true meaning of a ? Where did it originate?

A kids party is a festive occasion held most especially for children. This type of celebration originated in Germany during the medieval times wherein children from all walks of life dressed-up for the said occasion. This event is commonly called kinderfest in Germany. The meaning of kinderfest is children’s celebration.

Kids and adults alike always look forward to celebrate their birthday. Research shows that the idea of celebrating birthdays is a pagan tradition. In the ancient times, Christians did not celebrate birthdays because of that association to paganism. As they thought that the evil spirit prowls on major events of one’s life such as birthday. In the early 17th century, the Germans can be credited to have started the kids birthday party tradition.

Reason to Celebrate Birthday Party

Kids just want to have fun.

Reason to Celebrate Birthday Party
Fun games and laughter during the birthday party

Regardless of the venue, be it indoor or outdoor, at home, at the recreation park, in a restaurant, and much more of the ancient belief that we heard of, we have to put in primary consideration the happiness of the kids. After all, it is their party, it is their special day, and it is indeed their big day!

So, let us put aside whatever beliefs there is and the pricey-wonky party in a restaurant or hotel. Celebrating the party at home or at the recreation park near your village will equally if not more livelier and fun.

Do not forget the basic elements needed.
▪ Cake
▪ Decorations
▪ Games
▪ Food
▪ Party Favors

The cake to slice and candles to blow

We have a cake to slice on and a candle to blow too. The cake signifies sweetness in our life’s journey. It will either be personalized, baked by mom at home or if you wish to save time you can order the cake and exaggerate your imagination by adding décor that matches the theme of the party. The blowing of the candle signifies the light in the darkness. One candle per year of birth. Others believe it to drive evil spirits away. As we notice that prior to the blowing of the candle, the celebrator have to close his eyes and make a wish.

Crack the nut, let out the artist in you

A kids party even though how simple it may be, you should adorn the venue accordingly. Utilize construction colored paper, styrofoam, cardboard, and ribbons. Cut out styrofoam balls and have it hanging all over. Cut out name and number age of celebrator on the styrofoam, paint it in accordance to the and mount them on the wall as backdrop.Cut out party-theme-related shapes (teddy bear, dinosaur, fish, hearts, stars, etc.) from drawings and paintings and glue on to homemade invitation and goodie loot bags as per theme of your party.

Keeping-up with tantrums and unexpected drama

Reason to Celebrate Birthday Party
The celebrant is blowing her cake

If you have invited 10 but are having a lot of kids over, try to request the assistance of some of your friends to help you manage and keep everything under control. Anticipate unpredicted tantrums and be ready for strategy to control the scene without ruining the party. The guests will apparently be scared if you raise your voice and appear to be a monster host to them.

Ensure that the food on your menu list will be attractive to the kids. If the kids misbehave on the height of the party, never scold him outright in front of the guests. Other parents will definitely feel bad about it. Do not insist on a game the kids do not like to play.

Kids tend to get bored easily, get them focused

Avoid long gaps in every game or activity. As soon as the kids stayed out of focus, there goes the ramble, screaming, and running around. Jigsaw puzzle, kinetic sand, and play doughwill enhance artistry on the kids. While bubbles, face painting, freeze dance, balloon pit, and scavenger hunt will thrill the kids. You can also hold their attention by telling them incredible stories, but make sure it will not be more than 10 minutes enough to drain out their patience.

A puppet show will also excite the kids. Pin the tail on the donkey is one common favorite game of kids, “simon says” or the “king says” is also a favorite. Another game everyone will surely enjoy is the treasure hunt. Hide something like a sticker of the party’s theme, under the chairs, tables, or all over the venue. The kids will surely have a rumble of fun. Pretty sure the moms will help out in the treasure hunt. Do not ever forget to prepare prizes for the games and activities.

It’s a Kids Party, not an “Eat-All-You-Can” buffet

Most kids are not voracious eater when they go to a party. They are just after the fun, games, entertainment and the loot bag at the end of the party.

Some parents go to the extent of preparing a whole lot of menu when the kids do not eat all of them, just one or two, like one hotdog on a stick and a slice of pizza. It is practical to offer the kids familiar foods on their palate. Such as peanut butter sandwiches on colored bread, fries, burgers, hotdog with mallows, and cheese sticks. We have to check on the foods and be aware of allergies and negative reactions of some kids on the food we serve.

Chocolate fondue on the go!

Reason to Celebrate Birthday Party
Sweet treat corner during the party

Turn on the wow factor with rare sweet treats. Set up a chocolate fountain at the center table, if you have no such equipment, then rent a chocolate fountain from a party supply store. Just like preparing non-staining foods, be sure to lay down a plastic tablecloth on the table and provide each kid an apron.

Offer mini-marshmallows, cut-up fruit and animal crackers for dipping. Or stick skewers of gummi worms, gumdrops and chewy candies in a hollowed-out pineapple for a clever centerpiece. Wrap them up for favors.Green up your party table with recycled or biodegradable paper plates, and a cloth tablecloth and napkins.

What is in that Goody Bag?

In choosing for the loot bag contents, you have to ask yourself first if you would want your child to bring home that kind of rubbish. Put stuff inside the loot bags that will be of value like some educational stuff for kids of all ages. That stuff you want your child to bring home too when he attends a party.

Opening of Gifts

One of the highlights of the party aside from the loot bag of course, is the opening of gifts. This should not be skipped or be missed. Because if you do, kids feel ripped off, especially the older ones. Play spin the bottle to keep the unwrapping rolling along. Decorate a bottle, spin it and when it stops, open the gift from that child. Even after the party is over, the kids will be tucked in bed and go to sleep smiling!

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