The history of the is filled with folklore and legend. We may never know exactly how, where or when the came to be because, in every country where piñata is a tradition, the people have their own unique interpretation about its history and folklore that even affects how the piñatas are made about. A will not be complete without the breaking of the piñata fillers by the celebrator.

So, what usually is inside the piñata? The usual tradition is to fill the piñata with candies along with other edible and non-edible stuff. You must know that candy is the worst thing to put in a piñata at a . Too much consumption of sweets will definitely hamper one’s health. Sugar and acid contents of candies are great hazards to the gums and teeth.

Candy is considered the customary piñata stuffing, so you may sometimes think about putting them in.

But there are so many ideas for unique piñata fillers, all you have to do is to be creative and do some round of research. Listed below are some ideas which would inspire your piñata mix that will go along with your party theme.

piñata fillers
DIY piñata for

Chocolate is the healthiest candy option. Consider the weather and outdoor temperature when you want to add chocolates in your piñata mix, most especially if it is summer time, most likely your chocolates will melt. As the case may be, it is either you let go of the chocolates or store the piñata in a cool dry place, in an air-conditioned room or the basement until it is time to break it out.

Offset the candy to other edible stuff. While candy is an expected element of the piñata mix, it does not have to be the only edible filler. Packs of animal crackers, fruit leather strips, and bite-size energy bars work well as candy substitute.

Kids love to catch some toys from the piñata. If you choose to offset the candy and other edible treats, you can have as piñata fillers some sunscreen stick, sunglasses, bouncy balls, bubbles, jump ropes, and squirt guns will get used all summer long while the kids are on vacation. For a pool or beach party, you can have some swim goggles, mini surfboards, lifeguard whistles, and mini inflatable stuff (deflated of course so it can fit in the piñata). If you choose these as piñata stuff, I suggest you have to break the piñata early in the party’s festivities so they can use these items while playing or swimming.

Art Attack. You can opt to hold a DIY themed party where each kid engages in arts and crafts activity. Such as creating their own painting or drawing. You can stuff your piñata with art materials such as crayons packs, markers, glitter pens, rubber stamps, decorative erasers along with their sketching pencil. Encourage the kids’ creativity beyond just coloring and drawing with modelling clay, play-doh, and shrinky dinks.

Party theme to blend well with the piñata fillers

piñata fillers
Kids are excited to get the piñata favor

Play on your kids’ imagination. Incorporate their favorite theme as well as the party’s activity into the piñata fillers. Create more activity to enhance the mood of the theme.

Is your daughter so fond of playing princess thing? Princess parties are one most common among little girls. So, have her guests come to the party on their tutus or pretty princess dress. Add some fairyland decorations all over the hall with princess inspired paper plates and paper cups. And stuff the piñata with items little girls will swoon over such as fashion jewellery, princess trinkets, mini tiaras, mini princess wands, and hypo-allergenic flavored lip gloss.

Perhaps your son is into pirates’ fantasy. It will be more exciting for him and his guests upon breaking the piñata overflowing with pirates’ stuff such as eye patches, sticker tattoos, mini telescopes, gold chocolate coins and rubber pirate hooks. A pyjama party on the loose for your teen kids. It is just one night on her special day, so let the kids have fun. Create a personalized invitation card requesting her guests to come over with their sleeping bags and pyjamas. Then fill the piñata with stuff that will make their overnight stay in your house comfortable. The stuff they will need overnights such as toothbrush, toothpaste, mini bar soap, mini bottles for lotion, shampoo and conditioner.

Piñata fillers for the kids and for you to choose from

  • Headbands and Ponytails –multi-colored hair accessories that little girls will swoon over.
  • Novelty Pens – magical mushroom pens are so much fun.
  • Animal Erasers – these adorable and colorful animal erasers, the most kid would be thrilled to have
  • Stickers – mini piñata stickers for kids to go tizzy about.
  • Bouncy Balls – as soon as the piñata breaks off, kids will go screaming for joy.
  • Flying Gliders –easy to assemble glider planes, glider kite is sure to be a hit
  • piñata fillers
    Party favours inside piñata

    Sticker Tattoos – kids will absolutely love sticker tattoos of their favorite character hero.

  • Bubble Wand – everybody love bubbles, it gives life to the whole party.
  • Trinkets –friendship bracelet will make excellent party favors too.
  • Squishy Toys – soft and cute, equally perfect piñata filler.
  • Pennies – good ole money.
  • Flowers – Fill it with fake flowers and then make flower crowns afterwards.
  • Legos – Fill it with a set or get a big pack of generic Legos to add to their own collections.
  • Glow sticks – A fun idea for a glow in the dark, nighttime party.
  • Confetti – It’s festive and so fun to stand underneath when it’s falling
  • Puzzle pieces – Create a simple puzzle of a treasure map to their goody bags.
  • Pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, craft feathers, googly eyes, pom balls – With all these items you’ve got a craft project in the making.
  • Crayons and markers – Who doesn’t need more crayons and markers? Maybe have coloring sheets ready for some post piñata coloring.

Other than candy, these should NOT be a piñata filler.

  •  Flour
  • Water
  • Messy food
  • Pointed stuff
  • Hard Objects
  • Heavy Objects
  • Breakable toys
  • Crystal figurines

The list of things to stuff your piñata with is just endless. All you need to do is throw a bunch of these things in the piñata and it is even better if your piñata goodies match your party’s theme. Can’t you just imagine how awesome it would be if you are having a superhero party and superheroes just fell out of the piñata, or princess wands at a girls party? I bet the kids would be surprised!

Even if you do decide to use candy in your piñata don’t just stuff the candy in there. I hate how all the kids scramble on the floor for candy. Before you even have a chance to stop them, they have picked up a handful half shushed, dirty candy off the floor and popped it in their mouth.

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