kids birthday party
kids birthday party

The first thing you want to do is identify what your child loves or loves to do. Do they have their favourite character on the television or do they love cars or planes? Maybe your child is a sporting enthusiast or them maybe a little older and wants a more sophisticated birthday experience. Listed below helpful tips to planning the perfect kids birthday party of your child.

Traditionally, big parties are thrown on kids’ birthdays. Because these are the times for festivity and celebration. Kids birthday party are the perfect time to make memories and celebrate another year of your child grows older. However, planning such parties can feel like a time-consuming headache. This can be avoided by focusing on fun rather than difficulty. With simple activities, you are guaranteed to provide a good time and you can easily achieve an almost perfect party, if not at all perfect!

kids birthday party
Outdoor activity for an outdoor kids birthday party

As suggested in the compilation of birthday party theme ideas, the key to a great party is keeping it simple and yet, having as much fun as you can. Kids just so love using their senses to explore. Let us all be generous with our time and give them a chance to use all their senses.

Music appeals to hearing, decorations to sight, and of course cake for taste and with assorted flavors to choose from, but definitely the half chocolate and half vanilla ice cream is the trend of the day… how can you go wrong? Have arts and crafts activity for them to enjoy and explore the sense of touch as well!

Creating a birthday party that is both memorable and fun can be easy when you give your kids birthday party some good reason to ponder upon. Here are some helpful tips to planning the perfect kids birthday party your child will be delighted to cherish for a lifetime

Tips to Planning the Perfect Kids Birthday Party

Plan your Budget

Planning your budget will help you organize your party so well. If you have allocated your budget, you will then know up to what extent you can afford to spend. Just stick to your budget and do not worry if you have your limits to consider. There are lots of inexpensive ways to throw an entertaining and memorable party. However, the tips we have compiled here for you are suited to both low and high budgeted birthday party. It is for you to choose and decide what will fit into your budget.

Involve Your Child

Adults tend to want to control things, but a children’s birthday party is the perfect time to let loose. Once you have allocated your budget, you are then ready and available for more options. Listen to your child’s suggestions so that the party is more personalized. As the birthday celebrator, it is important that the theme should be the celebrator’s choice. But do not ask your child to come up with the party plan, as it can be disappointing if your child’s expectations are not met or materialized.

You can ask your birthday kid to just help out with the birthday party preparations, such as decorating the venue, decorating the birthday cake, creating personalized invitations or putting stamp stickers on the envelopes. Let the child give some feedback on what they want and what seems like fun to them. They will enjoy being a part of the planning process. A birthday party where “everyone” had an amazing time is perfect!

Choose a Theme

kids birthday party
Baby shark theme for a kids birthday party

Deciding on a theme is one of a vital step for the party. Spend some time and come up with a theme that can be carried through the party. Make notes of everything you are going to need to turn your home or venue into that perfect experience. Remember plates, napkins, drinking cups, prizes and more. Make sure that the decorations and party supplies will be liked by your child that is why you have to involve your children in choosing the party theme.

If your child is not interested in sports, it is futile to have a sporty theme birthday party. Once you gathered ideas and suggestions from your children that is the time you can start shopping. There is a volume of online stores offering the whole set of party supplies and equipment.

Look for a Venue

Now you are going to have to start looking for a venue or location for the birthday party. The venue should be chosen based on the theme. An outdoors sporting theme may be better if held in an open park, while a disco-themed party is best held in a hall or at home. Contact the venue as soon as possible, giving yourself plenty of time to find an alternative venue should they be booked. Remember the sooner you get your booking in, the more likely you will secure the venue you feel is the best match.

Invitation to Go

With a theme in place, you are going to want to purchase some invitations. The invitations should be fitting of the theme. Put a guest list together. Remember that if you are working to a budget, consider the price per head cost to ensure that it comes in within your budget. You may have to narrow down the guest list slightly to ensure that you stay within your budget at all times.

You have to make the guests have enough time to prepare for the party. Invitations should be delivered at least 2 weeks before your child’s birthday party. Invitations should not be sent in the last minute. Have an RSVP with contact numbers or email address so that you know how many people will be able to arrive. Make sure you ask all parents about the food allergies, dietary restrictions and food intolerance of their children.

Healthy Food

kids birthday party
Healthy food for a kids birthday party

One of the last steps to take in planning the perfect Kids Birthday Party is to focus on the food. You need to prepare some food. Easy quick finger snacks are best, based on the age of the children. You will also need to consider allergies and intolerances, making sure you have alternative options for children who cannot eat the cake, for example.

The food for your child’s birthday party should be fun and in small sizes that can be easily grasped by small hands. Avoid any food that needs cutting. Prioritize those foods that the children can feed by themselves. More on finger foods such as small sandwiches, mini pizzas, mini burgers and slices of fruit.

Simple yet Elegant Decorations

Once your invitations have been completed, your venue booked and your theme is chosen, you should look for some decorations. Decorations can also be chosen based on a theme. Having a sporting party? Then consider posters of famous athletes, some sporting games and items around. Maybe hold it at a football field or open park. Decorations can be anything from balloons to posters to items.

Choose carefully, remembering the age of the child and what you would like to see if it was your party. Remember that inexpensive decorations are usually stunning ones. Kids care about how fun things are, not how expensive. There is no need to purchase expensive decorations. Just use simple banners like “Happy Birthday”, colorful balloons, and colored streamers. You can even have your kids help decorate by choosing pictures to print out and post on the walls.

Most Participated Entertainment

Consider hiring some entertainment. You cannot keep all the children occupied at all times. Not to mention you are going to be checking on food and keeping an eye on events, you also do deserve a chance to sit down and relax for a few minutes. Hiring entertainment can keep the children busy and engaged for an hour or two. The entertainment you choose should be based on the theme and the age of the child.

Have the children do a talent show or dress up and do a fashion show or skits for entertainment. Chances are they will love the chance to get creative and make each other laugh. Do not forget the music! Turn on the radio and choose from one of the many family-friendly children’s music stations so you have the perfect backdrop for your bash.

Adorable Nutritious Cake

kids birthday party
Watermelon cake kids birthday party

The final step once you have the party planned and the cake ordered is to ensure you have the few items you may need to be prepared on the day. Things do happen and can go wrong. Being prepared and having that back up plan can make a big difference to how successful the day turns out to be. Once you know how many guests will arrive, you now know how big the cake needs to be.

Make sure the cake looks fun and has your child’s best flavor in it. Additionally, purchase candles and fountain candles and place them on top of the cake, so that your child can make a wish!

Fun, Fun Party Games

Kids love birthday party games. To make it more interactive and fun, plan a few short games. Opt for easy and old fashion games such as musical chairs so kids have the chance to get active and have some fun. If your budget is higher, then consider hiring a magician. Outdoor games can be tricky as the weather can ruin the fun that is why you should have a couple of other options available.

If it is summer, set out a few buckets and a whole bunch of squirt guns! Pop some black cutout circles onto a few rolls of upright paper towel rolls and go snowman bowling… simple can be just as much fun as anything else!

Inexpensive but Useful Party Favor

Goodie bags are a great way to show your appreciation and thank the guests for coming to your party. These are given at the end of the party and can include anything from food to small toys. If you plan on giving toys, make sure these are age-appropriate and safe for the guests.

Additionally, you can have each parent take home a few leftover foods, so it does not go to waste. Make sure your child personally thanks each guest for coming! Give each guest a balloon as their party favor you can even attach a small trinket to the balloon with their name on it, or tie a small water gun to the balloon.


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