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10 kiddie party photo and video package

Kiddie parties should always be fun because otherwise, there is no point in celebrating one. But common knowledge prompts us to believe that this process is not always easy as it seems to be. More time and effort should be put into planning and preparation to have the assurance that it will be memorable and the best one yet, especially if it is a special celebration for your little one. But have you given enough thought about what makes a kiddie party fun and successful?

Each birthday is a step forward, a transition to another level in life – a step in growing up. It is a milestone worth celebrating, which is something that most Moms need somebody more than capable of assisting. Because it will be stressful to do all the work alone. A professional team of workers who can create something to give only the best birthday party for your child. Plan, prepare and execute a birthday that is memorable and full of fun whether it would be a 1st, 5th or 7th birthday and so on. It may either be at your home or at a chosen venue somewhere else.

Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US 1
DIY colourful fan photo booth set up

The more reason that you have to avail of the services of an event planner that could package a caterer, photographer, , entertainer, a party host and all other party details. You have to look for somebody who can customize kids’ party catering packages that are inclusive of everything you will ever need for your child’s party. And the most important is you get exactly what you want while staying within your budget.

Just like the Best of 5 Kids Party in the USA, with complete party packaging, having the best venue in town, kid-friendly food, awesome party decorations, gigantic kiddie amenities, and to top it all – the best party ever that would last forever in your child’s memory. But with all of that grandiose celebration, do you think there is still a need for a photographer and to document your child’s special day?

I personally believe so. Because no matter how much we try it, we cannot re-enact the most amazing details of our lives. The most priceless smile no matter how much you practice, cannot be forced. And no matter how much we replicate the most genuine embrace, it is very difficult to imitate.

Precious moments like these no matter how transitory they may seem, are the inner core of our absolute contentment. You may not even notice and pay attention to each and every detail of it, but memoirs like these are what we call the rainbows in our skies. Images like these, unobtrusive they may seem, are what the people behind those camera lenses strive hard to capture. And they do not just take photographs, they do not just video plain action. They capture each moment….capture the drama that fuels the emotion behind every smile…every tear…and every sparkle of the client’s eyes. These people behind the lens will be able to capture candid images as well as more formal portraits.

Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US 2
Simple but meaningful photo booth for kids party

Let kids be kids and take lots of photos of them having fun. Candid expressions are the most natural. And your birthday child gets to celebrate his 7th birthday only once. Documenting the best moments of your child’s 7th birthday in photo or video is one big job. The photographs and videos will serve as the only memento of your child’s 7th birthday party long after it has been done. Therefore it is important to find a photographer/videographer that understands your requirements and who can deliver your needs and wants. With a bunch of photo and video services around, we narrow down the choices to the Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US, ten highly recommended suppliers as shown in the most recent survey.

Aside from a high-class venue, you are also aiming of having a professional photo and video coverage team to cover the whole kiddie party with your birthday celebrator, families and friends. In every family, the 7th birthday is equally important with the 1st birthday to celebrate. Now, you are looking for a very affordable rate of photo and video coverage, but the quality still at its best. Hereunder is the list of 10 teams who could provide the countless advantages that other photo and video coverage team cannot provide. Navigate further for you to choose which is most appropriate to your needs and wants:

Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US

TEENYPIXEL (New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia and more)

Professional Birthday Photography & Video with a Red Carpet treatment, TeenyPixel started in the business in 2006 with professional staff and crew has decades of experience. TeenyPixel has a vast area of coverage like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington DC.

TeenyPixel packaging is as follows:



Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US 3
Moments captured by Teenypixel photgraphy

One Photographer

Professional Hi-Resolution Photos

View on Any Device

Private Online Gallery

Order Prints, Share & Download

Delivery: 7 Days



One Photographer

Professional HD Video (Edited)

Play On Any Device

Private Online Gallery

Play On Any Device

Delivery: 14 Days

Photography and Videography


Two Photographers

Professional Hi-Resolution Photos

Professional HD Video (Edited)

Private Online Gallery

Order Prints, Share & Download

Delivery: 14 Days

XJP Photos (Xavier Jordan Photography)

Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US 4
Photo booth set up by XJP Photography

Located at5404 Shady Springs Trail, Fort Worth, TX 76179, USA, Xavier Jordan Photography or commonly known as XJP Photos take pride in their professionalism, expertise and taking into extra care on all fine details in the business, saying that their customer is their number 1 priority. They are confident that doing business with them gives the client the assurance of the best quality in photos and videos. And they assure further that their staff and crew with the skill, equipment, and experience gets right photo shots and videos during the event without disturbing the party guests and interrupting the flow of the program.XJP Photos is perfect for all occasions and events like baby shower, baby christening, baptism, birthday parties, awards, weddings, corporate parties, fundraisers, quinceaneras, sweet sixteen, debut, family reunions, conventions, trade shows, anniversaries, grand openings, school events, and concerts.

Hereunder are their suggested photo and video package:

Standard Photo & Video Package

1 to 2 Hours            $ 295.00

2 to 3 hours             $ 495.00

4 to 6 Hours            $ 695.00

6 to 8 Hours            $ 955.00

Whole Day (9 or more Hours)     $ 1295.00 & up

Thumb Drive with all Photos and Video

Online Gallery with Password Option

Providing an option of an online gallery by 6 pm the day after the event, so guests can review their special moments of the event quickly

Events Options

Up To Six Photographers

Mutli-Cam Realtime Editing Up to 4 cameras

Professional Audio Recording & Color Correction

Montage Video

Cinematic Highlight Video

120in. Screen & Projector


Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US 5
kids are taking their picture in the photo booth provided by Party Energizer Photography

Located in the United States, Party Energizers provides event planning and management that specializes in birthdays, engagements, bridal showers, weddings, private parties, graduation parties, fundraising and corporate events, from extravagant banquet to sweet backyard celebration all throughout the United States. They give assurance that they will pursue to meet the client’s vision and expectations. Because the client’s experience is Party Energizers’ highest priority from the moment they meet to discuss the client’s plans, to the final moments of the event. Party Energizers put all their focus on every client they do business with. So you can definitely trust that they are focused on you. They offer professional photography & , also photo booth rentals and DJ services to suit the client’s exact needs at affordable rates.

The company’s mission is to make the event management process stress-free, hassle-free, fun and full of entertainment that will make the event more memorable. Party Energizers aims to make you the best host ever.

Photography Packages are as follows:

2 hours Photography is $299 plus tax gratuity

4 hours Photography is $499 plus tax gratuity

6 hours Photography is $699 plus tax gratuity


Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US 6
A DIY Photo booth at home set up by Orange Photography

Orange Photography is San Francisco based full-service agency that offers photography and video services nationwide. The first photography studio to earn the San Francisco Green Business designation. It has provided photography and video services at thousands of events from children’s birthday parties, intimate gatherings to large-scale conventions. Over their 17 years in the business, Orange Photography acquired the reputation of being a large studio with a closely-knit team of professionals. Likewise, the agency built an inspiring brand embedded in the ethics of distinction and multiplicity, which led to the expansion of their business to not just the San Francisco Bay Area but also internationally.

Their packaging is flexible because they scale their pricing according to the clients’ budget. Orange Photography offers services such as event photography, portrait and headshots, and photo booths.

Orange Photography team includes renowned photographers and videographers, as well as an exceptional client services department. Their commitment to the community and the environment made them excel apart from other competitors in the business.


A team of creative, professional, flexible, friendly and great with children photographer and videographer made the business rising high for The Party Connection and has been serving satisfied clients around Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse NY areas since 1985. As their reputation speaks for itself, their experienced photographers take pride in their ability to step back, observe and capture all of the beautiful, unique moments as they unfold, while they provide full coverage with no time limit.

The Party Connection offers a multitude of services to fulfil everything on your event, from host/entertainer to professional photographer and videographer, photo booths, party balloons, and even the chocolate fountain – making your event so special that you will never forget.

The Party Connection offer services such as DJs and Lighting, Photo Booth, Event Photography and Video, Party Services, Event Planning Services, decorations and Rentals. With the company’s famous tag line “Your Event, Your Way, It’s that Simple”, all their packages for all occasion are tailored made for the client’s needs and budget. In every event planning, you spend so much of your time, money and stress come along the way. The Party Connection staff and crew will save you from stress and do all of the tasks for you, all services with a personal touch and reasonable-affordable prices. With The Party Connection, you have a one-stop shop.


Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US 7

Established in 1983 under the studio name The Portrait Gallery in New Orleans by Wade and Yvette Ponthier with the main focus on family portraits. However, by 1987, Wade and Yvette Ponthier expanded The Portrait Gallery to 6 different locations in Southern Louisiana. Operating a chain of studios at prominent department stores aside from the independent ones, the Ponthiers decided to sell those in the department stores after a couple of years.

Their staff and crew consist of certified masters, professional photographers who have photographed internationally and in most major cities of the United States. Despite being residents of New Orleans, their services did not stop in New Orleans alone, they cater all over the country…they go where their clients are!

The partners, Wade and Yvette Ponthiers are both renowned degree holder of Photographic Craftsman and are Certified Professional Photographers, a designation of the Professional Photographers of America which is only attained by less than 4% of photographers worldwide. And close to 36 years in the competitors’ arena, their desire for business, photography, faith, and family are manifested in everything they do.


DIY minion

Going 33 years in the business, Sarah Merians Photography and Video Company maintained its stature of a full-service studio for all stages of the client’s lives. Their clients have been passed on from generation to generation. Founded in 1986, based in New York City, Sarah Merians Photography and Video Company started on weddings, social and corporate events photography. Because of her love for children, and her strong bond between their bride and groom, Sarah eventually turned into photographing the growing families in the same way, the same creativity and care she has done on their wedding photos and albums years before.

Sarah’s famous line is “We love growing with our clients through the years” made her business a success and world acclaimed. And her clients keep coming back for her services, from a baby shower, baby christening, birthdays and family reunions. Such small gatherings to say it happens in one’s lifetime, but are equally super special. Whether the event be held at home, or in a big venue, such super special events should be remembered and documented. Professional photography and videos create an inheritance that can be passed on from generation to another.

Looking for quality images, the answer is, the one-stop source for predefined professional photo and video packages. Phocus.10 was founded in 2015 to enable professional photographers and videographers to release their ingenuity and partner directly with businesses to produce high-quality website images. A better-looking website guarantees better results. Being in the photography and videography business you have to market your creations, having a portfolio is an edge among the rest of your competitor.

Phocos.10 have a selection of packages at a predictable and affordable cost. Getting photo shoots done easily and quickly, as well as setting clear potentials on deliveries and cost. An easy, predictable and successful process for all business clients and photographer providers, without putting into jeopardy its commitment and passion to specialize in Professional Photography, Video Production, Predefined Image Packages, Small Business Photography and Videography. Predefined image packages make clear what images to expect and make photo shoots simple—with results and prices that will never surprise you. packages deliver a guaranteed level of quality.


Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in US 8
Heidi Green Photography capture moment of the birthday celebrant

An award-winning photographer, New York-based Heidi Green’s photography career started in a preschool classroom. As an early childhood educator, Heidi was enticed and fell in love with photography and she now specializes in anything from children’s birthday parties to candid portraiture. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in the University of Michigan, her Master of Education from UCLA, and additional training from the International Center for Photography in New York.

Heidi Green Photography was launched in 2006 and since then, her repeat customers became like her family. The clients she has photographed as babies and kids were already grown-ups now and having a family of their own keeps coming back for Heidi’s photography services. As she is fondly known to her clients as “having the heart of a teacher and the eye of an artist”, Heidi never lost her golden touch over the years. When she works for children’s parties, she sees to it that no single detail big or small is left unturned. Aura of fun and excitement is delicately captured from start to finish. Heidi Green Photography offers fully edited cutting-edge videography. All shoots include a customized online gallery of high-resolution, edited images.

For the assurance of perfect services rendered, her agency is supported by a team of brilliant associate photographers and lighting experts armed with cutting-edge equipment and well-practised, creative techniques. Heidi and her team are professional, inventive, focused on client needs, and most of all, they are self-effacing to guests, easy and fun to work with. One client was quoted saying that “Heidi’s professionalism, unique charm and ability to always capture the moment are why she’s a staple at all of our important occasions. This is truly her niche.” And that is what her secret weapon to success is, with her infectious upbeat personality, she approaches each session, armed with both the technical skills and with a natural ability to connect with her subjects.


Aside from the wedding, birthday parties are the most popular event for hiring a professional videographer. The celebration of a special someone’s birthday is always an exceptional event that brings family and friends together. The New Jersey Videographer remains discreet throughout the birthday party to capture the accurate reactions and interaction between guests and the birthday celebrator. All momentous sequence is captured, to start with the singing of the happy birthday. And most captures are the best moments or commonly termed as the candid shots which are not scripted. A hug, a kiss, running wild, hyperactive kids’ commotion in the venue, a scream of delight and so much more. Defining moments of the party that will always linger in the people’s mind and on the professional video recorder.


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