Kiddie Party Decoration Supplies found in US
Kiddie Party Decoration Supplies found in US

As the years go by, your children may not remember anymore the packed lunch you tucked in their school bags, the immeasurable hours that you have spent helping them out preparing their school performance tasks and projects. Nor the countless nights you spent soothing their coughs, but definitely, they will always remember the birthday parties you threw for them.

Celebrating a kid’s birthday is one great chance for us parents to prove our love to our child and a way to show how much we appreciate and will be forever grateful to God’s greatest gift to us….our offspring. A common saying that goes: “the more birthdays you have, the longer you live, and the greater opportunity for you to expound the graces and gift of life. Let us begin this topic on kiddie party decoration supplies with a couple of question: Who does not like parties? Do we need to have a party? Now let is go into details. Apparently, every individual has his own idea of what a party is, why is there a need to have a party, and how to go about it. But generally, the bottom line would be – everybody most especially the kids, loves to celebrate and have fun whether in the most simple or on an all-out grandest way.

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DIY paper decorations

For kids, celebrating a birthday is the day they reach another breakthrough, a new landmark of their life, the first day of a new step in looking forward to new openings and more promises of a great life ahead. There is yet so many things to achieve, and so many visions to realize. Children regard their birthday as the most exciting day of the year, more exciting than any other holidays to celebrate. Counting the months and the days in anticipation of what will happen on his special day. Seeing that anticipation in your child’s eyes is really something! Regardless of what status you have in life, I am pretty sure it would break your heart if you do not concede to that optimistic and excited eyes begging for assurance of a birthday bash. Of course, who would not want to make a kid’s birthday as special as he is? Recent studies show that birthday celebration is essential to healthy child development. Psychologically, emotionally, mentally, and socially, such birthday celebration though how simple or extravagant it may be, will greatly enhance your child’s development and outlook in life.

Before we proceed to the main topic which is the Kiddie Party Decoration Supplies found in the US, I would like you to have a glimpse in this equally relevant topic regarding kiddie party celebration and what essential benefits it does to a child:

  • It boosts his self-esteemparents are told to teach their children good values and mold the kids into having a good character. But once a year, it is healthy to allow your child to be self-centred in a subtle way. Meaning, let him absorb and enjoy the delight of being the centre of attention when all his peers are coming into his party with boxes of presents in hand. Let him enjoy the feeling of being loved by other kids around his age.
  • Friendship is flourished amongst his age bracketthrough attending parties and celebrations, the kids learn to be sociable and friendly, by interacting with other kids around. It may either be with his close friends, his classmates, his classmates’ siblings, and friends of friends. On their own, they learn how to mingle, and should learn how to act politely.
  • Priceless experience and lasting memories are embedded in his heart and in his mind – childhood experiences and memories can last a lifetime, be it good or bad. Just as when your child keeps on bragging about the magic tricks the magician host made in the birthday party of his classmate, how hilarious and so much fun it really was and would mimic some of the magician’s act…and to think that party was some 4 months ago.
party decoration supplies
Confetti tule balloons

Now you see the essence of a birthday celebration to the healthy development of a child psychologically, socially, emotionally, and mentally….A great boost to a child’s self-esteem. Making the child feel like a king for the day is one of the best and lasting gift you could ever give him. So if your child’s birthday is just around the corner, better act fast! But where and how should you start?

First, set a budget, and if you have sufficient funds, then look for an event planner/organizer to make things easy and not a nightmare. If not, then you can opt to research on some helpful suggestion from this site and navigate further for some tips and ideas on the services of the Top 10 Kiddie Party Photo and Video Package in USYou and your child can choose the . Of course, your child as the birthday celebrator should be given the first pick in the kind of theme he wants for his party. Then, the food, magician, host, entertainer, and a lot more of party details.

One party detail you should not forget is the party decoration. Once you and your child have decided on a theme, use your ingenuity to create a carnival out of your own living room. If the weather permits, you can create a jungle or a beach scenery out of your own backyard. Kids are by nature imaginative and they can adapt easily if you transform your home into a natural park.

Top Kiddie Party Decoration Supplies Found in US


Birthday in a Box is an online party shop, started business in 1996 with the goal of making it easier for moms and dads to host personalized parties that are inexpensive, enjoyable and educational. As we all know that party preparation is time-consuming and stressful. Birthday in a Box offers high-quality theme parties tailored-made to customers’ specifications and delivered directly to their doorstep. Birthday in a Box specializes in high-quality, imaginative tableware, party favours and activities based on the most popular children’s themes and characters. They cater not only for kids’ birthday parties but for adults as well. And not only birthdays; have party themes for holidays and special occasions also covered.

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LOL party supplies available at birthday in a box

Affordable birthday items such as , party favours, invitations, tableware and all other party details are available at Birthday in a Box. Their ability to personalize hundreds of items from banners large or small, Invitations, thank you notes, mailing labels and all other items that can be personalized as specified by the clients, made Birthday in a Box far different from other party supply agencies. And no hidden charges, because what you see as the price on the item, is what you get. The personalization fee is already packaged in that item.

Special services offered by Birthday in a Box:

  • Party Kits is the centrepiece or the fundamental product of Birthday in a Box. With their objective of putting together everything, you need for convenience. The standard package can serve 8 people, consists of plates, cups, napkins and cutlery. While the deluxe and ultimate packages have an additional of balloons, streamers, centrepieces and other decorations. They also have an all-inclusive package of balloon, decoration, piñata and party favour kits. And clients who prefer to customize the assortment of party goods, all products are also sold a la carte.
  • Personalization and Customization of party products is one landmark that made the company unique compared to other suppliers. And they take pride in the fact that they are one among the top online party stores that offer thousands of party supplies that can be customized and personalized not only for the birthday celebrator but for the guests as well. Your to correlate with personalized invitations and address labels, banners custom printed with the celebrator’s name, party favours with the name of each guest and many more. The best thing with this Birthday in a Box is, the personalization service is included in the already low prices.
  • Throwing a perfect and memorable party for your child is what you want and the planning experts of Birthday in a Box have compiled tons of birthday party ideas and tips, recipes, games, activities and more that would keep guests entertained and create a memorable celebration. The party guides are linked to the corresponding products to make easier online shopping and planning.

Birthday in a Box is precisely what its name connotes. They give you a complete birthday party package, sent in a box directly to your doorstep, as fast as overnight. No limit and no discrimination as to orders too big or too small and every is fun and easy to plan when you check out the many party idea guides. There are around 250 idea guides that will give you tips for planning the perfect party for your loved ones and friends. This proves to show clients that Birthday in a Box is a legendary online shop where you can plan a fully synchronized theme party with all of the essential party supplies & decorations at really affordable, budget-friendly prices.


Located at 300 Lakeview Pkwy, Vernon Hills, IL 60061, USA, Windy City Novelties was founded in 1983, offering the lowest prices on glow in the dark products, party decorations various party themes, and even a wide assortment of costume accessories at the most reasonable prices.

Windy City Novelties has been a supplier to satisfied clients and continue to grow for almost 35 years to date. Their customer service includes customizable, heavy-duty vinyl banners, personalized invitations, and custom printable items. A team of experts entertain the client’s party products’ needs, from giveaways and self-promotions to prizes and decorations, they have everything you need for your event. Aside from their display shop, they can be reached through email [email protected]. You can visit their display shop from Mondays to Fridays, 8 am to 5 pm. Toll free numbers and fax are: 1-800-442-9722 / 1-847-680-9250

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Star lantern is available at windy city novelties

Products and services offered are as follows:

  • Birthday Party Supplies and Decorations– a one-stop shop from birthday party favours, to colour-coordinated decorations and customizable invitations. From table toppers, ceiling danglers, scene setters, paper lanterns and streamers, and other fabulous birthday party decorations, Windy City Novelties got it all—just pick your colour or theme.
  • Party Themes–all kinds of party themes, name it and you will have it! Party themes to aid you in celebrating your child’s birthday and granting their wishes come to reality. Choose from Disney princesses, superhero, rock star, cars, pirates, outer space, beach, luau. carnival, Hollywood and a lot more. Just name it, and Windy City Novelties will provide it for you.
  • Glow in the Dark Party Supplies–how about a party where everything glows! Only at Windy City Novelties, you can find legit, non-toxic, low-cost and an assortment of rainbow-coloured “glow in the dark” party supplies. Various glow in the dark products that will surely amaze kids and adults alike such the splendid jewellery pieces, unique shot glasses, and specialty novelties,
  • Led Products and Light-Up Decorations–in addition to your glow in the dark products, there is this new innovation from Windy City Novelties, the Led Products and Light-Up Decorations that would add life and colour to your party. Absolutely really great for decoration, accessories and party favours. Purchase by bulk from Windy City Novelties and get a surprisingly enormous discount. Decorations such as flameless candles, string lights, and table centrepieces. Awesome “light-up” party favours such as led jewellery, drinkware, apparel and a lot more.
  • Party Wearables and Costume Accessories – Windy City Novelties never stopped thinking of ways to make a party unique and amazing. With low-costing, attractive, hypoallergenic and non-toxic party wearables and costume accessories, enhances the festive mood of the party. Wearable party favours such as plastic party beads, feather boas, and flower leis will be much loved and appreciated by your guests.


Inside the shop of Village Party Store

Established in 1993, the Village Paper Party Store is located on 18 Greenwich Avenue, on the corner of 10th street. After serving the community for over some eighteen years, the store was lost to a distressing and disastrous fire on February 10, 2010. Despite the loss, The Village Party Store did not back out from the industry. After the devastation, the new Village Party Store relocated to 13 east 8th street (between 5th Ave and university place). And the new store is three times bigger than before and even better with its huge array of party goods, balloons, greeting cards, toys and seasonal merchandise of all kinds. The Village Party Store specializes in all of your daily party supplies, a full line of Halloween, Christmas & Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, Luau, Bachelorette, Kids theme birthday party and Adult birthday party. Business hours from Mondays to Saturdays is 9 am to 10 pm, and on Sundays, 10 am to 9 pm.


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Arc balloon design by Tailored Events

Tailored Events was established in 1979 by Rose Lau & Rich Lau, a mother and son tandem. They started under the name Tailored Tunes Singing Telegrams, focused mainly on the first singing telegram company on Long Island and became known for composing specially written parody telegrams. Another family member joined in, Kathy Lau who is the current owner, was formerly a club musician and apparently quit her job when she joined the family business.

This family inspired, owned and operated business is now celebrating its 37th anniversary in the industry. They started with the singing telegram, then coupled with balloon bouquet delivery in the early years. And eventually the services expanded into Balloon Decor, Theme Props, Centerpieces, Custom Signage and so much more. Tailored Events has been intertwining a magic spell around Long Island with its unique variety of customized decor and specialized entertainment. From sophisticated to fanciful, simple to awe-inspiring, Tailored Events will create a design to suit the client’s desires.  Customer service and satisfaction guaranteed is Tailored Events seal of excellence. From 1st Birthday parties to large corporate events, Tailored Events aims to bring a festive aura and delightful sense of occasion to your special event. Business hours on Mondays through Saturdays is 10am to 5pm. No business transactions on Sundays.


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Personalized balloon design by Lovekins design

Lovekins Designs is owned and managed by a balloon fanatic, Atrina B. who love to play with balloons since she was a child. Because of her being passionate about balloons, she took it seriously as a form of art. In 2010, she established the Lovekins Designs and served the community around Brooklyn and the surrounding area to date. Her favourite art is making something not real to look authentic with an air of fanciful sophistication.

Among the specialties of Lovekins Designs, is creating experiences through exceptional and three-dimensional images event decor that changes spaces and brings events to life. Lovekins Designs specializes in organic balloons, balloon flowers, photo booth backdrops, balloon centrepieces, and other specialty and visually stunning designs.

You can reach Lovekins Designs through this number: (714) 612-0665.


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