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Top 5 Kiddie Party Catering Services

Another celebration coming up get to know the party catering services in USA! The 10th birthday of your son is coming up in a few months’ time. Having a big deal on birthday celebration does not stop after a certain age. It goes on and on for a lifetime. It is one way of giving thanks for a whole year of a life well-lived. Oh well, not unless you opt to put a stop on celebrating special events in your life.

But of course, nobody would want to halt a special event worth being celebrated. Birthdays are more than just cues that another fruitful year has passed. Having some bad or good memories of the year that past, they are actually a celebration of life!  And what better way to celebrate your children’s birthday than by throwing a party like no other. Birthdays are one of life’s essential milestone events, and maybe even more special for the littlest people in our lives whom we love the most.

Getting excited now of your child’s birthday this year and going all out by capitalizing into that big day! It is your child’s special day and your child deserve to enjoy it. So do not just wait until the last minute and see what the day may bring and get hang of it. Whether you are visioning a simple, low profile celebration with family and friends or an extravagant themed party and to save you from the fret and panic attack, consider getting a party planner or an event organizer. They can suggest and give ideas about what you want to do to celebrate and how you are going to do about the celebration.

party catering services in usa
Kiddie part sweet tooth booth

You may opt for the idea of having a simple gathering or a big bash with lots of family and friends, where you can have birthday party catering, with music, lots of games, activities and entertainment. What matters most is that you and your child along with your guests, had a fantastic time, enjoyed some truly outstanding food, and the birthday celebration was well organized and successful. May it is a simple celebration or a big bash, you should celebrate in style. After all, it is a once a year celebration of life’s thanksgiving. Themed birthday parties are a fun way to increase the power of the festivities, whether it is a fancy dress, over-the-top decorations, or a unique activity. There are so many wonderful party ideas that you can pick up from the Top 10 Type of Thing You Would Want for a Kids Party – the only limit is your imagination. Party catering is absolutely stress-free, brings a lot of fun, and it is extraordinarily unique.

The best remedy when you want to be able to enjoy your event and go around roaming free without worrying about food, spilling food and beverages all over the place, preparing meals for others, burning your home down, going out to eat and picking out what meals and finger foods to order, or deciding on what restaurant to go to for the venue. When you hire a catering service for your kids birthday party, most often than not, they are already in packaging such as the food, venue, and all other party details. The catering staff can provide you with more than just-food. You can consider yourself as a guest too in your own party!. Let the staff do all the chores from set-up to clean-up. You don’t have to worry about cooking or serving others but rather will be served. The entire event will already be planned ahead of time and set up with professional party caterers tending to your needs.

Top 5 Kiddie Party Catering Services in USA

HAMBY CATERING & EVENTS(Charleston, South Carolina)

Hamby Catering and Events
Hamby Catering and Events

Hamby Catering & Events has been serving the Charleston residents since 1979. Hamby Catering is a family-owned and operated full-service caterer with signature customer service and innovative cuisine. They provide all food and beverage services, venue and rental coordination, the creation of floor plan and timeframe, and more regarding party details. Aside from the team’s honesty and dedication to using only the freshest and most maintainable elements in cookery plus their optimum preparation methods, the prime secret ingredient for making each event they cater to big success is their staff. The Hamby Catering & Events crew and staff treat each event with thoughtful expertise and time-tested experience. The staff and crew customize every menu to suit the taste and dietary needs of their clients, making each event distinctive and custom-made.

Voted as Best Caterer by the Post & Courier for 2018, and voted Best Caterer by the Post & Courier and Charleston Living magazine in 2017, Hamby Catering & Events has a name in itself to be proud of.

Here are some of their menu packages:

►$99 feeds up to 12 people:

▪ Muscadine BBQ Meatballs (1/2 oz meatballs – 3 dozen)

Delicious food prepared by Hamby Catering and services
Delicious food prepared by Hamby Catering and services

▪ Celery Sticks (1/2 lb) with Cajun Ranch Dipping Sauce

▪ Vidalia Onion Dip (8 oz)

▪ Housemade Hand Cut Chips: Sea Salt, Black Pepper & Parmesan (1 lb)

▪ Slow-roasted Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ (3 lbs) with Hickory BBQ Sauce

►$75 feeds up to 15 people:

▪ Chef’s Selection of Artisan Meats (ex. Candied Peppered Pork Jowl Bacon, Prosciutto, Veal Pastrami, Soppressata)

▪ Chef’s Selection of Artisan Cheese (ex. Rillette of Blue Cheese, Cheddar, Buffalo Mozzarella)

▪ Cajun Boiled Peanuts, Pickled Okra, Green Beans

▪ Green Tomato Chow Chow, Cabernet Grain Mustard, Fig Jam

▪ Baguette Crisps, Portuguese Cornbread

 la cartè menu is also available if you are looking to add some extra BBQ to your order. You can check on their delish Slow-Roasted Carolina Pulled Pork BBQ with Hickory BBQ Sauce for $13/lb and Brioche Slider Rolls (18 count) for $9.

PISTACHE (Brooklyn, NYC)

Pistache catering
Pistache catering

One famous French Bakery in the United States of America, Pistache caters to all occasions from weddings, corporate events and even to kiddie birthday parties with appetizers, petits fours, and designed cakes. They can cater from breakfast, lunch and even brunch buffets. Famous for their colourful platters of hors-d’oeuvres, quiches and salads, towers of macarons and unforgettable birthday red velvet cake! For Kiddie parties they adapt their creations to such event, with colourful choux à la crème or chouquettes, funny sandwiches and chocolate truffles, meringues and marshmallows, crêpes’ buffet and the party is awesomely filled with joy!

Pistache’s expertise in pastry making and baked goodies enables them to cater breakfast and brunch. You can see the smiles on the kids’ faces when they see the assorted goodies along with the yummy-looking birthday cake on the buffet table. Assorted pastries, platters of quiches and savoury tarts, jars of fruit salads, homemade granola or chocolate tartlets and sweet bites like macarons or canelés are the best healthy and delicious finger foods Pistache can bring.

They also make seasonal cakes for any special event such as birthday, wedding, baby christening, bridal shower, and anniversary. Consider also their original creation of a colourful buffet of small pastries or various tarts!

Pistache delivers between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm and requires 48-hour notice for all drop-off catering requests. Some items may require 3 days. Catering orders must be paid for during the time of order. There is a minimum of $30 per order. Delivery fees will be determined based on location. For further questions, you can reach them through 646-207-9390 or email them at [email protected]

Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events (New York)

Mercey Biownstein - Catering Services
Mercey Biownstein-Catering Services

“Sharing is caring and creating a personalized experience at every event” is the celebrated tag line of Marcey Brownstein Catering& Events. Providing the clientele with outstanding food, in the most astonishing presentation is one secret ingredient of Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events to a successful catering business. And they take pride in their standards of culinary expertise, caring services and experience with event planning sense, coupled with the provision of freshly-seasonal ingredients. Thus giving clients the assurance that they will always make your party exceed your expectations. The owner Marcey Brownstein brings a flawless sense of elegance – polished through 10 years of experience in New York’s fashion industry and a lifetime of international travel – to every event.

In just eight years, Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events has created a company that chefs, food professionals, magazine editors and world-renowned entertainers trust with their most significant events. Many top chefs, restaurateurs and food industry professionals trusted Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events and hire the same for their most vital occasions such as birthdays and weddings. By lending an artist’s hand in every food they create, to ensure that every piece of food is appealing, every service item is stunning and exceptional, every flower fresh and inviting, and everything is just so chic and awesome.

Whether you are hosting for a birthday party of one football team, a photo-shoot for 20, a wedding for 200 or a benefit gala for 1,000, Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events’ skilled cookery and intent planning will guarantee a successful event. The best attitude practised by Marcey Brownstein Catering & Events is they work in partnership with each and every client, whoever they are, to carry out their visualization and personal style so that each party menu reflects the cuisine, taste, look and point of view of each of the clients.

(New York City, Palo Alto, San Francisco and Boston)

CaterCow -Catering Services
-Catering Services

Feeding a group of any size can be stressful, and a bigger headache meeting with the suppliers. Hiring ’s and availing of their services take off the heavy weight on your shoulders. has its own method in keeping you and your guests well-fed, satisfied and happy. With , you spend less time worrying about what is going to happen next, but instead, you will have more time eating and enjoying the party along with your child and his guests. You have a massive selection to choose from a continuously growing collection of new and distinctive catering choices. They have easy to order group packages. They have a 24/7 reliable customer service to attend to your needs. You do not have to worry because they confirm and monitor each order while handling all other details of your party. Prices are affordable and reasonable. They do not have any hidden charges.

CaterCow -Catering Services
Grab Go Mediterranean-Boxed Meals by CaterCow

All transaction is set on the table, clear and accurate. They have pictures of all packages so the client gets to know and see what he is going to get and pay for.CaterCow counts on the recommendations, have an immediate response to queries, takes full responsibility if something gets wrong along the way and implements immediate action to resolve the problem. And CaterCow guarantees a 100% money-back for a not satisfied customer. As mentioned earlier, honesty is CaterCow’s tagline in dealing with clients. No hidden charges on anything.

The moment you place your enter your event details, your location-date-time-headcount, the total price is outright calculated in their site. Because catering prices are most often difficult to calculate when you place your order on their website. But with CaterCow, there is no need to worry, no more mental math, delivery and hidden charges. With CaterCow, there are actual pictures of the food you want to order. What you see in the picture is what you get in the actual day of the event. You can rely on the reviews posted by their real clients on their webpage. Those clients who have tasted the food and who got the exact package as ordered. There are no misguided information in the webpage of CaterCow. Trust between vendee and vendor is the main tag line of CaterCow.


Sage -Catering Services
Sage -Catering Services

Sage Catered Events is Philadelphia’s leading caterer for all occasion. Whether it will be a grandiose party or a small affair, Sage Catered Events will be there to help you plan an event that will fit your style and taste. Whether it is a birthday party, cocktail, engagement, graduation, anniversary and, fundraisers, bridal showers and holiday parties, Sage Catered Events will deliver to you your needs. Every event is a celebration and Sage Catered Events will be there to ensure that you, and all of your guests, have an event that you will remember in a lifetime.

Because often times the toughest critics are the youngest ones. Sage Catered Events specializes in great food and service, but most of all they also specialize in fun-fun-fun! They have the expertise and experience to plan this once-in-a-lifetime celebration. For your special events, Sage Catered Events will organize every aspect, from party host/disc jockey and magician to recreating your favourite dish; Sage Catered Events have it all. Hunting for the right venue, crafting the perfect menu and all of the party details in between, just let the good times roll because Sage Catered Events is in control.

Sage Catered Events passion for great food and service does not stop at kiddie birthday parties only. They also cater to weddings and other social affairs. They offer the same proficiency and attention to detail in other corporate events.  If you are celebrating a corporate milestone, anniversary, new product launch or holiday party, Sage has what you need for a successful event.

From kiddie birthdays, cocktail parties to formal affairs, Sage Catered Events offer an array of menus and service styles to fit your needs. Sage creates modified events where simplicity, modernization, and warm hospitality are reflected in every step. Located at 1000 Lancaster Avenue, Berwyn, Philadelphia, Sage Catered Events operates on Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm. On weekends, by appointment.

Catering Services
Sage vegan bistro platter

At Sage Catered Events, they are focused on their passion for food! Because they believe that the best menus begin with careful thought, the finest and freshest ingredients, and commitment to quality. They customize each and every menu to meet your specific taste. Executive Chef/Owner Greg Shockley and his team of talented chefs are always working to create new and exciting dishes. From the newest trends to the classics, Sage Catered Events’culinary staff and crew will create the list of options on food that is perfect for your event. Special request on the menu is also accommodated. For the kids’ delight, Sage Catered Events includes an assortment of ice cream and dessert in their menu list at prices reasonable and affordable.

▪ Ice Cream or Gelato – Your Favorite ice cream or custom Gelato flavours with all your favourite toppings.

▪Raspberry & White Chocolate Bread Pudding – with crème and glaze.

▪ DarkChocolate Bread Pudding – with salted caramel and vanilla bean ice cream.

▪ Chocolate Bar – melted dark and milk chocolate served in individual small bowls paired with your favourite sweet and savoury dipping options.

▪“Mini” Desserts- miniature versions of your favourite desserts.

▪ Bananas Foster- fresh bananas sautéed in butter and brown sugar to create a beautiful caramel sauce served over vanilla bean ice cream in a martini glass.

▪ Milk & Cookies- freshly baked cookies on the rim of a cold glass of milk.

▪Caramelized Apple Crisp- with vanilla bean ice cream.

▪Miniature Shooters- made in house, various options available.


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