6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes
6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes

Once the weather is nice it is commonly a tradition to organize an outdoor baby shower for the new mother-to-be. There are a lot of unique decorations that you can choose from for a successful outdoor baby shower party that you wanted to organize. Whether you are doing this on your backyard in the park or on the beach there are just so many decorations that you can incorporate together with the theme that you have chosen for a successful baby shower party.

What are the best and popular outdoor baby shower themes that you can use?  What are the factors to consider for a successful outdoor baby shower party you wanted to organize for your close friend or relative? What are the things you have to include on your outdoor baby shower party that will surely make an impression?

The Most Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes And Ideas You Can Try

6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes
6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes

There are a lot of outdoor baby shower themes and ideas that you can choose from to a successful shower party that you wanted to organize especially when the weather is nice, especially during the summer or spring. With every baby shower that is organized outdoor, definitely, there is one thing that you would want to try which is also depends on the mother-to-be condition and preference.

There are also some factors to consider when you are organizing an outdoor baby shower for a friend or family member. One of that is the mothers due date and how comfortable can she be for the event. Another factor is the guest list wherein you have to ask the mother as well which people will be in the list and any requested people that they wanted to include. Next is the venue or location that you wanted to set the baby shower party.

If the mother-to-be will reveal to you the gender of the baby then it is an advantage on how you wanted to organize a party. You can choose the best theme that you can do outdoors.

Here is a list of options that you can choose from which are best for outdoor baby shower party ideas and themes that are most popular to everyone organizing one.

A Barbecue Backyard Shower Party

6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes
6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes

This is one of the most popular outdoor shower party themes which gives easy access both to the parents or the mother-to-be and the guest. Aside from the convenience that it gives is the budget that you can use for this one is not as much as the other outdoor theme party. You can transform your backyard into a unique location for a baby shower party with the right decorations to choose from and the right theme.

This can be a simple barbecue get together for the closest friends and family members for a unique baby shower party. The theme can be either vintage or just a lazy afternoon one. There are many decorations to choose from including umbrellas hanging above which creates shade and a unique tent for the guests as well.

Summer Inspired Party

You can do this type of baby shower on your garden which is decorated with fresh flowers and the right shades of summer fabrics hanging all over the place with the theme incorporated with it class the balloons and banners scattered all over the place. Most mother-to-be and organizers for a baby shower or taking advantage of the nice weather during the summer and throwing the best unique and stylish baby shower for their closed as friends or sometimes even themselves which is organized for them by someone. You can add a twist on the decorations that you will use outdoor for summer inspired shower party with the mother’s photograph of herself when she was younger or even when she is a baby. You can even ask the mother-to-be for some ultrasound photographs of the baby to be decorated on the centerpiece of the dessert table for a unique and customized touch. Since the guest of honor will be the mother-to-be you can even pamper her by adding decorations that showcase the journey of her pregnancy.

Floral Themed Party

6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes
6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes

This is a great baby shower theme once the weather is nice as you can be all about different fresh flowers decorating the whole place. You can also add stylish locations of bohemian look with wooden sticks and fresh flowers that were hanging all over the place with yarn to give a rustic or vintage yet flowering feel for the guests and especially the mother-to-be. Don’t forget about the white fabric hanging all over the place to give a fairy ambiance. Another idea to make the mother be special is by creating a fresh flower crown for her to wear during the baby shower party. If you don’t want to use fresh flowers for this kind of paint you can definitely use other alternatives such as do it yourself flowers to hang all over the place. Ribbons, glitter, and garlands or extra additional decorations to make the venue wonderful.

Picnic Style Shower Party

Best shower theme party during summer or when the weather is nice as it gives a picnic feel not just for the mother-to-be but with the guests as well. This can be a casual get together party is well for the friends and relatives of both sides. Don’t forget the picnic mat and some portable chairs and tables, blankets and pillow, and you’re good to go. Refreshments and snacks that do not easily get spoiled or one of the main factors that you have to consider if you are doing a picnic style shower party. You can grab an easy to make sandwiches and cold salad for your guests and for the mother to be. Sweets and candies or cakes and cupcakes can be an alternative which also incorporates the theme of the party. You can even add life to the party on a picnic-style by bringing on music with your portable speakers. There is a lot of music to choose from that suits this kind of outdoor event. To a successful shower, the party includes fun games that the guests will play and even the mother can participate with.

6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes
6 Popular Outdoor Baby Shower Themes

Woodland Baby Shower Theme

Incorporate every design from invitations to the location with anything that has to do with wood and in between. You can bring forth cut-off pictures of animals and even figurines to customize and make it extra special. Just incorporate the colors that you will be using with the theme that you have chosen for the baby shower.

Nature Themed Shower Party

This is getting popular nowadays especially during summer, spring, or autumn season. There are a lot of ways on how you can successfully organize this kind of nature-themed shower party for the mother-to-be and the little one coming ahead. Make it rustic and vintage by using wood tables and chairs and even cutlery to complement the theme. The table centerpiece is one of the main attention grabbers for a shower party which you can successfully do with creative customized cakes or cupcakes and some sweets and snacks for the guests. Including your decoration is foliage table runner to give that natural feel for the entire event. You can be creative with the decorations that you will use especially if you are working with nature themed shower party.

There are still a lot of ideas you can choose from especially for an outdoor shower party and the list goes on and on new ideas are coming every year. Remember that shower parties for the mother-to-be is one way of celebrating with her for her upcoming journey to .


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