Outdoor and Indoor Party Games
Outdoor and Indoor Party Games

It is a common knowledge that our kids are always in need of a space to have fun, unleash their energy, and enjoy to their heart’s delight. We listed an awesome outdoor and indoor for your kids party. Planning out your child’s party is exciting but it is never going to be easy because at the same time it is stressful. Not until you hire an event planner if your budget permits, otherwise you have to religiously list down all that you need for the party, let’s say a couple of months ahead of time. 

You have to consider a lot of things and situations to complement each other. Is your child a homebody? Or does he prefer to go out and play at your backyard or at the park? What will be the weather condition on that big day? If the sun is shining, it might be great to take advantage of that. But if it is cold and gloomy, then maybe you can have the celebration indoors.

What are the outdoor and indoor kids’ party?

outdoor and indoor party games
Pop the balloon an outdoor and indoor for kids

One thing you must not forget is the food to be served in the party, more importantly, the cake. Most especially if you have an outdoor party, bear in mind that some types of icing don’t hold up well in the heat or humidity and may require refrigeration. Get suggestions from your cake decorator or baker how can you choose the design of your cake while checking your budget?

No matter the weather preference, whether if it is the refreshing air or the shining sun, the outdoor kids’ party definitely offers a charm that most indoor parties cannot reach. The outdoor party will definitely be a big hit not only for the celebrant but for all his friends as well – weather permitting. However, you have to list down some indoor games if needed. At least you will have an alternative if the weather will not cooperate with you on the day of your child’s big event. Hereunder is some list of fun games to choose from in the celebration of your kid’s special day whether it might be an outdoor or indoor kids’ parties.

Awesome Outdoor and Indoor

Catch the Water Balloon. In this game, the kids will eventually get wet. You have to prepare balloons with water inside. Let the kids choose their partner. They need to stand facing each other and be apart for about three feet. Then by signal to start, they toss the water balloon to each other. Whenever they catch the water balloon, they have to take a step backward and so on and so forth.

The challenge becomes harder whenever they catch the water balloon. One of the kids will eventually get wet as he catches an exploding water balloon. The team who got the farthest distance without getting wet is declared the winner.

Bridge over Troubled Water. This is so much fun at the same time educational. The kids will get wet but at the same time, it enhances their team building skills. Have the kids divided into two groups? All you need is a narrow log or a flat bench that will serve as a bridge. Place the bench or log over an inflatable pool with water. The rule is, they have to cross the bridge without falling off.

Whenever one member falls off the bridge, that member should go back to the end of the line and try to cross the bridge again. The team that finishes the fastest is declared the winner.  But of course, it is highly recommended that adults should watch over the kids to ensure that no one gets hurt upon falling off the bench or log.

Outdoor and Indoor Party Games
Catch the balloon an awesome outdoor and indoor party Games

Seize the Flag. This is a fun game. Divide the kids into two teams and create a boundary line in between. Provide each team with a flag and they have to hide their flag in their respective area or territory. Each member will try to sneak into the opponent’s territory to try and find the flag.

When one of the kid is caught, he will be sent to jail but one kid from the same team can rescue his teammate. Then the kid who rescued his teammate should run immediately to their territory to be safe. Whoever captures the opponent’s flag makes his team a winner.

Pop the Balloon. A simple but a fun-filled game for indoor kids’ party. Put a marked paper inside each balloon. This marked paper signifies that the kid can get a prize. As soon as the signal is given, each kid should get as many balloons as he can and pop it. The more balloons, the noisier and better it will be. The kid that have the most marked papers in the fastest amount of time will get the prize.

Finding your Partner. A great indoor party game for kids as it allows kids to bond with each other and enhances teamwork as well. In preparation for this game, you will need to write famous cartoon characters that have a partner on each paper. Like for example, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse or other cartoon characters familiar to the kids.

When the kids are ready, stick one paper at their backs and let them find their partners. They will not be allowed to ask other kids on what is written at their backs. They can only ask questions answerable by yes or no. while they are asking questions, they should by then find their partner before the time runs out. The pair that finds their partner in the fastest time wins.       

Pin the Donkey’s Tail. A classic kids party game. You will need a pin board and a drawing of a donkey without a tail. Stick the donkey on the pinboard and the tail of the donkey in a separate paper. Put a pin on the end of the tail. Pick a kid who will be blindfolded. Spin the kid two to three times and lead him towards the pin board. Once the blindfolded kid is already standing in front of the pinboard, ask him to pin the tail.

Mark with a pen the kid’s name on the hole made by the pin. When everybody has done his turn, the kid who got the closest to the exact position of the tail wins.

Outdoor and Indoor Party Games
Outdoor games for a kiddie party

The Chopsticks Pick. This particular kid’s game should be played by two or more teams. You will need two bowls and some chopsticks. The first bowl should be filled with marshmallows. The other bowl should be empty. As you signal the kids to start, using the chopstick, they should pick up the marshmallow one at a time and placed them in the empty bowl.

When the first child is able to put the marshmallows in the empty bowl, the second one should do the same and so on. Whenever they accidentally drop the marshmallow, they need to pick it up and start all over again. The kids are only allowed to use chopsticks, strictly no hands allowed. The team that finishes the game the fastest is the winner.

Blind Man’s Journey. This game does not require much preparation. All you need is a blindfold. Choose a kid that will be IT, then put the blindfold on him. While the other kids are gathered around the IT, spin the player two to three times. Once everyone is ready, let the IT find the other kids. Once the player is able to catch one of them, the player has to touch the face of the person he caught. The player needs to guess who the person that he caught is. If the player guessed it correctly, then the caught kid will be the next IT. If not, then do the same thing again.

The above stated outdoor and indoor party games will make your kid’s party a hit without having to spend any extra money on supplies for the party games. As mentioned earlier, the party games require only a minimum of supplies and are common objects that you probably already have laying around your house. Just improvise to make them work for adults too, and a slight variation will not hamper the games’ purpose.


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