Kids Gifts ideas
Kids Gifts ideas

Preparing and organizing a will truly be exhausting if we do not plan in advance. Let us not forget to have a checklist of preparations to make and of supplies needed so that everything will be easier for us.

Get ready with the checklist for organizing a a couple of months prior to the big day. Set a budget. Involve your child in choosing the . Decide on your guest list. Search for the party venue. If budget allows, hire an entertainer, clown or magician.

Ideas in Organizing a

Thirty-five days before organizing a kids party!

 It is to the great advantage in organizing a kids party several months ahead. First, we have to set a budget. We have to do all the planning based on our prepared budget. Secondly, we have to consider the number of guests, we should make a checklist of our guests, our kid’s friends and classmates including their parents or guardians. We have to ask or let our kid suggest who he wants to invite for his party. As to the availability of our guests we also have to consider the time element.

Time is gold! 

Organizing a Kids Party
The celebrant is enjoying his birthday

Yes, time element does play a vital role in the success of organizing a kids party, because we also have to consider the availability of our guests. The celebrator will be disappointed if his friends will not be coming over to his party. If a great percentage of our guests cannot make it in an afternoon let us say a 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm party, then we can schedule a 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm party. Then we can also add some of our relatives’ kids as well, depending on our prepared budget of course.

Three weeks to go before the big day!

It is most important that we send them invitations a few weeks in advance with RSVP, be it through social media or printed card. But the printed card will be costly, so we can opt for an invitation through social media. Anyway nowadays, mostly have social media accounts already. But if we have on-hand or we can find some shop to purchase materials to create our personal invitation cards, I think that will be cool. Just do not forget to attach contact numbers for the RSVP. And it is important to all those who have not RSVP’d.

 ▪ The Party Venue

As soon as we have a rough head-count on our guest’s list, then we can go to the next phase which is the venue hunting. We can search for a cheaper venue but if our home, front or backyard is spacious enough to accommodate the number of guests in our checklist, practically it will be more fun and of great advantage to celebrate the party at home. We now have saved some amount instead for the rental of the venue. Considering the season or the time of the year, organizing a kids party is really hard for the mother of celebrant.

Great Ideas in Organizing a Kids Party 1
Do-it-yourself decorations for your kids’ party

Apparently, we already have a bird’s eye view on the budget, the number of guests and venue, the next thing we will do is to get a suggestion from our kid as to what unique party theme he would like. Pretty sure the celebrator will appreciate if the party theme is of his choice. Kids as always will most likely appreciate party themes such as Dora, Cars, Frozen, Captain America, Hello Kitty, Avengers, and a lot more. So let us sit down and listen to what the child suggests. As soon as a party theme has been decided and finalized, we can then go shopping for party favours, party decors, party giveaways and other party details.

▪ Do-It-Yourself Party details

Let us put into account that we have several months in advance preparation, we can search for shops with markdown prices on goodies and party supplies. If we cannot find cheaper party supplies, then we can opt to make our own party decors and party favours because there are a lot of cheaper materials that we can use. And there are a lot of tutorials Do-It-Yourself online for party decors and other details.

Is entertainment important to keep the party alive and not boring?

 Yes entertainment counts much to keep the party alive and not boring, we can plan for both an outdoor and indoor games most especially if we cannot determine the weather condition. So we have an alternative if the need arises. Another thing to consider for the entertainment is to hire some magician or clown.

Kids talent show

If the professional fee of a magician and clown will not fit in our estimated budget, we can go for other alternatives such as a talent show for kids. Meaning, there will be participation from our guests, showing off their talent in singing, dancing, storytelling, declamation, and the likes. That will make the party livelier and memorable. Of course, we have to prepare prizes for that.

We can create games for the kids where everyone will be getting involved. Allocate five or ten minutes for each game or activity. And prizes will be allotted for that too. By the way, prizes such as a chocolate bar or candies will be much appreciated by kids. What matters most is they had a blast, they had a great time and they enjoyed the party.

Food to match the theme of the party 

Great Ideas in Organizing a Kids Party 2
Party food that kids will love

Now, we go to the planning of the menu. Mostly, the foods that cater best to the kids’ palate are pizza, cake, ice cream, hotdog, sandwiches, spaghetti, fried chicken and lemonade or soda for the drinks. These are already heavy meals for the kids.

We can decide to prepare food in accordance with the theme of the party. In the food preparation, we have to see to it that we do not put in too many spices or better yet no spices at all. The kids will definitely hate spicy food.

Allergy on food

There might be that some of our guests have food problems or allergy on a certain food, we have to be very careful in the preparation. Anyway, the parents or guardians are with their kids and will look over on them. But just to play safe, it will be best if we ask the parents or guardians prior to the party.

Confirm foods ordered outside

Two days before the party, call to confirm whatever foods you have ordered outside such as cake, pizza, ice cream, cupcakes, and make sure there will be no problem regarding allergic reaction from the guests.

What are the things we should not forget in the preparation in organizing a kids party?

During the planning stage, we have to make a checklist for our party needs. It is best to have all disposable utensils, paper cups, paper plates to be used for the party and if there is a need for us to rent some kiddie tables, chairs and other equipment. The audio system is also important, check on the sound system and microphone.

And more importantly, we have to prepare our venue, clean our house, clean the surroundings, the restroom as always sanitized, and we have to make sure that everything around will be spic and span, offering our guests a child-friendly environment, for them to be comfortable and will enjoy the party. We must remember that we “invited” them in our party, so we take responsibility for whatever happens. We will offer them nothing but the best because we invited them in as our guests.

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