New Mom Tips: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care
New Mom Tips: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care

You will be astonished by the benefits of kangaroo care to newborn babies, either they are preemies or full-term and the magical effect that it can give. How can these benefits of kangaroo care have saved more babies from incubators to natural warmth from their mothers and even daddies as well?

What are the dynamic benefits of kangaroo care to both new moms and newborn babies? Can this benefits of kangaroo care help develop and adapt newborn babies to the new world they are in? Is skin-to-skin or kangaroo care advisable for babies who have problems sleeping as well?

: Benefits Of Kangaroo Care

New Mom Tips: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care
: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care

There are a lot of benefits you can get with the skin-to-skin contact or the kangaroo care between mother and child. These wonderful benefits of kangaroo care are what doctors are encouraging new moms to start as a unique bond between them. With all the known benefits of kangaroo care, you will see the skin-to-skin contact like never before. You can even encourage your husband to try doing this as a natural bond.

As a new mom, this wonderful benefits of kangaroo care will help you to cope with in a unique bond between your newborn baby.

Kangaroo Care’s Benefits

Here are the amazing benefits of kangaroo care, not just for your little one but for you as a new mom as well.

It Helps Boost The Brain Development For Babies

The warmth that the mother’s body allows the proper flow of oxygen to the newborn baby’s brain. It also develops a great sleeping pattern for a baby with the help of stabilizing heart rate for a newborn with the skin-to-skin contact between them.

New Mom Tips: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care
: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care

Allows The Baby To Adapt To The After Birth Surroundings

Your newborn baby will easily adapt to the new environment outside the womb because of the familiar warmth you are giving them. This warmth will allow them to venture and discover a new environment with still intact from the same feeling they have from the inside. This warmth thermal heat or temperature gives them security and the feeling of safety.

Beneficial To Breastfeeding Mommies and Babies

The active senses of the baby to smell your scent and easily distinguish the breast allows them to easily get fed and create a strong bond with each other. The warmth of the skin-to-skin contact gives a higher percentage of an exclusively breastfed baby than the average that did not receive kangaroo care.

Newborn Weight Gain

The warmth that your body produced allows your newborn baby to grow more and use that energy to stimulate their body. The thermal heat is enough for the baby to relax and grow faster as they are more secure with your warmth and do not need to produce heat for themselves.

New Mom Tips: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care
New Mom Tips: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care

Stronger Immune System

Those babies that have experience skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo care are less likely to be ill because of a stronger immune system that fights any illness that is common to a newborn baby. Since it allows for easy feeding with the baby, they can easily absorb the nutrients that they get for every feeding and fights possible allergies build up over time.

Improve Respiration Problems And Healthy Heart Rate

On study about babies that have given skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo care, they have a more improve respiratory problems that can be healed over a day or two with continuous connection and warmth given by the mother. The healthy heart rates for an infant under kangaroo care has a higher percentage than those who have stayed in the incubator alone.

Improve And Reduce Pain and Stress Level For Preemies And Newborn Baby

The feel-good hormone that is produced for every cuddle session reduces the stress level for preemies and full-term babies alike. This also reduces the pain level that baby might experience and create a safer and secured feeling for them to relax and be calmer next to their mom.

Increases And Stimulates Milk Supply For Moms

The mother’s body reacts when your baby and you are together thus improving the milk supply for your newborn baby.

Regulates Better Sleeping Pattern For Newborn

The warmth and the mother’s scent allows a secured feeling for the baby to sleep deeper and more often that those babies that are placed inside the incubator. The simple heartbeat that they hear close to them makes them know the familiar feeling from the womb. This also allows the baby to feel less stress and regulate more sleep that helps them grow faster and healthier.

Best Bonding Moment With Mom Or Dad

New Mom Tips: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care
New Mom Tips: 11 Benefits Of Kangaroo Care

One of the great benefits of kangaroo care for both parents is the bonding moment that you are establishing for your little one. They are getting more familiar with you by your scent and how they feel you. Skin-to-skin contact is also best done with the father or alternately to help the baby adapt properly and learn that there are other people aside from the mother who cares for them and they can bond as well. Since newborn baby already recognizes their father’s voice from the time that they develop their hearing senses on the womb. They are more familiar now with the feeling that they have with their father too.

A Great Way To Fight Postpartum Depression For New Moms

The cuddle hormone or oxytocin that is produced during kangaroo care helps the mother to lessen any negative feelings and thoughts and stimulates a good bonding moment with their little one in all positive ways. The skin-to-skin contact and bonding moment with mom and baby gives positive energy and lessen the anxiety that most mothers feel after giving birth. The natural connection between mom and baby signifies the worth of each other and how your little one become completely dependant to you making a strong bond.

If you are wondering how much does your newborn baby need time to cuddle or kangaroo care, then knowing that the first couple of hours after giving birth is essential for the baby’s development. The more kangaroo time that you spend with your little is far better for both of you.

There are no specific time or limitations as to how long can you stay with the skin-to-skin contact. As long as the two of you enjoy the company and the moment, then let it be. You will know that your little one is ready to go on her own when they start moving or wanted to let go of the contact. That’s a great sign that they can start doing things on their own as to how they can produce the right amount of warmth that they needed without totally depending on you.

For premature babies, skin-to-skin contact is essential until they have a stable and can regulate proper heart rate later on. The kangaroo care process has a lot of benefits that incubators cannot give. This is a great alternative option for the baby rather than putting them inside the incubator.

The best way to start off with your kangaroo care or skin-to-skin care is by doing it in a more private room with dim lights. They with just the diaper on for the baby and bare chest for the mom or dad with at least a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes together. If you are breastfeeding your newborn baby, then you can alternately give kangaroo care from the mother to the daddy after every feeding session.

Make sure that you are in a comfortable position before you place your newborn baby in your chest. Have a wonderful bonding moment.


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