15 Most Hilarious Christmas Party Games
Christmas party games

f you are organizing a Christmas party, best to check out these . You will surely get the ideas for a Christmas party. Whether you are planning for a small or larger crowd, you will surely get the best ideas ever.

What are the to play this coming holiday? Are there Christmas party games that kids will enjoy? How to choose the best Christmas party games for your next get together party or office party?

The You Should Play

If you have chosen the best and most unique Christmas party theme, then its time for you to think about the games. If you are still contemplating on about the most hilarious Christmas party games to play, check out these ideas!

You will surely find one that works best for everyone to enjoy. Now before you choose which games to play, it is best to check some important factors for a successful Christmas party.

15 Most Hilarious Christmas Party Games
Christmas party game ideas to try

First, check out the following factors to help you decide what games to play. Read along for the best guide in compiling the most hilarious Christmas party games you will ever play this year!

Factors In Choosing The Best Christmas Party Games

Before choosing your list of Christmas party games this year, you have to check some important factors. This will help you decide what games to play for everyone to enjoy.

The number of people that will be attending is important. This will help you get things done easily. Whether you are expecting a large or small crowd, there surely be a couple of games for your guest to play along.

The age gap of your guests is also an important factor. This will help you determine whether you will need to prepare a kid-friendly party. Or at least keep the kids in one corner doing some fun activities while the parents are enjoying their own space.

And lastly, check if your guest knew each other. or if you need to have a couple of ice breaker games to keep everyone entertained. Ice breaker games will help your guests feel more relaxed during the party. It will also break the awkwardness of mingling with strangers.

Most Hilarious Christmas Party Games

Check out these most hilarious Christmas party games you should not miss!

Christmas Pictionary

One of the most enjoyable guessing game you will play on a Christmas party. Whether it is a small crowd or a larger group, you will surely have a lot of fun with this game!

Let each team representative draw the words until the whole team can guess what is it! Make sure that your team will guess it right faster.

You can also plan the best twist. Play the game while the time is ticking! Better hurry guessing that word.

Exchange Gift Santa’s Helper

15 Most Hilarious Christmas Party Games
games for Christmas

This one is another type of exchange gift idea. You get to change your gift from someone else. The best part about this game is about how cool it is to exchange your gifts with another one.

Saran Wrap Christmas Party Game

This is probably one of the classic yet most hilarious Christmas party games ever. Allow the guest to unwrap a huge ball-like saran wrap with lots of cool and small prizes.

The choices of prizes depend on what you think of giving. From cards to candies and even small stuff to include in there.

Singing Popular Christmas Songs Using The ‘Doo’ Word Do you know the drill? Allow your teammates to guess that popular song by singing it. The twist is, you cannot use other words than ‘doo’. Sing the tune properly and let your teams win!

Minute To Win It Christmas Edition

There are a lot of fun and cute ideas for your next Christmas party games. First is this minute to win it inspired games for your office or family Christmas party.

Get inspiration and ideas from the games that were done in the show. Make sure you can modify them for the holidays. Check out your guest’s age gap and try looking for something ideal both for kids and adults.

Minute To Win It Inspired By 12 Days of Christmas Song!

If looking for the most hilarious Christmas party games this year is your part. Check out cool ideas with the popular game show. Well, the twist is all about using the 12 days of Christmas theme by playing it around.

Allow the guests, kids, and adults, to play around and participate. you can play by teams so it will be a lot more fun.

Name That Tune Christmas Edition

15 Most Hilarious Christmas Party Games
ideas for Christmas party

Aside from the singing that Christmas song using the ‘doo’ word alone. You can also try working with music for your next Christmas party games. The name that tunes in holiday edition will surely be a hilarious choice.

You can choose to form the most popular to the least famous Christmas songs. Everyone will surely get their best guess.

Exchange Gifts Via Coin Toss

If you do not want to exchange your gifts or use the Santa’s helper tricks, you can toss a coin for it. Choose for a head or a tail. This is gonna be one of the most hilarious Christmas party games ever when it comes to gifts.

Left And Right Christmas Game

One of the most fun Christmas party games you can play along in a larger crowd. All you have to do is let your guests sit in a circle with their gifts in the hands. As the host, you can start reading a story or a poem that has a lot of left and right words.

This means that your guests should move their gifts left and right whenever they hear those words. it will surely be a fun game to play!

Rock Paper Scissors Switch Gifts

Everybody may have heard and played this game at least once in their life. Who wouldn’t? This is a great way to exchange gifts with everyone using the classic rock paper scissors game.

The Gift Game

This is probably one of the most hilarious games that you can play with your family members. The best part is, you get tons of gifts and only a few things have the best gifts. The rest are silly ones!

Check who will have the most real gifts from the tons of gifts piled along your Christmas tree.

Dear Santa Game

15 Most Hilarious Christmas Party Games
Christmas party game ideas

Have you ever tried writing a letter for Santa when you were younger? If not, you can try doing one this year. This is about creating the best letter for Santa.

Make sure that your kids, if you have one. can write one. Try keeping the letter for later, this will surely be hilarious!

Family Feud Christmas Edition

This is one of the best party games this coming holiday. A great family team game especially if you are expecting families coming over for the holidays!

Gift Wrapping Game

Best for small groups of people. This can be done in pairs or teams. Prepare the wrappers, ribbons, and scissors. The simple rule is to let the team wrap a gift faster.

Paper Plate Christmas Game

Draw something base on the instructions given to you. The twist is, you will need to draw something while the paper plate is in your head. This is great for large crowds! See who is closest to the item you have in the instructions!

Roll A Snowman

This is similar to roll a jack o lantern type of game. All you have to do is roll the dice until one of the teams or guests wins by completing the whole snowman. This is a great game both for adults and kids alike!


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