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It has been a common knowledge for everyone that the best part of childhood is the anticipation and assurance of a yearly birthday celebration. While it may be filled with loads of fun and excitement for the birthday celebrator, planning a kid’s birthday party and implementing the same, can cause too much stress and headache for the parents. 

When planning for your child’s birthday party, you should consider the budget allocation for such. Whether it may be a simple birthday party on a budget limit or expensive and extravagant birthday bash, it can still be time-consuming to plan from start to finish. Head-on from the party theme, party decoration, party favors, games and entertainment, and even down to the set-up and the cleaning-up, can be considered to be filling-up your thoughts that can cause you too much stress.

kids party venues
Hotdog corner in a kiddie party

Months and days of sleepless nights with so many issues boggling your mind. So many small details that cannot be set aside and taken for granted. Most especially the primary concern is the menu list. You have to take into consideration the food intolerance of your guests that you have to be keen in choosing the food to be served. There are a thousand and one kiddie party snacks you can choose from and it may add up to your confusion. We, therefore, suggest for you to stick only to the Top 10 Snacks for Kiddie Party to keep your mind at ease and to lessen the burden.

 Another party detail you should prioritize most is the party venue. Your party theme, party snacks and food, party decorations, games, activities and entertainment will mainly adjust to your party venue. But choosing the party venue may often time be challenging, due to the season of the year and most of all due to the weather condition. There is so much risk you have to take and consider most especially if you are planning for an outdoor celebration.

There are moms who have no fears in hosting a house party for kids. But most parents do not like the idea of throwing the kids’ party at home. Most especially if the entire pre-school with ages around 5-year-old, lively, noisy and active kids would take over your white carpeted floor and white linen sofa. You cannot just imagine what double-stress it would cause you.

So you are caught in-between a couple of situation; what will you do if you do not like the idea of the disaster it may bring upon hosting a house party for preschoolers and yet you do not want to take the risk of the undetermined changeable weather. Much more than you do not want to kill your little girl’s excitement of a fun-filled birthday celebration.

There are so many kiddie party venues all over America specifically in California where seekers of a stress-free, fun-filled, safe and dependable party venue, can just sit back, relax and enjoy the party along with the kids. We have listed below the Best of 10 Friendly Kids Party Venues in California. With the assurance that these venues are ready to host and make your kiddos celebration memorable. They too will take care of all the details from top to bottom, from start to finish, so you can enjoy the party as much as your guests! Please do continue scrolling so as to know what and where these party venues are and to what extent they can offer to make your kids birthday party a huge success.

Friendly Kids Party Venues in California

Giggles n’ Hugs

Giggles n’ Hugs
Colorful kids playground at Giggles n’ Hugs

This place is a popular family restaurant with an indoor playground. They have 3 other branches in different locations for easier access and cater to all your kiddie party needs. You can find them at the Century City Westfield Mall for the West-siders, at the Canoga Park for the West San Fernando Valley residents, and at their Glendale Galleria location for those closer to East Los Angeles.

Each location has its individual unique characteristics. They are all exquisitely designed having kid-friendly amenities such as castle towers, rickety bridges, climbing equipment, and shapely but safe slides. The Glendale location has a ball pit also. They have the dining area where the food or buffet table is, visible to the play area and vice-versa. There also is a small stage/platform area for performances. A host or DJ is also provided along with the activities leader for certain party packages for you to choose from.

For party packages, they have a variety of rates to choose from. Party package starts at $350 for up to 15 guests and that will be at $23/person with their “Count and Countess” option. For this Count and Countess Package, 3 jumbo pizzas, fountain drinks, paper goods and latex balloons are the inclusions. And go up to $25/person with their “King and Queen” package which includes a wide selection of deluxe entrees, sides, and a cupcake or ice cream dessert for each child.

Parking is for free at Canoga Park and Glendale locations; but at Century City, $1 is charged for the first 3 hours.

The Coop
The interior design of

Located along Ventura Blvd. in Studio City is a well-known place and featured by the US Weekly magazine as the “hot tot spot” because of their famous celebrity clientele. is also a party venue that caters almost everything for everyone. The garden area with benches, tables, and a day-bed is so charming most especially appreciated during fine weather. The kids can play around the garden while partying, and the adults can make use of the day-beds space to enjoy with their conversation and some finger foods. The place has free wi-fi.

This venue is a delightful place to hold a birthday party. It provides light up dance floor, a climbing tunnel leading to a twisty slide that descends into a pit of bright yellow & orange balls, a cake/dessert room, and an outdoor patio for parents to relax on a lovely day.

Party packages start at $595 for “The Coop Basic” which gets you 2 hours of completely private playtime for 15 kids and up to 35 adults, and a free “return pass” for your celebrant and his / her siblings. If you opt for “The Whole Coop and Caboodle”, that will be $2495, all in. Meaning you do not have to worry about anything because you will get everything you need for a deluxe kiddie party. A deluxe kids birthday party inclusions are 2 hours playtime, pizza, a taco cart, coffee, fresh fruit, cupcakes, balloons, paper goods, gift bags, fresh flowers, and more.

All of their party packages give you access to their large, free parking lot at the back of the building. Otherwise, you just have to remind your guests that the meters lining Ventura Blvd. are their best parking space and is free of charge on Sundays.

PLAY (Los Angeles)

Located on 3rd Street, just West of La Brea, PLAY is an incredible space for a party. Suited for Arts loving kids, PLAY also has a variety of traditional toys for kids to play with such as musical instruments and matchbox cars. They also have 3 different rooms for partying and for the guest’s delight.

Colorful playground for kids at Play

The main playroom welcomes you as you enter the vicinity. The playroom is filled with assorted toys, musical instruments, ottoman seats and a wee stage. You will find the big art room with an art teacher, and plenty of room for kids to paint towards the back and to the right, with a chalkboard, wishing your child a ‘Happy Birthday’. Also at the back, you will find a large room with plenty of seating for lunch and cake. It is suggested that you choose the giant playhouse option, and your celebrant gets to take it home!

Party packages at PLAY start at $575 for their “Messy Art Party”, highly recommended for ages 2 to 4 years. This package provides you with a staff member to guide the 90 minutes of artistic fun, as well as smocks, paints, and brushes for all (plus that giant cardboard house for your birthday kid take home once it’s dried). There are other packages available, depending on your choices. There are some add-ons such as gift bags starting at around $8 each. Outside foods and catering from the outside are allowed.

The venue provides a parking space at the back of the building exclusively for the host. The guests are advised to fend for themselves at the meters on 3rd street (free parking on Sundays only).

High Tea Cottage

Located in Woodland Hills, High Tea Cottage is best suited for a birthday party for all ages. Young kids, adults that are young at heart will definitely love the place.

High Tea Cottage
High Tea Cottage Entrance

This is just a small restaurant, packed with tables and chairs for a formally seated tea-party with fancy finger sandwiches, English scones, sweet morsels, and of course tea! No room for little chaps to run around. Children ages 4 and up will surely know how to appreciate this kind of set-up.

The place is small as intended for a tea party, and yet adorable because the decorations are old-fashioned with teacups and teapots on display throughout all –over.

A reservation for at least 12 guests with a maximum of up to 24 children is required if you want to avail of the venue. They allow drop-offs, but adults are very much welcome to join in the festive mom-dad-me tea party experience.

For $35 per child, you get tea sandwiches, scones, non-caffeinated tea, chocolate milk, lemonade and a birthday cake. You can consume 2 hours and 30 minutes from set-up to clean-up. Only street parking and some residential street parking is available.

Lombardi House

Lombardi House is a fully restored Victorian style home built originally in 1904, located in the heart of Hollywood, close to Franklin Village and the Hollywood Studios. Lombardi House has a perfect combination of sophisticated indoor and outdoor space that will look more fabulous upon decorating. With the exterior front and side yard conducive to kiddie games, activities and buffet.

Lombardi House
Victorian style of Lombardi House

The outdoor garden is best suited for large groups if you are planning for a carnival theme birthday party and set-up game booths, cotton candy carts, as well as popcorn, and hotdog carts. A stage can be set up for the magic show and talent show.

The indoor area offers an original barn, you can utilize as a dressing room area, craft room, or just space for big kids to retreat on its comfortable lounges.

The venue is practically an empty space, meaning you have to bring in rented furnishings and other party equipment. You will definitely need to hire a party planner or an event organizer to help you with all of your party needs.

Rental cost for the Lombardi House is rumoured to run an amount of $10,000.

A party planner is really needed for this because they will know how to negotiate with the venue, food catering, parking, etc. All these high costs is expected because Lombardi House is located in the heart of Hollywood.

Au Fudge

Au Fudge
A family-friendly interior design of Au Fudge

Located in Los Angeles, California more specifically in West Hollywood, Au Fudge is the trending new family-friendly restaurant. The exact opposite of Giggles n’ Hugs, because Au Fudge is undeniably a stunning venue for all occasion. Part owner of Au Fudge is the famous American actress, model, producer and singer Jessica Biel. So, it is no wonder why interior design enthusiast will brand Au Fudge as Heaven on earth.

Inside the restaurant, you will feel the aura of Europe all over the place. Just perfect for a magical birthday party theme!

There is an outdoor patio with umbrellas and chandeliers, a large full bar, and definitely the spacious play area upstairs filled with neutral-gender toys and books. This play area can also serve as your party venue.

has two locations, one in Eagle Rock, the other in Bel Air, Los Angeles. The place has a gorgeous indoor playground, has free wi-fi, and they have a great number of pre-packaged party options. A few examples are the “Very Fairy Picnic”, and “Frozen” which is among the top list favourite of kids. Peekaboo Playland also offers twisty slides, a jungle gym, and a quirky “treehouse” shaped like a goose, as well as plenty of push toys and table toys, and an inflatable bounce house. The Bel Air location has an outdoor patio you can enjoy if the weather permits.

Tables and benches are provided along with the cute little counter suggestive of a lemonade stand which makes for the perfect beverage area. Here in Peekaboo Playland, the kids will absolutely be entertained by themselves because the place is filled with what you are looking for in a playland.

Party packages start at the following:

  1. “Hootenanny” option – $595 (Bel Air); $495 (Eagle Rock) -With the standard 2 hours of playtime for 15 kids and 35 adults, part coordinators, plus the return play pass for the birthday child.
  2. “Ultimate Theme Party” – $995 (Bel Air); $795 (Eagle Rock) – which is your one-stop-shop for everything you need: pizzas, helium balloons, themed paper goods & table decor, juice & coffee, gift bags and more.

Parking spaces at eagle Rock location are not provided but street parking can be utilized, metered on the main drag, or free along residential side streets if you don’t mind a little walk. But in Bel Air location, parking space is provided for free.

Duff’s Cakemix, West Hollywood

Cakemix bakery studio
Outside of Cakemix bakery studio

This is so much fun! You don’t just eat the cake but you make it and decorate it. Located on the corner of Melrose and Sweetzer, Duff’s Cakemix gives your birthday kid and guests everything they need to decorate and take home their own batch of cupcakes or full sized cake. As you get inside the venue, you can see long tables and chairs perfect for lots of kids and lots of mess-making as they do their bakery activities. One such birthday party your little girl will never forget! Throwing your party in this bakery will definitely make a mark on your guests. You can bring in foods but bring in outside cake is strictly prohibited.

They also have a variety of party packages for you to choose from. Cupcakes “tier 1” package – 6 guests for just $385, suggested for kids 6 years and below. More packages they call as Tiers at Duff’s Cakemix, all the way up to $2195 which will accommodate up to 30 big kids, each with their own 6′ fondant cake to decorate and take home.

            Limited parking space at the back of the building, but can utilize metered street parking.

iPic Theaters

iPic Theaters
Colorful movie chairs in iPic Theaters

A movie theatre is one unique venue for your child’s birthday party. In iPic Theater, you can chill-out in true comfort with cozy blankets, reclining, chairs and in-theatre food and beverage service for you and your guests. A movie birthday treat is so cute, so stylish and with so much fun!

iPic Theaters have two locations in Los Angeles. One in Pasadena and the other in Westwood. And both features in-theatre full dining services. With one push of the button, your personal food and beverage server will appear. They offer burgers, specialty beverages, and snacks on complimentary popcorn, desserts, and more. Glitter tattoos and caricature art in the lobby area as guests arrived and mingled with appetizers before the film are also offered. The lobby area can be set-up for pre-movie activities, appetizers and drinks. A single ticket at iPic Pasadena will cost you $24; for a group of 10 kids (including your birthday child), that is less than $300. Popcorn is included with each ticket, but course, if you want to add lunch for each guest, you can always opt for the menu list which cost at around $10-$20 each.

Parking is provided at the garage across the street for only 3 hours.

The French Confection Co. in Burbank

The French Confection Co.
Vintage inspired interior of The French Confection Co.

Located at Burbank Blvd., CA, This bakery is not the usual party venue but the vintage-inspired white farm table and its blue and gold floral wallpaper make it an enticing venue for a simple yet charming princess party. The French Confection Co. bakes the most stunning and palatable birthday cake,

Stepping inside the store, you will find a white farm table that seats 8 guests, a pastry counter, a dessert table and delectable. The place is perfect for a small group of girls big or small who would want to be treated like royalty even just for a day.

For a 2-hour birthday party on a Sunday, the package is $25 per guest. Inclusions are assorted made from scratch mini cupcakes, cookies, scones, and more. Tea and coffee for all.

Plenty of free parking along Burbank Blvd. right outside the shop as well as side streets.



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