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What are Kids Party Deals?

You want to throw a party for your youngest child who is turning 7 in a couple of months.But you do not know how and where to celebrate it. And you do not even have much time for the preparation, the planning and other details. All you have on hand is the budget intended for your child’s 7th birthday.

With the fast-paced journey and busy schedule, you know how stressful and exhausting it can be. Save yourself a lot of stress by searching for kids’ party deals. Lucky enough now a days there is not much worry on situation such as this. Browse over the internet and there are a lot of sites that are on how can you start with a kids party business.

kids party deals
Jungle theme party

Select a package that works well for your party needs – Choose a company who offers the complete package at a minimal cost. The one who will help you create a fun and memorable celebration for your birthday child and their guests. Definitely, the deal goes with providing a party host who will lead the kids in games and fun activities, and provide other details needed.

Choose a theme that suits the celebrator–Racer of the Year or Hall of Fame, then pick a theme – Sporty, Marvel Heroes, or Jungle. Whether it is a soccer-themed party, or a cooking party. When you purchase a birthday party package they provide a host, tablecloths, party decorations, tables and chairs for the children attending the party, balloons, water, and a drink for each child, plus a cool keepsake backpack for your birthday child.

  • Package for your sports party and include pizza – or hot dogs and chips – for the kids and a souvenir backpack for each guest.
  • For Cooking Parties, guests receive an apron and cupcake to personalize and take home.

Hear your child scream “it’s the best party ever!”

As you celebrate your child’s 7th birthday you have a variety of packages to choose from a fun-filled two hours party in a themed room of:

  • Enchanted Forest
  • Pirate Cove
  • Royal Court
  • Disco Dungeon
  • Witches and Wizard
  • Jungle

Food and drinks, birthday invitations and party certificates, full day access to the play center plus a bonus entry pass for your kid’s next weekend visit. Enjoy the convenience of a fun-filled, catered party. Let your kid’s imagination run loose in their choice of the above mentioned themed rooms.

Inclusions in the party package are:

  • A 90 minute hire of the themed room
  • Full day access to the play center up to 20 kids below 12 years old
  • Food for the kids – includes cocktail frankfurters, chicken nuggets, chips, fairy bread, pretzels and unlimited blue lemonade.
  • Birthday invitation and birthday certificates for 20 kids.
  • Each child will receive a bonus entry pass for their next weekend visit within a month of the party.
  • Safe and secure environment for little ones.
  • Enjoy an exciting party experience – minus the hassle.

Brilliant ideas

 With party deals, you leave your troubles at home, you get to enjoy the party along with your kids. What better way to entertain the kids, and get them interested in the food they are eating than letting them make the food themselves.

kids party deals and packages
homemade pizza for kids party

Make your own pizza The Make Your Own Pizza Party is hosted by a server who shows the kids how a pizza is made, then lets them unleash their creativity on their own pizza. Kids are in control on choices of little heroes and big heroes menu.

  • Little Heroes menu, with a main including pizzas, pastas or chicken, dessert and drink.
  • Big Heroes which includes a bigger choice of mains, plus a side like fries or veggie sticks.

For the pizza party inclusions are:

  • Every child can create their very own pizza to eat, plus a drink, a side of either fries or vegetable sticks, and unlimited salad.
  • Party Invites – which can be collected in Hut
  • Party Bags – with a gift for each child
  • A special table decorated with a tablecloth and a selfie frame for those party snaps!
  • A special apron for the party child
  • A party host

Chances are, it can be difficult to keep kids happyBut with the party packages and party deals you choose, they can ensure the time in the venue is as stress free as possible. The servers should have children’s needs at the front of their minds when serving, and are always ready at hand to pull a silly face and prevent a tantrum. Kids most often create some drama most especially if they are sleepy.

Additional equipment provided to help make life easier:

  • Baby Changing & Bottle Warming Facilities – Keep the babies clean and fed
  • Family Friendly Atmospheres – The kids can have fun, and you can let your hair down too.
  • High Chairs – These should be provided to keep the littlest ones close to the rest of the family.
kids party deals and packages
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Another exciting party package I would like to share to you is the Party Bus Deals. Imagine the excitement on your kids celebrating a birthday party in a bus! Yes, a mobile transport. A vehicle to transport your little ones from one place to another while having so much fun inside the bus. The vehicle will be stocked with foods, drinks and music while in transit. Isn’t that cool?

No distracted driving – driving a car filled with kids is not easy. It can be loud and distracting and just simply unsafe! Oh well, just leave the driving to the professionals and enjoy your child’s birthday with them at the back seat.

No worries on traffic and parking – traffic jam is a serious problem much more looking for a parking makes it worst. Avoid the hassle with the party bus deal.

Venue makes the party unique – some party deals and packages choose the opens pace for kids’ party most especially during the summer season. This kiddie party held at the park is extremely popular. Expect a different kind of fun when you hold your party at the park. Complete with kiddie toys and equipment, the party will surely be a blast. Equipment and toys such as trampoline, swing, slide, merry-go-round, and having a vast area for the games. Foam pit can also be provided. Expect a lot of flipping and jumping into the foam pit and the trampoline.

 A big help that is. Party deals are of such a blessing to us and for busy parents the most. In as much as you do not want to miss the 7th birthday celebration of your child. Yes, a birthday is an important and momentous occasion not to be understated. It is a time to celebrate, reflect and give thanks. The 7th year is usually the age when a child first enter a milestone. It is considered as the time where the child enters the age of accountability and responsibility, it is the time where he starts to have a moral sense of right and wrong.





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