You have been accustomed to celebrating and throwing parties for your little girl. Seems like you have been an expert, a pro in party planning and implementation. Your little girl’s 1st birthday was a blast. Next comes her 5th, then 7th and you surpassed with flying colours as it was all a huge success! Having done a variety of theme in your child’s previous parties, do you think a Kiddie would fit in this time?

Time flies so fast and you cannot stop your little ones from growing up. And they really are growing up so fast these days. And you are just caught by surprise, unaware that your little girl has so many different mood swings, extraordinary needs and out-of-this-world wants. It seems like only yesterday you used to cuddle her to sleep and read for her some bedtime stories until she dozes off. Now your little one is turning 10 in a couple of months’ time.

These days, little girls love nothing more than acting like grown-ups. And here you are facing the reality of having to think hard on what to plan for her 10th birthday. Many things you must keep in mind, such as a Unique Theme for Your Kids Party, the theme that would go appropriately for a 10-year-old. The food you are going to serve that would connect with the . And all other party details to go with the theme that would ensure an equally great success like the previous birthday celebrations you have had.

 kiddie spa party
Table set up for a kiddie theme

All of these combined can be stressful, it seems like you want to give up even though you have not started a single bit step of the process. But you will realize that once you have settled on the party details, you will be able to figure out what you want in terms of your little girl’s 10th birthday. Parties indeed should not be over the top to be known as a magnificent, festive and a splendid celebration. The secret to a successful party is a well-organized, full of fun, laughter, happy kids, happy parents, and a memento to live on a lifetime.

When little girls love to play “spa”, pretending to pamper and be pampered at a spa is one of their favorite activities, be it with siblings or with friends and classmates. Unconsciously, they are starting to tread on the passage to this so-called journey from childhood to adulthood. Yet, they are still enclosed in their childhood reality of playing kiddie games. It just gives them the fascination of acting out and pretending to be adults, with all these spa treatments, hair and face treatment, fancy clothes, accessories and high heeled or stiletto shoes. However early as it is, let us not deprive them of this experience. Now is the time to make it real for your little 10-year-old to experience the beginning of this journey.

So, what is this kiddie all about? How do you make this happen? A couple of questions and a precise answer would lead you to bright and beneficial ideas for your 10-year-old to be. A kiddie is commonly known as a pampering party for kids. The birthday girl and her guests receive beauty and massage treatments and generally spend the time to cuddle and relax.

Experiencing a healthy indulgence with healthy snacks, fresh fruit juices and smoothies. But you can still have the elements of a children’s party such as party favors, party baskets, decorations, invitations, and other details. The only thing is, your theme as a kiddie spa party will correlate with all others mentioned earlier. Party favors would be like a kit of kiddie cosmetics, hair accessories, nail art kit, a plastic tub for a foot spa, and or a pair of flip flops each with a hand towel.

Herewith, we have loaded tons of fun ideas for throwing a trendy Kiddie Spa Party. Either it will be in your own home or in a rented venue like a salon or spa. Check out below various sets of options you wish to follow or you can mix and match too:

Great Options for Kiddie Spa Party

Option 1

 kiddie spa party invitation card
Sample invitation card for kiddie spa party

Personalize your Kiddie Spa Party Invitations – the moment your daughter’s friends will receive their kiddie spa party invitation, the feeling of excitement will surely exude in the air as they expect to have a day of rest and relaxation! Indicate in your invitation card your event’s complete information, with the name of the celebrant embossed on the façade of the card. Identify seat arrangements with a customized table mat. Fill out your party goodie bags with an exceptional surprise to the guests such as personalized magnets, zipper pulls, buttons, bookmarks and bag tags. As soon as the event is done, send your guests a customized Thank You note.

Kiddie Spa Party Decorations – the decorations should coincide with your party theme. Put up a scene for a tranquil moment of pampering with a soothing color combination of light blue and white. Add a shade of pink lilac for a feminine touch. Just mix and match your color scheme to shades of blue and white on your serving tray, paper plates, cups and serviettes.

To put drama and an additional contrast, have your table runners in shades of bold carnation pink! Despite the conclusion that the Kiddie Spa Party somehow depicts a silver lining from childhood to adulthood, the conventional party decorations can still look great. Add some pink banners with a Happy 10th Birthday print and name of the birthday girl, multi-coloured confetti and pink balloons to exude a girlish giggle in the air. Set up a variety of sections in the room for foot baths, nail art/manicure/ pedicure, face masks, and hair spa.

Kiddie Spa Party Food – a spa without snacks may be boring and stiff. Pamper your birthday child and her friends with healthy snacks, finger foods, crackers and sandwiches. Boost up your color scheme with bright pink beverages like Pink Lemonade Sparkling Fruit Punch or Luscious Strawberry Slush Punch. You can carve your cookies or sandwiches into shapes of flip flops.

You can design your marshmallows into cotton balls or nail polish bottles. Serve cute shaped cucumber snacks cut by a cookie cutter. Cupcakes will do great too, most especially if the color of the icing top complements the color scheme of your party. Strawberry dipped in the chocolate fountain is most loved by 10-year-old kids.

fun activity for kiddie spa party
Kids are relaxing to the activity that the celebrant prepare

Kiddie Spa Party Games & Activities – there should be several beauty stations with corresponding activities in the venue, all together happening at the same time. So that the flow of the party will be spontaneous and not bragging. Like for example, in one station, there is this nail art session going on, on the other cubicle is a facial massage, at the other corner of the room, is for the hair accessories fanatics.

You can also create a corresponding game for each cubicle. For the manicure, pedicure and nail art session, the girls can play spin the bottle in choosing the colors of their nail polish. In the facial mask and facial massage cubicle, the girls can make their own facial mask. Provide hypoallergenic materials and ingredients to be safe. Fresh organic cucumber is best for a facial mask. They can also make their own bath salts, bath bombs, hand sanitizer and hand lotion.

Kiddie Spa Party Favors – provide your guests with a head-to-toe spa kit for an ultimate pampering experience. And as a gesture of gratitude for coming to your birthday party, the kit can also serve as a take-home party favor. Other party favor would be a manicure set of their own inside a pink box! Nail polish, cotton balls and pedicure set inside a mason jar is a totally awesome party favor. Another cool way to say thanks for coming to each guest is by giving them robes, flip flops and other spa favor kits which can be purchased online or you can DIY a combination using individually sold party supplies.

Option 2

Beach Scenario – layout pink beach towels on the floor to serve as salon bed. You can give each guest a beach umbrella next to their towels to pretend they are at the beach or in any outdoor spa.

nail art for kiddie spa party
Children are showing their nail art

Nail Art and Nail Polish – provide them with assorted nail polish so they can pick their choice of shades for their fingernails and toenails.

Lemonade or Tea – little girls want to relax and rest just like what adults do, with a glass of beverage to sip on, before, during and after spa treatments.

DIY Facial Mask – hypoallergenic and safe facial mask is a combination of oatmeal, honey and avocado. Cucumber is also one. But there is a lot of DIY facial mask you can see on youtube.

Soothing Music – food for the soul, as they say, put on a relaxing sound to calm the mood and make perfect the spa effect of your Kiddie Spa Party.

face mask for kiddie spa party
Celebrant friends are having their me time

Facial Mask Application – let the kids apply facial mask individually, or take turns in putting a mask on each other, or you can do it yourself with the help of some adult.

Hand and Foot Massage – use a nice and lightly scented lotion to massage the girls’ hands and feet while they are drying up their facial masks.

Remove Face Masks – you will need a basin of warm water and a warm cloth to remove the facial masks of the girls. They will really feel so good with this warm cloth gently wiping off the mask on their faces while they are laying down on their pink beach towels.

Paint Your Nails – either doing nail art or simply applying nail polish, is the best part of the spa day for a 10-year-old!

More Relaxing Moment – read a book for the girls while their nail polish dries or put on a movie for them, or continue with the soothing music and they can have a nap.

Option 3

Set the Mood put on a piece of relaxing spa music before the arrival of your guests. Your 10-year-old guests will love to work on artistries. So this is a kind of party that will be a mixture of DIY, the girls will make their own spa materials, and then apply it on to pamper themselves. They will also create their own take-home party favors.

foot spa session at kiddie spa party
The kids are enjoying their foot spa session

Foot Spa, Foot Massage and Pedicure – the first DIY for the girls is to make their own foot scrub. Each girl should make two batches of the foot scrub mixture – one to use while at the party and one to take home as her party favor, which she can personally use for weeks of having a foot scrub treatment in her own home. The procedure is not that easy but of course, they will be guided accordingly.

Each girl should measure 1 cup of Epsom salts into a bowl and then she can choose her “flavor” of essential oil from the 8 assorted essential oil provided by the party host. Then add 5-6 drops of the essential oil to the Epsom salts and stir well. Pour the salts into a clear treat bag to take home as one of her party favors. Fill plastic dish tubs with 2-3 inches of warm water and add in the foot scrub mixture. Show the guests how to gently stir the water with their hands to dissolve the salts and how to lightly massage the salts into their skin (which is why it is called a “foot scrub”).

Have a small stack of hand towels around for the little ladies to dry their feet when they are doneYou can provide spa slippers for all of the girls and allow them to personalize them with beads and buttons. They can put their flip flops on before their toes are painted. Multi-coloured kits are provided for the nail polish so that girls could select a polish of their choice.

facial at kiddie spa party
These little ladies are enjoying their facial moments in the party

Facial Cream for Little Ladies – a DIY facial cream is also fun! A variety of natural ingredients is provided for. Most commonly safe to use is Yogurt, avocado, banana, honey, oatmeal, pumpkin puree, and even cocoa powder are all good choices. Hand-in each girl a bowl, spoon, and fork for mashing the banana or avocado, and have them prepare their own cream. After the girls mix up their personalized facials, they can pull their hair back using headbands and apply their homemade facial cream. Cucumber slices for the eyes would make this even more exciting. Get ready with a pile of washcloths to soak in warm water so little lady guests can easily wash the cream off of their faces.

Gloss for Pouty Lips – after pampering their feet and softening their skin, the guests can make their own lip gloss by using craft sticks to place a dollop of Vaseline in each small cup. Then they can add a ½ teaspoon of sugar-free powdered juice, choosing from assorted flavors such as cherry, strawberry and grape flavors. Just mix and blend well, then apply to lips.

Spa Birthday Party Food – you can serve tea sandwiches for snacks. Or you can create something attractive like ham and cheese sandwiches and cut them into flower shapes using a flower-shaped cookie cutter. Sparkling plain water served in plastic champagne flutes with slices of lemon would feel like a girly grown-up.

Let us not forget to put emphasis on showing gratitude for all the gifts your child have received on that day.

Option 4

Kids Spa Party Ornaments – create your favourite salon’s atmosphere with cool colours like mint green and coral, or try bright colors like neon pink and powder blue. A small kiddie salon that is complete with vanity mirrors bowls to soak nails, cucumber slices, foot soaking tubs for the pedicure and plastic toasting glasses! You can keep things simple since most of the activities will be done around the table. And the kids can take home the tubs as party favors. Your guests will be excited in anticipation of what services will be offered during the spa party! You can simply design cute signage or just get out some poster board and markers. Personalize them based on what activities will be available such as face masks, manicures, or DIY scrubs! These signs are the perfect inspiration to get started.

refreshment food
Kiddie spa party refreshment food

Kiddie Spa Party Refreshments – have some healthy snacks to munch on while the face mask is working or the pedicure is drying up. Fresh fruit juices and sparkling water are perfect for a spa celebration. The colorful and tangy-sweet cranberry citrus punch is a healthy drink, easy to make and just perfect for a kiddie spa party.

All you will need is a bagful of fresh cranberries, lemon, lime, and oranges, 4 cups of cranberry juice and pineapple juice, and 2 litres of ginger ale. And for the snacks, you can prepare a DIY fruit pizza bar. The kids will surely love making their own fruit pizza. All you need to do is to provide a soft sugar cookie as the crust, add some sweet vanilla yogurt or whipped cream for the frosting, and fresh berries, sliced fresh fruit and raisins for the toppings will do great.

This is definitely a healthier alternative to cake and ice cream. To add color to your spa party theme, try using marshmallows as cotton balls and sugar wafers as nail files. Of course, marshmallows may not work so well in removing off nail polish but they are undoubtedly a sweet treat in between manicure and pedicure. Another cute thing with marshmallows, you can create an edible nail polish party snack with marshmallows. You will just need some melted white chocolate or you can add food colouring to complement the shades of blue, pink, or any of the guests’ choice of color, with some tootsie rolls or black licorice, the edible nail polish will absolutely create a giggling fun for the kids.

Kiddie Spa Party Activities and Favors –in a kiddie spa party, not much activity is needed because the girls are too busy getting pampered themselves. Yet it is better to prepare some activity for the girls while they are waiting for their nails to dry. Creating DIY spa products for them to take home seems interesting. Making lip gloss out of coconut oil and Kool-Aid is easy. Make sure to purchase some lip gloss pots prior to the party. They can also make their own flip flops out of pre-cut multi-coloured ribbons. And they can also make their own avocado facial masks. Just take extra precaution on allergy reactions.

For the moisturizing avocado mask, all you need is ripe avocado, honey, and coconut oil. Mash and puree the avocado until it is smooth and creamy then blend in the rest of the ingredients. Apply to the face, avoiding the eyes, and just leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe the face with a damp cloth and rinse off with warm water for the DIY bath bombs, prepare all ingredients in one corner and let the girls do the mixing. Their imagination will work wildly which adds to the excitement before the party ends. Ingredients you have to prepare for the bath bombs are baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, water, essential oil, olive oil, food coloring, mixing bowl, whisk, jar, bath bomb moulder. Just mix and mold, as easy as that!


afternoon pampering spa party
The kids are enjoying the DIY afternoon pampering spa party at the celebrant house

An afternoon of Pampering in a Kiddie Spa Party – Offer an atmosphere wherein adults and kids will both enjoy the relaxation, tranquillity and comfort of a DIY home kiddie spa party. First, create and design an invitation card using nail polish clip-art. Then design and create signage “Welcome to the Spa” and hang to the entrance going to your backyard. To further heighten the zen-like atmosphere, put on a soothing and relaxing spa music. Start with a warm lemon tea to prepare the body system for a pampering session.

You can purchase spa-themed products at Oriental Trading Company, amazing spa-themed products such as beverage napkins, spa confetti and lanterns. Add some adorable cucumber plates that will perfectly match the spa themed party. Adorn the centre table with fresh roses and cucumber confetti at the sides. Create a spa menu using a spa face clip-art, featuring tea sandwiches, oatmeal cookies, honey-banana parfait and a lot more of healthy nutritious snack foods.

A tower of cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches will be most loved by the girls too. Add some meringues, sprinkle cookies and colourful cupcakes for dessert. Plus a healthy drink combination of, water-cucumber-mint. And one last important food to serve is an assortment of fresh fruits! For the pedicure station, put pillows on top of a white coffee table to serve as backrests, and filled medical wash basins with warm water, bubbles and rose petals.

kiddie spa party
Kids are enjoying their make up session together with the celebrant

Do not forget to provide the girls with soft robes and spa headbands. Watch the girls giggle with excitement as they dip their toes on a basis for a warm bubbly foot bath, and as they smile while putting on the green avocado facial mask, plus the 2 round cucumbers on their eyes. Some may be able to doze off a bit.

There you will actually see the relaxation the girls obviously deserve. For the washcloth, print and cut out cucumber images and tie them around the washcloth with a soft and pretty pink ribbon for extra drama. This can make an adorable party favor too. Prepare all colors or shades of nail polish for them to choose from, but definitely, most girls would pick up the pink shade. A Kiddie Spa Party would not be complete without a tray full of spa products! Gather up a bunch of fun goodies to display, like toe separators, foam sandals, face masks, q-tips, sliced cucumbers, gel eye pads, foot loofahs, scrubbers—the more the merrier! Prepare some goodie bags for the kids to pack whatever they have chosen on the display table.

There go the 5 options we have shared consisting of healthy-nutritious snacks, wonderful supplies, amazing ideas and easy steps you can choose to follow or mix and match to your own liking. However, you need not to worry if you are caught in a situation of being too busy and do not feel like doing all the planning, preparation and work for a kiddie spa party. Since you do not want to fail the wish and dream of your daughter for her 10th birthday celebration, you can check out local mobile spa parties in your area.

They bring the complete supplies to your doorstep quick and easy; and you can just sit back, relax and joyfully watch the girls having a great time too. Local spa parties usually offer manicures, pedicures, facials, and more. Some even provide fluffy robes, headbands, and party decorations. They can even include a package for the kiddie spa party snacks and beverages. If you need an adult to assist the girls, they too will provide it for you. Whether you have 5 or 15 girls, a mobile spa party is a great alternative to doing everything yourself.



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