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There is nothing a parent wants more than to see their child happy – most especially on their special day – a birthday. Most moms are having a hard time planning birthday parties mainly because of one reason – the budget. Admit it or not, if you are a plain homemaker, everything would really depend on the budget.

What to do, where to eat, what to buy would all depend on your monthly household budget. So, you could just imagine the pressure moms have to endure every time a kids’ birthday party is planned, and everything else in between that involves budgeting. Dads too will experience pressure double than that of Moms…Dads finance the party, most often than not!

Planning a birthday party with a specific budget is quite a challenge. Much more if you do not have enough space in the living room, not even a front yard nor a backyard to entertain your guests.So you are stuck to hunting for restaurants and event places to accommodate your plans. You wanted a big venue good enough for a hundred guests but do not want to spend more than what your budget will allow you.

If you follow on some simple tips in the planning and preparation stages, you will be smart enough to come up with the right decision regarding to the party venue and the packages they offer.

party venue and packages
Kids are enjoying playing the bubbles

▪ Basically, your budget will define the party venue, number of guests, and the theme of the party. You better start with deciding on the budget before getting too excited with the theme, food, decorations, party favors and the like. Set a target on how much you can afford to shell out and do not insist on what you cannot afford. Regret always comes at the last and you can never bring it back.

▪ It is not compulsory to have a theme but at least have something you can work around in making your party consistent. Perhaps you may work on specific colors, festivity or something from a children’s storybook, a character or design your child loves most. Then you can make your party put-together with the little elements that will bring magic to the event.

▪ The event space is one of the biggest decision to make when planning a kiddie party. Because you want to please your guests but do not want to go beyond your budget allocation. If you do not want to spend for the space rental, you may opt either to be hosting the party at home or find some venue that does not require space rental as long as you meet the required minimum food purchase.

▪ Pick the menu based on your budget and prioritize the kid-friendly foods with consideration to avoid food that may cause an allergic reaction to the guests.

▪Scout for suppliers that can give you the best deal for party decorations, party favors, activities and entertainment and prizes as well. Having a good host is important to a kid’s birthday party. After all, the kids are always looking forward to the party activities, first and foremost. Entertainment can make or break your event, so as it is a celebration, it must be fun!

Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 1
Tables and chairs arrangement for an outdoor kiddie party

▪As soon as you have found the right suppliers, it is the time you have to implement your vision. Delegate some tasks you feel beyond your capacity when alone doing it. Despite being meticulous on several minute details, there will be some mishaps to occur, such as on the day of the event a supplier not delivering the goods on time, or some guests who have not RSVP came without early notice. Nothing to worry about. Moms have all the right and privilege to enjoy party.

 With so many options to choose from the Best of 10 Friendly Kids Party Venues in California that branches out and can be found in different locations all over the USA, it can be overwhelming to decide on a venue for your child’s birthday party. To make your life easier, here is a list of the Top 10 Kiddie Birthday Party Venues and Packages that are guaranteed to make your child’s birthday party extra special.

Top 10 Kiddie Party Venue and Packages


Most kids do love to dance, so why not consider a dance birthday party when that time of the year rolls around. Located at 874 Sweetser Avenue, Novato, California. Love2Dance is a serious dance studio, the owner Tara-Caprice Broadwater is a former Golden State Warrior dancer with over two decades of dance experience. Love2Dance studio is not only for dance lessons but is also great for active themed parties as well. Their birthday parties are for children with little or no dance experience who just want to have fun. Of course if you know how to dance, that makes things even better and so much fun!

Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 2
Love2Dance Kiddie Party

At Love2Dance, the kids can dance the afternoon away to a variety of music, including Disney princess movie music, Broadway songs, and current pop offerings. The fun, experienced, and enthusiastic staff will start the party with a warm-up, teaching the kids a few short dance combinations, help serve the cake, and they will guide the kids in a game of “musical presents”, a sort of musical chairs game with the birthday gifts which everyone really enjoyed. They will also guide the children in a variety of games like a red light/green light, musical chairs, duck goose, the hokey pokey, and parachute. Free play time is also included if time allows.

They have a variety of party theme to choose from. Themes for Love2Dance’s two-hour parties include Pretty Princess, Disco Diva, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Hollywood, Hawaiian Hula, and Rockin’ Roundup, and this also includes a lot of dancing and games like Hokey Pokey and musical chairs.

Love2Dance provides tables that can seat up to 20 children in the back of the studio, just so perfect for food and cake. All themed decorations, tablecloths, plates, table-napkins, utensils, cups and complimentary party-themed invitations are all provided. You just have to bring your snacks, beverages and the birthday cake and let the staff do all the set-up and clean-up and what goes in-between. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the party, with a little pat on your shoulder telling yourself, what a wonderful successful party it has been!

Parties cost $250 and are two hours in length; you’ll need to arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to start time. Love2Dance is located in downtown Novato at 874 Sweetser Avenue. To reserve a birthday party at Love2Dance call (415) 898-3933 or visit

2. BUTTERFLY WONDERLAND (Phoenix, Arizona)

Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 3
The entrance of butterfly wonderland

In Butterfly Wonderland, you can choose from 3 options of packages for your child’s birthday party with a variation of party lengths and food. The 3 themes are: butterfly, bugs, and tropical fish. Packages include an all-day admission, a showing at the 3D theater, a visit to each of the Butterfly Wonderland exhibits, and a trip to the Stingray Touch Pool. Includes themed decorations, a gift for the birthday child, and party favors for all guests. Cake and beverages are also provided. Suited for all ages, boys and girls. Price ranges at $295 (15 kids and 3 adults) & up. Add-ons is Pizza. And no outside food and drinks are allowed


Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 4
Shadowland laser tag party

A great party option for big kids and even adults, and a top destination for families in Maryland and Virginia searching for a high-quality entertainment center. ShadowLand has 5 locations in the Washington DC area: Gaithersburg, Frederick and Columbia, MD and Springfield and Chantilly, VA.

ShadowLand’s unique laser adventure provides fantastic whole group activities. Wherein dark twisting foggy hallways and platforms are provided for birthday guests to play a tag team game shooting one another with lasers. The score is kept electronically.

Highlighting team skills, challenging team cooperation, encouraging team bonding and sportsmanship is being inculcated to the minds of the young kids through these activities.


Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 5
Kids are attentively listening to the puppet show

The Great Arizona Puppet Theater offers you a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. The venue is a combination of theater entertainment and crafts. First, the guests get to watch a series of live performances performed by professional puppeteers. After the show, guests are invited to create their own paper bag puppets. This party package includes puppet crafting supplies, use of a party room, and access to a refrigerator and microwave for 3 hours. For boys and girls ages 3 & up and at $100 room rental plus $5/person.


When you are a kid, having a splendid birthday party is everything. Let Bowlero’s event planners design a perfect celebration for your child’s birthday party. A complete package of unlimited bowling, arcade games, kid-friendly menus, and fun features like bowling bumpers and no gutterballs ever! Bowlero can make the party unforgettable, with memories that would last forever, with tons of birthday fun for the kids, zero stress and no after-party clean-up for the parents. Kids’ party are perfect for ages 4 to 12.

Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 6
Children are enjoying the party at Bowlero Parties and Events

You can work hand-in-hand with their committed and amiable event planners and relish the comfort and flexibility of that they offer which are completely customizable. They take care of everything from set-up to clean-up.

A variety of amusements and customize options such as assignable bowling pins to make as party favors. They also have signature menus such as six-pound burgers, two-foot hot dogs and an Instagrammable Pizza Cake!

 6. PINSPIRATION (Phoenix, Arizona)

Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 7
Kids and their artwork

At Pinspiration, the kids are encouraged to enhance their artistic talents, explore their imagination, express their emotions and enjoy what they are doing. Craft options are available to boys and girls of all ages and interests; In this party venue, they offer at least 5 options: the Splatter party package for kids who loves action, they get to wear full-body protective suits and splatter paint on a canvass to create Jackson Pollock-inspired masterpieces. If the dream of having an adventure somewhere, each child is given a cute vanity jar crate and paints an Eiffel tower dot canvass for the Paris party. If the child loves mermaids, an under the sea party theme is best suited with plush sea creature and a treasure chest. Boho and Fairy theme is also available.

This party theme at Pinspiration is suited for all ages, boys and girls. Price ranges from $325 to $470. Add-ons are allowed on food and drinks, decorate a cupcake, and glow in the dark paint. Strictly no outside food and drinks is allowed.


Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 8
Rides at Enchanted Island Amusement Park

An amusement park birthday party might be the best choice for a celebrant who is more of a thrill-seeker. The 2-hour basic include unlimited rides and attractions, a party hostess, party area, decorations, and ice cream. The Pirate’s Cove party, which comes with a private party area, also includes a charcoal grill and can include a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course. Enchanted Island also offers a Do-It-Yourself package along with other private packages. This is best for boys and girls, ages 3-10 years old. Price ranges at $129.99 (7 kids and 2 adults) & up. Add-ons are Cotton candy, face painting, balloon animals and many more.

8. MARIN TREKS – (South Novado Blvd, CA)

Located at South Novado Blvd., Marin Treks Natural History Museum is a great place to celebrate a birthday party and take the kids to learn about nature and the environment and to have some hands-on fun with their collection of live animals. Getting up close and personal with their resident reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids, and other creepy-crawlies. They also offer other events such as nature hikes, science nights at the museum, drop-in hours, and more. Best party for kids ages 4–12 and above.

Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 9
Live reptile birthday party held on Marin Treks

There will be so much fun, adventure and learning to go with the Marin Trek birthday party package. Marin Treks’ exciting hands-on birthday adventures allow the birthday girl or boy and their guests to hold and learn fun facts about the museum’s amazing collection of live reptiles. Discuss where they live, what they eat, how they avoid predators, and a whole lot more. The children are encouraged to ask as many questions as they can and then try to answer their own questions by carefully observing the animals, just like real scientists.

The basic 2 hours package for kids ages 6 to 12 years old costs $275 for the celebrator and up to 12 guests on Fridays and Saturdays, and $325 on Sundays. Each additional guests costs $12.50 for a maximum of 16. Travel parties to a home or local park are the same price, plus $1 per mile for travel outside of Novato. Parties include 10 minutes for set-up, a 60-minute animal presentation by Marin Treks reptile expert Audrey Van Hoven (AKA Mrs. V), 40 minutes for cake and presents, and 10 minutes for clean-up. Gift bags for the guests are available upon request for an additional charge.

Marin Treks also offer other birthday party options such as, a preschool party for 4 and 5 year-olds that includes an age-appropriate animal encounter. Birthday party times are Fridays from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, Saturdays from 10 am to noon, 12:30 to 3 pm, and 3:30 to 5:30 pm. Marin Treks also offers a wide variety of activities like fun summer camps, school and scout group programs, science nights, and outdoor adventures. They offer seasonal promo and discounts.

Marin Treks exact location is at 1559 H South Novato Blvd. Novato, CA 94947 (415) 250-0988.

Their natural history museum is located at 1559 South Novato Boulevard, Suite H, in the Triangle Plaza shopping center (near Round Table Pizza). If you’d like to stop by and check it out on your own, drop-in hours are Fridays from 10:30 am to noon.


Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 10
Lions at Auckland Zoo

The fun never stops at Auckland Zoo. Celebrating your child’s birthday at Auckland Zoo will be the most memorable event ever. You can have exclusive use of their private party venue for 2 hours, with devoted and energetic party hosts to keep the party constantly alive and not boring. Kiddie activities such as face painting and all-day zoo entry along with fresh party foods will make your child scream his heart out, as his best party ever. Priority parking is also provided.

For $450, birthday party package inclusions are as follows:

▪ Face painting

▪ Dedicated party hosts

▪ Personalized Invitations

▪ Private party venue for two hours

▪ A free soft toy for the birthday child

▪ All-day zoo entry for you and your guests

▪ Guided walk to visit your child’s favorite animal

▪ Priority parking for the birthday child’s immediate family

▪ Free zoo admission for up to 20 guests, discounted zoo entry for additional guests


Most kids are hyperactive and the only time they can freely express themselves and let out all of their energy is during kiddie parties. So, looking for a venue and package f. or your active little ones? Pump-It-Up is the place to go, where the kids can run around like crazy and come home exhausted yet extremely elated that they get to bed early.

Parties are available all week. Special themed parties are also available (Glow party, Superhero training camp, and Pirate Quest).

Top 10 kiddie Party Venue and Packages 11
Kids are enjoying their friend birthday

The party spaces are completely private during birthday parties – the general public will not be jumping with your kids. Discounts are available during the week.

The parties stick to a set schedule, which may lead to too much time for cake and present …when the kids might just want to keep jumping. You may only bring cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and dry snacks. And limit the time for other programs, prioritize the kiddie crazy over the jumping and running. After all, the amenities are all kid-friendly, they are all safe and clean. And much more it is a celebration, so it must be nothing but all FUN!

All other food options, including ice cream, must be ordered through Pump It Up. range from $129-$249.

Party packages include:

▪ 1 1/2 or 2 hours and include private play time in two separate arenas.

▪ Each arena has jumping castles, inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and more.

▪ Parties end in a private party room with time for cake, ice cream, pizza, and presents.

▪ Party hosts take care of set up, serving any food, and clean-up.



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