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Check the cleaning chemicals that you used - Pregnancy Precautions: 11 Interesting Things To Avoid Part 2

On this article, we will talk about the Interesting Things To Avoid is not just for your overall well-being but for the life in your womb as well. These compilations of are most of the things that every mom-to-be needs to remember.

What are the most interesting things to avoid that you have heard from older generations and even your personal doctor? Do you these are safe to follow for you and your baby’s well-being? What are things to avoid during pregnancy?

11 Interesting Things To Avoid Pregnancy Precautions

Once you become pregnant, you are not just thinking about what makes you happy, healthy, and safe. It is a two-way process and knowing which one is beneficial for you and your baby must always be the top priority. With this, there are a lot of pregnancy precautions that you have to remember. All of the listed below may or may not be harmful, but best to know all these interesting things to avoid pregnancy precautions.

As a pregnant mother, these precautions are not just to make you feel like limiting what you can and can’t do. These are simple reminders that everything you do, while you are pregnant, will certainly affect your baby. That is why you need to be fit, healthy and safe as much as possible. They won’t really harm and hurt you that much if you avoid them. Surely your baby will thank you for doing so.

Your doctor will also remind you of these things. It will really not that much to listen and follow them. If you are having a hard time contemplating these new sets of rules, remember that they are not just for you but for that unborn child which is in total dependant on you. That will be more than enough reason to think twice about all the things you wanted to do.

Check out this list of hazardous things and activities for a pregnant woman to avoid as much as possible. We do hope that in this article about the interesting things to avoid pregnancy precautions will help you shed a lot of information…

1. Avoid food that is unpasteurized and fresh or raw meat and fish.

Interesting Things To Avoid Pregnancy Precautions
Avoid sprays and insecticides -11 Interesting Things To Avoid Pregnancy Precautions

One of the things that you will need to avoid during pregnancy are eating raw or fresh meat and fish. That also includes consuming fresh unpasteurized milk and other dairy products. Though they are really delicious to eat, it is best to avoid this type of food for you and your baby’s safety and well-being.

Though fish and other types of shellfish have a lot of health benefits, there are some fish and types of shellfish that must be avoided as they can really bring a lot of harm to your unborn baby. This is because of the mercury that can be found on some fish which can have a risk factor for the baby’s brain development.

The fresh or raw meat and fish may also contain or have been contaminated with hazardous bacteria that might affect you and your baby during pregnancy. Fish such as king mackerel, tilefish, shark, swordfish, and tuna are among the few types of fish to best avoid for the moment.

2. Avoid your kitty’s litter box as much as possible.

There may be no signs for you but the effect to your unborn baby are fatal. However, it does not mean that you should be separated from that such fur-love of yours. Allow someone to clean the litter box for you. Tell them that they will thoroughly need to clean their hands afterward. Best to disinfect even.

The toxoplasmosis is a type of infection that usually spread through kitty’s litter box. This infection can have severe damage and cause prematurity for a fetus. Other health problems like poor growth, brain damage, and severe eye damage are amongst the few effects.

3. Moderate exercise for pregnant women. Avoid active workouts.

One of the things that you have to avoid are those active and high-impact types of exercises. Surely exercising is advisable for pregnant moms but there are limitations to what and what-not. You also need to ask your doctor about which type of moderate exercises to perform.

11 Interesting Things To Avoid Pregnancy Precautions
Moderate exercise – 11 Interesting Things To Avoid Pregnancy Precautions

Exercises that have a high risk of falling and activities that need skills like gymnastics are some of the things that you need to avoid. It is best to keep everything lowkey when you are pregnant. Walking, sitting, squatting, are some of the few exercises that you can do. However, you need to check with your health care provider always. You might be in total bed rest during your pregnancy.

4. Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals may or may not harm you. However, there are helpful and safety precautions that you can use to make sure that you and your baby will be out of risk of anything hazardous. Chlorine and ammonia may not be harmful but they sometimes cause pregnant women to be nauseous.

On the other hand, cleaning chemicals such as aerosols, air fresheners, varnish remover, cleaning chemicals for carpets, and more may be hazardous for you and your baby. Best to always check the labels for the toxicity level. If there are no indications, you can try to contact the manufacturer to ask if this product is safe for pregnant or be explore next to it.

If you will be using cleaning chemicals, best to be on the safe side. Put some gloves, face mask and keep the area well-ventilated. Open the window and doors if you will be exposed to these chemicals. Remember these interesting things to avoid pregnancy precaution to keep you and your baby safe.

5. Repellants and sprays for bugs like insecticides and pesticides.

All of these sprays and repellants must be avoided but pregnant women as they are considered poison for you and your baby. They have a high risk that can cause miscarriages, prematurity, and defects for babies as well.

6. Exposure to lead

It is best to avoid getting exposed to lead. It is high risk and hazardous for moms-to-be and their baby which can cause miscarriage, low birth weight, delay developments, and prematurity.

7. Overheating can cause dehydration for mothers.

It is best to avoid saunas, hot tubs, and other things that may cause your body temperature to rise for more than ten minutes. And overheating can cause miscarriage and dehydration for mothers exposed to such temperature.

8. Tanners or do at home self-tanners.

11 Interesting Things To Avoid Pregnancy Precautions
Checking your drinking water – 11 Interesting Things To Avoid Pregnancy Precautions

Though there are no documented setbacks for these products, best not to get too exposed to this at the moment. They might not harm you or your baby, but to always be safe from everything.

9. Having sex during pregnancy.

Though there are no risk or hazardous effects and some are even advised to be sexually active, best to adapt to the right and comfortable position as your tummy gets bigger. This is best for you and your baby.

On the other hand, it is best to avoid it if you are having a sensitive pregnancy. Expecting twins and even triplets. There are also some situations that you will not be advisable to be active when there are complications with your pregnancy. It is part of those interesting things to avoid pregnancy precautions and be safe and healthy with your baby.

10. The water that you will be drinking.

Though there aren’t many differences aside from the taste between bottled water and tap water. It is also best to let your doctor know where you are from. There are different options on how you wanted your water to be tested for your peace of mind.

You can also get a filtration system to make sure that everything is safe for you and your baby’s well being.

11. Visiting a dentist or using a teeth whitener and bleaching.

Though there are no studies that say it may be harmful and can be hazardous for your baby, bets to be cautious about these products. You can also be asked your doctor if you can still be good to use teeth whiteners.

Though there are some doctors who would prefer to wait until you give birth. It is always best to inform any medical or health provider of your condition and situation.

Did you hear other interesting things to avoid pregnancy precautions? Share them with us today!


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