10 Interesting Signs Of Labor
Know when is the right time - 10 Interesting Signs Of Labor

If you are expecting your baby sooner, these will help you distinguish whether you are in early labor or active labor. With the help of this , you will know what to do to keep you and your baby safe.

What are the that an expecting mother should look forward to knowing if her baby is ready for delivery? Are these signs as accurate as what you expect for your little one to arrive sooner? How can you distinguish the difference between early labor from active labor?

The Interesting Signs of Labor That Every Mom-To-Be Should Know

Whether you are a first-time mom or expecting your second baby, knowing the interesting signs of labor will help you a lot. Every pregnancy and labor is unique. You can relate to different childbirth and delivery stories but none will be the same. There are a unique beauty and magical journey towards .

Understanding and knowing the different stages and signs of labor are essential. This will help you distinguish if your baby will come out sooner than later. In this article, we will breakdown the wonderful signs that every woman needs to know about labor and delivery.

Labor may be the most painful stage before you welcome your baby to the world. Those pain won’t matter as long as your baby is safe. Every contraction and severe pain will all be worth it the moment you laid your eyes on your baby’s beautiful face.

If we will try to define what labor is, it is the ‘painful’ process of contractions caused by the opening of your cervix to the uterus which ends when your baby is out of your womb. It is best to know all the interesting signs of labor to decide for yourself whether you are in labor already or not.

Signs Of Labor

10 Interesting Signs Of Labor
What to look at before giving birth – 10 Interesting Signs Of Labor

It is best to know what are the different signs of labor to know whether it is just a false alarm or not. This way, as a mom-to-be, you will know if it is time to welcome the new member of your family that will change everything. The best way to know is to equip yourself with the right knowledge of what to expect and signs of labor.

Baby Will Start To Descend
Your baby will start to descend and position herself close to your bladder. This is probably the main reason that you will be close to sleeping next to the bathroom door. As frequent as it may seem, this process of baby dropping will likely to happen a few weeks before your delivery.

On the other hand, this can vary from time frame to other pregnant women. There are some cases that the baby will descend when the mother is in early or active labor. The best part about your baby working her way out of your womb sooner is that as she advances to your bladder, she moves farther to your lungs.

Getting Backache And Cramps More Often
You will know that you will be in labor base on the pain level that you are experiencing. If you are having backache that is different from the ones you have last month. The cramps are getting severe as the contractions and aching into your back and groin continues. That is one of the interesting signs of labor that you can watch out.

This is because of your body preparing for your childbirth. The muscles on your lower back, so as your joints and stretching. THis can also be caused by the shifting of your joints and muscles to prepare you for labor and delivery.

The Opening Of Your Cervix
As your cervix starts to open (dilate) and thin out (efface), within the weekly check-ups that your doctor will do. This can be done with an internal exam (ie) to measure your cervix opening. That way your doctor will also determine if you are ready to give birth or not.

You Might Feel Lossen Up And Clumsy At Point

10 Interesting Signs Of Labor
Understanding the signs of labor – 10 Interesting Signs Of Labor

If you feel like your joints are starting to relaxed and loose, that is because of the relaxin to prepare your body for your delivery. This allows your body to adjust as your cervix starts to open for your baby to pass through easily.

Weight Loss or Gain Stops
You will notice that the pounds added in you decreased or stops as your labor and delivery comes sooner. This is just normal for most pregnant women. It won’t affect your baby’s health and birth weight. This is probably because of your increased activity and more bathroom sessions than usual.

Your Body Prepares, So As Your Tummy And Rectum
One of the pesky signs of labor and delivery is getting too often with bathroom breaks. From peeing to even diarrhea. The best way to prepare is to keep yourself hydrated. This is a good sign, though it may really be uncomfortable at the same time.

Getting Exhausted Easily Or The Opposite
You may be wondering if this feeling is like Deja Vu? Like you feel more about sleeping or getting extra hype at the same time? There are some pregnant mothers who would love to rest and relax all throughout the day. They get exhausted and tired without even moving. This is caused by the sleepless nights and not knowing what position to make in the night.

While there are some cases that once you are near your labor and delivery date, you get more hype to do a lot of things. You feel like you are never running out of energy and you just want to move and move, and yes, move.

On the other hand, these interesting signs of labor can e felt hours and even a few days before you can go on active labor and deliver your baby.

The Braxton Hicks Contractions
It is best to know which contractions are called ‘real’ and which one is a practice. You may feel muscle contractions during your pregnancy. It is best to determine which one is an indication of active labor and which is a false alarm.

You may feel early contractions all throughout your pregnancy. It is the time interval and severity of the pain that helps you to determine if you are having active labor or not. Sometimes this Braxton Hicks can be felt even a few months before labor and delivery.

If your contractions are less than three times in an hour and stops, that can categorize as a false alarm. Make sure that the pain subsides, eases after a few minutes to hours. check whether the contractions continue or stop if you change positions. If there is no consistent pattern during contractions, then it is not yet time.

However, if your contractions get stronger and the pain gets severe, the time interval becomes less and you can see a regular pattern, then you are already into active labor.

If you are having string muscle and severe pain from your back, going to the abdomen and even your legs. It is safe to check the interval and the level of pin. If it worsens and gets stronger, then you are into active labor already. Best to go to the nearest hospital or call your health care provider to know and give you the best instructions on what to do next.

Changes In Your Vaginal Discharge

10 Interesting Signs Of Labor
Check the signs of labor – 10 Interesting Signs Of Labor

If you are having vaginal discharge that somehow has blood or mucus discharge. Then it is safe to say that you are into early labor already. On the other side, there are some cases that you won’t lose this mucus until you are into active labor. There are chances that it will still be in a few days before your delivery.

The bloody show that you have seen out of your vagina may be a sign that you will soon give birth. However, it may take a few more days if you are not feeling any severe pain or consistent contractions.

The Water Breaks
This is the most famous sign of labor and delivery. But it is not just the only sign that you have to watch out. There are a lot of ways to tell whether you are into active labor or not. The frequent visit with your doctor, which will happen weekly, will tell you when to say it is the right time.

Your water will break mostly on the last stage of labor and childbirth.

There are a lot of signs to check for labor and delivery. Do not be shy to ring your doctor anytime as they will expect you to do that too.

If you are having any of the following, best to call your doctor immediately or rush to the nearest hospital;
– Severe pain that is consistent and last for 30 to 60 seconds.
– There is five minutes or less time interval between contractions.
– You are bleeding or you’re having discharge that is bright red in color
– Your water breaks
– You see brown or green fluid – rush to the nearest hospital as it is meconium, this is present in your baby’s stool and it is risky for a newborn baby to ingest this when they are born
– You are having blurred vision or doubled vision which needs immediate medical assistance as your blood pressure rises.


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