Crying baby with colic - 10 Interesting Facts About Colicky Baby That Every New Mom Needs To Know

Facts About Baby That Every New Mom Needs To Know. One thing that every new mom needs to remember about is it won’t last. If your baby seems to cry inconsolably for a certain period of the night for a few days. That is another sign that you have a baby.

What are the common symptoms of for a baby? Are there any remedies or solutions for a baby having this episode in their early life? What should new moms remember when their baby is having ?

Interesting Facts About Colicky Baby That Every New Mom Needs To Know

There will a lot of time that your baby will cry. It does not mean that they already have colic the moment they cry. There are still a lot of factors that you need to consider before jumping into conclusion.

All babies cry, no matter how you do not want to hear those singing sessions, they will happen. Especially in the first week after delivery. That is the best way for them to tell you something.

Crying babies are doing that to communicate with their mommy or caregiver. When a baby cries, they are being uncomfortable, hungry, sleepy, tired, has a dirty diaper or just wants you.

Colic is not an illness. It happens to most babies in their early life. If you have done most of the things that should be done and your baby is still fussy, she might have colic.

How do you differentiate colic baby from a tired or hungry baby? There are a few symptoms and remedies that you can do to help your baby and soothe her. If your baby suddenly cried in the middle of the night. She is not hungry or her nappy is clean, the room is cool and comfy, no pain or possible discomfort. Your baby might really have colic.

Though there is no real cure but most are prevention and soothing remedies to try. This is a normal pace for healthy babies. Though you have to deal with a lot of patience and energy to get by. Remember that your baby needs your care and understanding and eventually, this will pass.

Symptoms, RemediesAnd How To Deal With Colic For Baby

Interesting Facts About Colicky Baby
Colicky baby – 10 Interesting Facts About Colicky Baby That Every New Mom Needs To Know

First of all, a colicky baby needs your care and patience. You will notice that babies who have colic seem to never stop crying. No matter what you do to calm them up. There may be times that you will get frustrated and stress to an hour or more of nonstop crying. Do not panic and learn when to ask for help.

When to distinguish colic from an illness or ay cause of concern. As for most doctors advice and diagnosis, you can easily determine if its a colicky baby or not.

Learn the rule of three for babies and moms to determine colic. if your baby just cries in the middle of the night in a heartbreaking manner. Ask yourself the following;

Is your baby been crying for three hours in a row? Like she does this in a particular time. Is she been crying for at least three days for the whole week for three weeks now? If your answer is an astounding yes, your baby has colic.

Though there are still some babies that cry more than those said numbers. Like they cry almost every day, every night just before you try to snooze over. There are ways on how you can help your baby avoid or lessen these colic episodes.

The colicky baby will have these nonstop wailing for up to three months or even till 6 months of their life. It happens and there are proven and effective ways to lessen their discomfort.

Keep in mind of the remedies you can try with your colicky baby. You will also need a lot of patience in dealing with this pace. If you can get help during the night is better too.

Known Symptoms Of Colic For Babies

  • If your baby is crying at a particular time of the day. Like she gets fussy in the afternoon or in the evening. But sometimes the time may still be different.
  • If your baby has these nonstop wailing for no particular reasons like hungry, tired, sleepy or even has a dirty diaper.
  • If your baby is crying while spreading his arms and legs with clench fists.

    Comfort your baby – 10 Interesting Facts About Colicky Baby That Every New Mom Needs To Know
  • If your baby will hold her breath, the furrow is eyebrow and close or open her eyes.
  • If your baby has more dirty diaper than last time or has gas or even spit up her milk after feeding.
  • If your baby seems to look for a nipple but then will not suck afterward. This is a way for her to soothe the pain that she has with colic.

Now that you have a better idea of possible symptoms for your baby. We have remedies to try to.

You can start off with a more relaxing and calm environment for your baby. That means, trying to keep everything lowkey. From dimming the lights and making fewer noises in the night to help her relax. You can also try talking to your baby and even sing her lullaby. If this does not work, you can try no keep everything as quiet at possible.

Comforting your baby is another factor to try with. This will reduce the crying moment if you come over to calm or soothe her. This will also allow her to know that you were there when things are not better.

Limit the people that interact with your baby especially during the afternoon.
One possible reason for colic is gas. You can soothe your baby’s discomfort by burping her. It is one effective remedy if the colic was from the air from feeding.

Another must-try remedy for a colicky baby is to apply pressure on your baby’s abdomen.
For mommy’s who are breastfeeding, you can consult your doctor about foods that produce gas or may cause your baby to be colicky.

Though there is no proven and scientific basis just yet about probiotics. They can also soothe a troubled tummy.

Check for colic drops that may soothe your baby’s discomfort. There are also some medications that help relieve colic for babies.

If your baby is formula feeding, you can also consider changing the milk. This will at some babies help them feel better from colicky.

What Mom Needs To Know About Colic And Their Baby’s Health

Swaddle can relive colic – 10 Interesting Facts About Colicky Baby That Every New Mom Needs To Know

Though it is not a major illness to be worried about. Colic may at some point wear you down to the very core. Especially if you are experiencing the same episode every single day.

It can also be caused by the surroundings that affect your baby’s stimulation. The light and the sound that is around your baby during the night or day can also cause your baby to be colicky. As your baby grows, her senses become matured too. That means fewer episodes of colic until it just disappears.

Since your baby still has an immature system that slowly grows with her. There will be times that food will not be filtered properly which cause her gas and pain. eventually, as your baby grows day by day, her digestive system adapts to her environment and needs to.

Another possible cause for colic is infant GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). This can greatly cause colic for baby. Though this is a sign of immature food metabolism, it will eventually go when your baby grows or reach a year.

If your baby has milk or food allergies such as lactose intolerance, it can greatly affect colic too. You have to check with your doctor the possible way to help and avoid colic through milk or your dietary intake. This is to check with breastfeeding mommies too.

When To Ask For Help?

You can tell your doctor everything about your worries and surely you will have the best advice from the experts.

You can also be gentle with yourself and your little one. Try going out from time to time, play a piece of nice music and you can also offer your little baby a pacifier. There are a lot of things you can do to relieve colic for baby.


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