Sleeping Baby - 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts
Sleeping Baby - 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts

Check out this Interesting Facts that new moms need to know to understand the unpredictable sleep pattern of their newborn. This will help you sleep better as well and these facts are a must-know for you to enjoy motherhood the most. Your newborn baby will have a different sleeping pattern from their first week until the third month.

What are the facts that new moms or first-time moms need to know and anticipate? Are there any changes in how your newborn baby will sleep after three months or so? Can this facts be applicable to all newborn babies? Can you establish a routine for your newborn baby to sleep properly?

For New Moms To Know

Sleeping Baby - 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts
Sleeping Baby – 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts

Understanding the unpredictable sleeping pattern of newborn babies helps new mom to establish a better routine for themselves. As for newborn babies, this basic baby sleep facts will help you further understand and give you an overview of what you should expect during the first few days after three months of their sleeping pattern.

You must remember that newborn babies tend to sleep for a maximum of four hours and wakes up to be fed, comfort, or be cleaned during the first three months. You will be experiencing a lot of sleep deprivation during the first 3 months with your newborn baby. However, this basic baby sleep facts will help you cope with this new routine. Remember that you will feel tired during this time, it is ideal for you to have someone to help you along.

Whenever you are feeling tired because of sleep deprivation remember that this face with your baby will not last long and you can go back on your normal routine sooner. Though it may seem hard to do, especially during this time the best thing that you can do is to think that every mom had experienced this.

Sleeping baby - 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts
Sleeping baby – 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts

Tips To Keep Your Baby Sleep Better So You Can Sleep Better Too

Understanding this face of your newborn baby will help you cope with the sleep deprivation that you might experience during this time. The assurance that this will not last longer will help you survive this phase.

One of the basic baby sleep facts for newborn until 3 months of age, is that a week 8 they will start sleeping longer during the night. They will still have constant naps during the day but this will be shorter than before.

The reason why most babies or newborn’s sleep fewer hours is because of the rapid eye movement [REM] which is essential for their brain development stage. Once your babies reach six months of age then they can have a longer period of sleep. On the other hand, there are still some babies who will wake up during the night to be fed. The best way for you to help your baby sleep longer during the night is to help them establish a sleeping routine afterward.

Cute baby sleeping - 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts
Cute baby sleeping – 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts

This can be an essential goal for new mothers as it is both beneficial for them and for their babies. There are different ways on how you can establish this sleeping routine with your baby. Understanding the basic baby sleep facts will then help you choose what type of sleeping routine will you do with your little one.

Basic Baby Sleep Facts And Tips For Newborn Baby

Let your baby know the difference between nighttime and daytime

During the first week after delivery, your baby will never have a routine or schedule for their sleep. Most babies stay late in the night and are fast asleep during the morning. Once you have reached the second week with your baby then you can start teaching them the difference between nighttime and daytime.

To help your little one differentiate the daytime and the night time is how you interact with them. If your baby is awake during the day then allow yourself and you’re little want to back together by playing together. You can also keep the light in the room or in the house during the day. You don’t need to hash or be quiet whenever you work or do house chores in the day time even if your baby is having a nap. That way they will realize that they can still asleep but it is only for a few minutes.

Make things different during the nighttime with lesser playtime and less talking to your baby. As much as possible you can dim the lights in the house to let them know that it is night time. You can also lessen the noises that you make on the surroundings to help your baby figure out the difference between the day and the night.

Sleeping baby - 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts
Sleeping baby – 5 Interesting Basic Baby Sleep Facts

Let Your Baby Relax During The Day

It is essential for the newborn baby to take naps in between even before feeding. If you wait for the time interval from one feeding to another before you allow your newborn baby to sleep then they will be exhausted. Once your baby feels exhausted, then it will be hard for them to sleep properly as well.

Your Baby Will Give You Signs Whenever They’re Tired

Trust your instincts whenever you are with your baby. Have more time to bond so that you can understand how your baby reacts with almost everything. Your baby will give you signs whenever they are ready to take a nap or hungry. Sometimes when the baby is fussy then it is one of the signs that they are tired. Pulling their ears or rubbing their eyes are also some of the signs that a newborn baby is fired and wants to take some rest.

This also gives you a chance to lay down and relax together with your baby whenever they are sleeping or having a nap.

Establishing A Bedtime Routine For Your Baby

There are different ways on how you can establish a bedtime routine for your baby. There are no right age or months to start doing so. The best thing about establishing a bedtime routine for your baby is you are letting them know when it is time to relax and sleep. This simple signs or routines will help your baby know what time will it be.

You can start off with a warm bath and the day and put some comfortable pajamas for your baby. You can also try reading books as early as possible before bedtime. There are many ways on how you can establish bedtime routines that are easier and more convenient for you.

Let Your Baby Sleep On Their Own

It does not mean that you will not tend to your baby’s needs if you let them sleep on their own. Is a good training process for your little one to start doing things on their own and not totally dependent on you. Though not everyone will agree with this tip it is somehow both beneficial for you and for your little one.

The best way to do this is to allow your baby to sleep on their own by putting them down when they’re half asleep. This will train them to sleep on their own without totally depending on you.

If you left your baby sleep well you are nursing them for you rock them off during the first week to eight weeks then they will surely wait for that routine before they snooze off. Transitioning from a routine that day remember to something new to them will be hard both for you and your little one.



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