9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section
Breastfeeding after c-section - 9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section

As an expecting mother, it is best to understand the . This way, you will be more than prepared when things won’t go for vaginal delivery. It is not just expecting things the other way but understanding why. That way you will not get yourself with too much stress.

What are the ? Are there things that might surprise you and what are they? Do you get stressed knowing about cesarean and when do expect moms undergo this medical procedure?

Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section

In this article, we will help you understand the important things you need to know about c-section that was not commonly discussed to you. This way, you will not be surprised at what is happening and why is this happening. There are some things that your doctor will not get in full details but they normally happen, before, during, and after delivery.

If you are scheduled for a c-section, then to lessen the stress and thoughts of what might happen. This article will give you a quick glimpse of what most mothers had experienced before. Keep in mind that c-section is not just done by request but to make sure that you and your baby will be safe.

9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section
scar – 9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section

These important things that you need to know about c-section and what to expect in the operating room with your doctor. Check them out and keep all the worries away. You and your baby will be safe.

Things To Expect With

You might never hear of a few things about c-section. But not all the small details that happen in the operating room. Most mothers who have undergone this medical procedure might not share everything they have experienced. So here are a few things you will need to know about .

As a preparation for the coming medical procedure, you will be dressed up with surgical drape. Once you are inside the operating room, you might be surprised that this piece of clothing covering you will be taken off too. Which will leave you naked during the process?

Do not be surprised if these things happen, it usually does happen. You will be giving birth via incisions and it will take place from down there. Though it seems natural for most hospital staff, rest assured that this is how c-section is normally done.

9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section
Cesarean section – 9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section

Your hands will be restrained from moving during the operation. There are some hospitals that might tie your hands so that you will not do unnecessary things during the operation. This will also keep your hands off the area that needs to be sterile so you and your baby will be safe from infections.

There are some cases that mothers, out of excitement, grab their baby or touch the area where your baby is going out. Best to keep things in the right place and don’t think too much if the hospital staff will restrain your hands off.

There may be some surgical sounds all over the place and some chitchats too. In case you hear the medical staff talking about something that does not concern your situation, relaxed. That is a great sign that these people have been into this situation which means they know what they do.

It is a great way to calm any worries away as the people that tend to your needs are relaxed. Which means you have to do the same thing. It is a serious thing happening down there yet it is good to know that it feels just a simple thing.

As surprised as anyone, if your husband/partner will be in the room with you. Expect more surprises with their reactions as they see the full operation before you. If your partner is not into blood and stuff, they might be turned sick at some point. This is normal so do not be that surprised.

9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section
C-section process – 9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section

To distract any unnecessary things to happen, do not forget to remind your partner the reason why they are inside the operating room. To help and give support to you while you are under the medical procedure. Just breathe everything out and keep things as calm and relaxed as you can be.

You will be numb during the process. You will not feel any pain during the delivery via c-section. One of the most important things you need to know about c-section is it’s for you and your baby’s safety.

The numbness is caused by the anesthesia that is being induced to you. This will go from your armpit all the way down. Your surgery will be quick and you won’t notice that it is done.

If your health care provider agrees with you, you can see your baby coming out. Though there is a drape covering the surgery process, you can still see your baby coming out. You cab asked if they will allow you though. There are cases that mothers were allowed to watch this is something you can discuss with your doctor. Make sure to raise this before the medical procedure.

You will feel your baby when she goes out. Even if you are almost numb, you will still know when your baby is being pulled out of your tummy. The tugging and painless rocking will determine that your baby is being pulled out. You might be surprised that your baby is out instantly and into your chest.

9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section
Holding your baby after delivery – 9 Important Things You Need To Know About C-Section

If you will sum up the time and process for c-section, it usually takes less than an hour. More about 40 minutes until you are already stitched back. You might not be aware but it is faster than you can ever anticipate.

Due to numbness, you might not feel that your baby will breastfeed the first time. This will happen and you do not need to worry as you will have plenty of time doing this. It will be the best bonding moment between you and your baby.

There will be a lactation expert to help you and your baby after delivery.

Everything will be worth it the moment you hold your baby in your arms. Believe it or not, you will forget about the things that make you feel anxious. All the fears and worries that you have will all be gone after delivery.

Once your baby is out, you will fall asleep to recover. You might still feel numb down from your waist to your legs. This is to help your body recover and endure the pain from your surgery.

Make sure that you follow all the instructions that your health care provider had given you. These are the most important and essential for your fastest recovery to tend to your baby’s needs.

Most women who underwent surgery for c-section will take another day to eat light meals and try to pee on their own. You can do this and you will get along just fine.

Childbirth, labor, and delivery are part of each woman before they welcome their baby into the world. Regardless if you give birth through vaginal or via cesarean section, your sacrifices and love for your baby will be paved off. Knowing that you and your baby will be safe and bond later is enough reason to embrace whatever is coming ahead.


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