7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone
Do not panic, call help like 911 - 7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone

Know the and no one is beside you keep your focus and think properly. In this article, we will breakdown what mothers should know about giving birth by themselves and how to keep your baby and yourself safe. Read along to know the .

What should you remember when you suddenly give birth alone and you cannot make it to the hospital? Are there any basic yet ? What are the odd chances that you will give birth alone or without reaching the hospital?

The Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone

Though there is a very slim chance of you giving birth alone, surely we really cannot tell if you are one of those rare cases. The best part is, you have to take everything seriously and know the emergency instructions if you feel like giving birth by yourself or outside the hospital with the aid of your doctor. Unplanned childbirth is rare but it also happens. Best to equip yourself with the important things to do if you give birth alone.

This scenario may just be seen in movies and tv series but whether we, believe it or not, it happens too. Pregnancy and childbirth are unique for almost every woman on this planet. Though each mother can relate to the phase of . From the beginning of pregnancy to the pain associated with labor and childbirth.

7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone
Try not to push until you cannot hold it anymore – 7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone

It is best to know what you need to do and not panic when certain situations happen. Here’s a list of emergency procedures to follow if you feel like being one of the few mothers to pop outside the hospital.

Analyze What You Feel And The Situation You Are Into
Believe it or not, the chances of a first-time mother giving birth alone is low. But if you are expecting your second baby, there is a huge possibility that you might give birth to yourself.

The first thing you have to know is to analyze what you feel at the moment. Is the situation to close to giving birth sooner than going to the hospital? Are your labor contractions severe and do you feel like pushing your baby instantly, like any moment from now? Do you think you cannot make it to the hospital with the contraction intervals?

If you are sure that your baby will come out at any moment from now, then stay focus and do not panic. Otherwise, you grab your phone and call 911 immediately.

Calling Immediate Help a.k.a 911
One of the things that you need to remember if you feel like giving birth at home alone is to call 911. They are trained to talk to you while you are giving birth. They will explain to you the basic things to do. Before going into labor, try to unlock or keep the door open so it will be easier for the rescue team to tend to your needs when they arrived.

7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone
Keep yourself comfortable – 7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone

You will need to put your call in the speaker as it will be hard for you to hold the phone during the process. You can also ask the medical team to inform your health care provider of your situation. That way, it will be easier for them to access if there are some pointers to remember.

Try To Be In The Most Comfortable Position As You Can Be
It may be a challenge to think of what or where is the best position to deliver your baby. The truth is, finding the best and most comfortable position for you is important. If you are thinking of delivering your baby at the bathtub, that won’t really be as comfortable as you think it is.

Best to lie down in a comfortable space. If you are worried about creating a mess, which you should not really be thinking, best to get a shower curtain and lay it on the floor with clean towels. Find towels that are big enough to cover your baby so she will feel warmer until the rescue team arrives.

Stock up some pillows to support your back and it would be easier for you to grab your baby after delivery. Don’t forget to grab a pack of baby wipes and wash your hands and vagina. If you can try to get a bucket of warm water next to you will really help. Remember to keep yourself as comfortable as you can be.

For example, you feel like giving birth when you are in a public place like the supermarket. The first is to focus and follow the instructions you have above. If you can try to make sure that someone will be able to assist you and grab your baby when your baby is out would really be a great help.

Keep Your Focus And Stay Calm
Remember that every woman in the world who has their baby has experienced this. That enough said and done is, it is a normal thing for mothers. Do not stress yourself with negative thoughts of how your baby might be delivered.

Remember that your baby is raging to go out at any moment. It is also a clear indication that she is in the right position and good to go. Don’t think about all the what if’s at the moment and stay positive. You will make it and your baby will be safe.

Do Not Push Yet, Wait Until You Cannot Hold It Anymore

7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone
Be sure of what you feel – 7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone

Remember step one? Recap. Stay calm and focus. Don’t push and push but try to hold it as long you can. Too painful, try to work on your breathing like what you have learned in your birth class. Panting will help you feel better and stop you from feeling the urge to push your baby out.

On the other side, if your baby is really ready to go out, support her and guide her out slowly. Never pull your baby. She will go out slowly and best to hold her head so she will not go out fast. If you find the umbilical cord on your baby’s neck, try to hook your finger in it and loosen it out slowly.

When you have secured your baby’s head, you can slowly do gentle push until her shoulder and the whole body is out.

Here’s What You Need To Do When Your Baby Is Out
Now is the time to be extra focus and calm, you just delivered your baby. Such an amazing moment. Wrap your baby in one of your big towels and put her in your chest or belly. Best to initiate a skin-to-skin contact for your baby to calm and keep her warm.

Help your baby drain the rest of the amniotic fluid to help her breathe. Do this by wiping your baby’s nose and mouth. Don’t forget to clean the corner and sides of your baby’s eyes. Make sure this is going down into the nostrils.

Keep your baby’s head lower than his feet. Rub the sides of the back of your baby’s rib cages with firm pressure up and down. This can best be done like you are cleaning your hair. Do this until your baby starts breathing.

7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone
Think clearly and focus – 7 Important Things To Do If You Give Birth Alone

In case your baby is not breathing, clean her mouth and nose. Clear anything out from her mouth with your finger. Give your baby two gentle puffs of air quickly to the mouth and nose.

Guide and help your baby to your nipple when she is calmly breathing. Stimulate breastfeeding at this moment. This will help your body release more oxytocin to help you deliver the placenta. This may happen in between thirty minutes after your childbirth. You might feel stronger pain as you deliver the placenta. Do not worry as this is a natural process.

Never Cut The Umbilical Cord
One of the most important things to do if you give birth alone is to never cut anything. Let the medical team do this process. Remember that the umbilical cord will also save your baby in case she is not breathing yet. It will give enough oxygen to your baby until the rescue team arrives. This will also prevent any possible risk of infection for your baby.

Remember that at least 30% of your little one’s blood is still in the placenta and needs time to be transferred to her fragile body. Let the medical team do the cutting in the safest and sterile way possible.

We do hope that this article about the most important things to do if you give birth alone will help you focus. Keep calm and wait until the emergency medical rescue team arrives to tend to your needs. 

Though there is a slim chance of most mothers giving birth at home, it is still possible with other countries still gathering data about it. These important things to do if you give birth alone is essential and life-saving.


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