Important Pregnancy Precaution To Keep In Mind
Avoid alcohol - Important Pregnancy Precaution To Keep In Mind: Part 1

As a mom-to-be, it is best to know what are the important pregnancy precautions to keep in mind that are both harmful for you and your baby. This will help you ease any worries that might arise as you think of what could possibly affect your baby, even the slightest small food intake that you had last week.

What are the important pregnancy precautions to keep in mind for your baby’s safety? Are there any hazardous substances or food that you need to check for every mean that you put in your mouth? Are these important pregnancy precautions to keep in mind will be adviced to you by your doctor for your prenatal appointments?

There are important pregnancy precautions to keep in mind to know what things to avoid. There are also some things that go minimal and some should be avoided all throughout your pregnancy. You might have heard a few myths and rumors of what is hazardous.

The best way to determine these important pregnancy precautions to keep in mind is to ask your doctor about it. There may be some that you really need to avoid. While some need moderations. But best to know what are all these things for both you and your baby’s well-being.

Keeping The Hazardous Things Off Bay For Your Baby Until 40 Weeks

Once you visit your doctor for your prenatal checkups, your doctor reminds you of the things you need to avoid, reduces and consider during your pregnancy. Remember that all these things that your doctor or any medical practitioner/health care provider will tell you are for the safety and health of both you and your baby.

We keep a list of the most important pregnancy precautions to keep in mind for you and your baby’s well-being and safety. Look at it in the most positive way possible. All these things are not just rumors or some advice so that you can get from someone just to rub their two scents on your face or make you feel uncomfortable.

Important Pregnancy Precaution To Keep In Mind
Quit smoking – : Part 1

Here are the things you need to consider and check with your doctor if you are good to go or need to totally avoid them. Feel free to check them all for you and your baby’s safety or anyone you knew that is expecting a baby. Share this information as it will really help them understand each stage of pregnancy and avoid any hazardous things or events.

Believe it or not, this will depend on your doctor. Though there are some vaccines that are required to be given to a pregnant woman for both the safety of the mother and the baby in her tummy. There are a few safe vaccinations and always confirm this medication to your health care provider.

To keep your peace of mind, there are some vaccines that are safe for the baby and won’t harm your pregnancy. For example, a flu vaccine is considered a safe shot for you even if you are pregnant. Other things to consider are the possible exposure to infections and protect you from any risks that this infection or illness will harm you and your pregnancy.

On the other hand, it is best to get the inactivated type of flu vaccine. This is proven effective and safe both for moms-to-be and their babies in the womb. The nasal spray type of flu vaccine should be prevented by pregnant women. There are some studies and cases that did not help to reduce the risk of getting flu.

Vaccines like Tdap, flu vaccines, rabies, meningitis, and hepatitis B are among the few shots that are safe but it does not necessarily need unless required by your doctor or the situation. Remember that before you get ANY vaccinations, you must ask your doctor or any health provider if this shot is safe for you or if it won’t harm you and your baby.

Caffeine is considered hazardous and must be avoided. Have you heard about substituting apple for your coffee? Maybe you can try that one sooner. There are studies that taking a higher amount of caffeine is linked to miscarriage and other complications during pregnancy.

Keep in mind that coffee is not the only source of caffeine. It can also be present in black and even green tea, soft drinks, and cola. On the other hand, those who are hard coffee drinkers may find it really challenging to avoid coffee at once. You can start reducing the amount of coffee until you can find an alternative to it.

It is not just about your welfare but most especially for your baby’s safety as well. There are some chocolates that have caffeine but only in a small amount. The best part is, you can have chocolate but also in moderation.

One of the things that you must avoid and watch out is your alcohol intake. It does not matter how much or how little you drink. it is best to avoid drinking any alcohol for you and your baby’s sake.

Important Pregnancy Precaution To Keep In Mind
No to secondhand smoking – : Part 1

The alcohol intake can greatly affect your baby’s development of the nervous system. It is also one of the many cases of disabilities like physical, intellectual and behavioral. You might not be aware but the unborn baby gets most of the alcohol amount than the mothers.

If you happen to didn’t know that you are pregnant and might have drunk alcohol, that is acceptable. But refrain from drinking again for the rest of your pregnancy stage.

If you are having trouble quitting or have been an alcoholic, best to inform your doctor about this. You might need help from experts to stop the addiction as it will not be healthy for you and your baby.

Prescription And Over-The-Counter Medicines
Remember that whatever you are taking by mouth should be known to your doctor. OTC and prescribe medicines should be avoided unless was given a go signal by your doctor. Your health provider will give you the list of medicines/vitamins that are safe both for you and your baby.

Do not self-medicate, do not take medicines that you haven’t told your doctor. It may be a simple medicine but it has a great impact on your unborn child. Even harmless, all organic and all-natural herbal medicines are a no-no. They may cause harm to your unborn baby or to the development of your fetus.

Whether you are having a headache or colds, best to ask your doctor about the best remedies without the use of medications during pregnancy. Raise all your queries to your health provider of all the possible medicines that you will take. Their risk and effect on you and your baby. It is better to be cautious than put you and your baby in an unwanted situation.

Recreational Drugs Or Medicines
Best to avoid everything about them, during pregnancy. If you have any cases of getting addicted to those drugs, inform your doctor about it. Ask for help on how you can stop it. These drugs have a higher risk to put your baby in danger or lifetime disabilities.


Important Pregnancy Precaution To Keep In Mind
Avoid caffeine – Important Pregnancy Precaution To Keep In Mind: Part 1

You must quit smoking. One strong reason to do so is your unborn baby. You do not want to teach your baby to smoke, right? And the risk for your baby is higher than you could think of. smoking can also cause miscarriage, prematurity, low birth weight, and even SIDS. Your baby will also have a higher chance of getting respiratory disease or asthma.

Even if you are not smoking, best to avoid people that are smoking. Secondhand smoking is also dangerous for you and your baby. Avoid people who smoke or better yet, encourage them to stop especially if you are around. Or try to remind them to smoke far away from you.

Artificial Sweeteners
The use of synthetic or substitute sugars is best to reduce or avoid. Though aspartame has been approved to be safe for human consumption, it is still best if you will try to avoid it during your pregnancy.

There are some artificial sweeteners that have found to have ingredients like saccharin which may cause cancer. best to avoid any substitute sugar for the moment during your pregnancy.

Hair Colors/Dyes
Regardless of what your doctor has said to avoid coloring your hair. There is no proven effect on your baby whether you color your hair or not. It is completely safe for you and your baby. It is a piece of great news to at least manage hair colors as everything around your body and world is changing without your control.

Every pregnant mother will surely love this part! So go and choose what hair color you like this month! Embrace the beauty of .

Traveling Through Plane
This depends on when is your due date. But flying is completely safe for pregnant women unless told by your doctor. Even if you have plans of flying this month, best to let your doctor check you up for go signal. The airport crew might need a medical certificate from your OB if you really are safe to fly.

Otherwise, when your due date is near, best to cancel those travel plans and reschedule them after delivery or when the baby is ready to take over the world with you.

Okay, let’s stopover here and have this be absorbed by you for the moment. We will still discuss more pregnancy precautions. Hope you will with us. Do you have any concerns? Why not jot them down on the comment box?


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