Throw your kids party at the park to remember with lots of fun, good healthy foods and energetic games. With a few party supplies and some ingenuity, have a blast on an afternoon’s worth of birthday party games that will have guests chuckling until the party’s end.

An early event planning will help you decide on what kind of party you will offer. If the big day of your child falls in summer, it is best to have an outdoor party. If it falls on a wet season or a gloomy day, then the option is to celebrate indoors. So, what are the outdoor and indoor kids’ party all about? Indoor parties are confined in your home, in a restaurant or in a hotel while outdoor party obviously is a celebration either at the backyard, camping site, or at the park.

What Ideas do you have for a kids party at the park?

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Party set up in the park

A neighboring park is the best location for a kids party during the dry season. Having a party at the neighboring park means celebrating your child’s party close to your home, you can save time in transporting some party stuff. Having a birthday party at a park means there is plenty of room for your guests and that there is built-in entertainment for kids with the playground equipment. Having a kids’ party at the park is a real cost saver and a budget-friendly option to celebrate your child’s birthday with loads of fun and even with a little planning, easy to pull-off.

There are some things to consider before the party. You have to make sure that the park is shaded with trees most especially during the summer season’s party. The open space will allow you to plan a variety of games and activities without space restrictions. The park should be big enough to accommodate all the kids at the party but not so big that you cannot see where your kids are at all times. It would be best if the park has a fence with locks. A few other things to consider is: Does it have tables you can use? Are there bathrooms with sufficient water supply?

Great Ideas for a Kids Party at the Park 2
Strawberry loot bags for the kids

Special events permit. Mostly public parks requires a special events permit. Secure one so as not to jeopardize the occasion. You can browse over the internet to seek help or you can directly approach your local government for this matter. Check if you will need to reserve any special areas of the park that you plan to use. Special areas of the park such as covered pavilions, barbeque pits or grills, and tables with benches. Usually, public parks do not require reservation fee. All you have to do is secure a special events permit.

Prepare a back-up plan if the need arises.  Since you are having an outdoor party, you should check on the long-term weather forecast for your area. You can never rely on the big day being sunny and dry. Summer, late spring and early fall are the most logical choices for an outdoor celebration. But there is always a chance that rain, wind, unusually cold temperature or other weather conditions will get in the way of the party no matter what the season. Weather problems usually pop-up at the last minute which gives you no time to prepare. Have a back-up location in mind to account for the potential bad weather. Please do not forget to include in your invitation the back-up location or call each guest if the change of location is made.

Food for the hungry giants at the park

 The menu for a kids’ party at the park depends on the facilities available. Usually many parks have facilities such as grills which allows you to roast a variety of meals such as hotdogs, hamburger or chicken. These foods are easy to prepare and eat in a park setting. You can have alternative options for bringing foods which do not require much of cooking at the park. Prepare them at home, dishes such as cold meat sandwiches, chicken salad or cold fried chicken. You can also include pasta salad, potato salad, chips, fresh fruits, vegetables and other snacks. Just bring an ice cooler for your cold drinks and any cold items so they will not spoil. But if you choose an easy and simple menu, finger food is the easiest to supply and the easiest for busy parents to grab and eat with one hand. Serving cupcakes instead of a cake removes the need for utensils. 

Great Ideas for a Kids Party at the Park 3

Set up a tent at the party that kids can enjoy Decorating the park for the big day. Compared to other venues, celebrating your party at the park requires less decorations. A plastic banner creates a simple party decoration. Attach balloons to the picnic tables and benches of the park to dress up the area. Turn the food into decorations with cute cupcake toppers (which can also be stuck into other food, like fruit). Gift bags also add color and festivity to the area, as do little stuffed animals placed on the table, which can be a take-home party favor for your guests. Streamers also will look good on the sides of the picnic tables. Disposable tablecloths in bright colors dress up table tops. However, streamers often will blow down in the slightest of winds and table cloths need to be weighted to keep them in place. Use rocks and decorative bags to keep items that might blow away such as paper plates, paper cups, table napkins, tablecloths.You can also purchase tablecloth clips to keep them from blowing away.

How to transport to and from the party.  It would be best if you were able to reserve your neighboring public park. You then can get creative in transporting your party supplies. Just load up your stroller with the party goods. Your child can be put in a carrier if they are not old enough to walk the distance on their own.

Another idea is to bring some fun things for the kids to play at the park. Settle for inexpensive crafts to bring for the kids to keep themselves occupied at the park to save parents from chasing them around the whole time. If there is a sand box, bring a few buckets and shovels. At the end of the party, give these items to the kids who enjoyed those most. They will be too excited to take them home and you will have less stuff to cart back home. 

Party at the park is going to be a great blast, let the games begin!

When we say it is an outdoor party, expect it to be wild and energetic. There are a lot of outdoor kids’ party games to choose from, with minimal supplies needed. The playground equipment at the park will keep many of the kids busy during the party. Organized games will add up to the entertainment. Large group games such as tag and relay races will work well. If the park has an open field free of electrical power lines, kite flying is one great game. Give each child an inexpensive kite as party favor that they can use during the party and take home after. Other choices of games that may suit all ages are: Prisoner,Head or Catch, Hen and Chicks, Wolf’s Dinner, Windows and Doors, Red Rover, Capture the Flag, Tails or Heads, Group Tag, Red Light/Green Light, Potato Sack Relay and Duck, Duck, Goose,are only among the many conventional outdoor games that you can choose from. Be sure to prepare gifts or prizes for the winners, and a loot bag for the non-participants as well.


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