How To Tell If You Are Already In Labor
Signs of active labor - How To Tell If You Are Already In Labor In 4 Easy Signs

It may be one of the many confusion on with the contractions that you feel when your delivery date is soon. But the good thing is, there are right symptoms to easily and safely say when and base on these signs.

What are the helpful signs to really say that you are on active labor? Can you distinguish the difference between active and false labor base on the pain that you are experiencing? How to tell if you already in labor and what signs to look forward?

With These Signs

It may be hard at times on how to tell if you are already in labor with the pain associated with childbirth. With the contractions that you will experience especially if you are almost near your delivery date. Luckily, you can still determine which one is active labor from false labor.

The pain that you have during pregnancy can be best said as false labor. This usually happens during your pregnancy. However, if your delivery date is almost near, then best to check properly to know if it is still false labor or active labor.

The belly contractions and tightening are also another way on how to tell if you are already in labor. If you feel this type of pain and tightening from 30 to 60 seconds, it may be a sign that you are going active labor already.

The Braxton Hicks is another term for false labor which you might experience throughout your pregnancy. However, this pain and contractions will also be associated with active labor especially if you are near your delivery date.

Now, the best way on how to tell if you are already in labor is the right signs. These signs will help you and your baby prepare for the big day. On the other hand, if you are in doubt about the difference between false and active labor, the best thing to do is asked your medical practitioner about it.

Helpful Signs To Distinguish If You Are In An Active Labor Or Not

How To Tell If You Are Already In Labor
Determine active labor and false labor – How To Tell If You Are Already In Labor In 4 Easy Signs

Determining the right signs of labor will help you know when you are ready for childbirth. Now let’s breakdown these signs
to help you decide properly whether you need to go to the hospital or just a false alarm.

Here’s a bunch of helpful signs for expecting moms out there;

1. If you feel like a sudden gush of water or fluid-like you urinate then it’s a great sign that your water just broke.

Best to head over to the nearest hospital and call your doctor immediately. It is not safe to be in dry labor as it is risky both for you and your baby.

Your water bag may break and you might not even notice it times. If you also feel a steady like a tickle, then it could also be a sign of active labor.

2. If you feel a strong pain in your lower back, it is also a sign that you are in active labor. The kind of pain that is extremely different from normal type of back pain.

Though you can feel common backache during pregnancy, getting to active labor is different.

3. The pressure that you will feel on your pelvic like your baby is coming out of your vagina. This can also feel like your baby is pushing herself out.

4. The continuous contractions that you feel can happen at least around four times in an hour or more. If your belly is tightening with less time interval, then it is safe to say that you are under active labor.

You can also try to tract the time interval between 25 minutes or less, then if it repeats between 15 minutes and then down to ten minutes and less than five. That is also a sign that you’re almost ready for childbirth. These contractions even become stronger and the pain gets severe.

How To Tell If You Are Already In Labor
Sudden severe pain and contractions – How To Tell If You Are Already In Labor In 4 Easy Signs

Though you do not need to wait for all these signs to happen to tell that you are already in labor. It is your body and you will know if you are going to give birth. Trust your instinct and focus. Train yourself to not panic when this time happens as it will save you time and a clear mind.

On the other hand, determining false labor is essential as well. So here are the things that we can say is part of that category;

1. If you are feeling pain on your lower back but is not consistent and goes when you change position or do something. For example, if you are walking or lying down and you felt pain, but goes when you change position or stop walking.

The time interval is longer than four times in an hour and not as regular as the above signs. The contractions are not as severe and do not get painful.

It is all about knowing and understanding your body more than ever. If you feel and think that you are on active labor, then best to call your doctor.

There are also certain situations that you also need to be vigilant with your pregnancy. As you must always think not just for you but for the welfare of your baby.

Best to head over to the ER when you have the signs of active labor where in your tummy is less than 37 weeks preggy. If you do not feel any movement from your baby in this period. If the interval of your contractions is less than five minutes from the last one.

Another thing is if you see that you are already bleeding. having difficulty breathing and you can feel a sudden pain in your lower back that becomes severe as minute pass by. This also may affect your vision and you might also feel sore and swelling.

Dealing With Pain Associated With Childbirth

How To Tell If You Are Already In Labor
Bleeding and continuous contractions – How To Tell If You Are Already In Labor In 4 Easy Signs

There are many ways on how you can deal with pain and contraction during active labor. There are a lot of ways on how you can strengthen your stamina and endurance to pain. You can train your mind to focus not on the pain and try to distract yourself from it. This will lessen the pain that you will encounter and have a clear mind to focus on what is happening.

It is also a great way to think of yourself and the welfare of your baby during this time. There is a helpful suggestion for pregnant women on how to deal with pain during labor and delivery. There are also classes specially designed for these situations and for mothers who are on the delivery process.

It needs the right amount of knowledge to help you decide and deal with this stage of . You can even ask your doctor for recommendations. Do not overdo any exercise before delivery and always follow what your doctor has told you.

Best to keep a light and positive outlook towards delivery and giving birth. Avoid getting stress into something and avoid negativity during the process. Remember that this will not help you have better childbirth if you think negative thoughts.

Visualize the goof things like you and your baby together in a nice a relaxing scene. That way, the delivery, and childbirth will all go well. Best to know how to deal with this pain. Know how to tell if you are already in labor and focus. You can do it. You are wonderful! Remember that.


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