How To Poison Proof Your Home
Keep all medications away from kids - How To Poison Proof Your Home: 6 Ways

Aside from childproofing, parents should be more vigilant on for baby’s safety and everyone. There are a serious number of cases of poisoning which happens inside your home. That is why it is best to know for your little one’s safety.

What are the factors to consider on especially if you have a little explorer around? What are the things as parents should know to avoid any life-threating incidents? What should you do too if unwanted things happen like this with your baby and how should you respond?

How To Poison Proof Your Home

On a recent study and records, most poisoning happens in the home alone. This includes babies getting to eat hazardous substances within their reach. This can be avoided if everyone around will be vigilant. Childproofing is not just about locking the kitchen cabinets and putting bumpers on the table’s sharp edges.

There is more to baby proofing than that. All of us parents must know how to poison proof your home in the easiest way possible. With fatal casualties that most are babies or tots, we can try to avoid that. We must equip the right knowledge on how and what to do if unwanted scenarios happen to our kids.

How To Poison Proof Your Home
Kids playing with hazardous substance – How To Poison Proof Your Home: 6 Ways

Those babies and kids that are under 5 years old are the ones who get poison by eating medicines that are not safely kept. It is sad but we must, and everyone in the house must participate as well. Proper handling, storing, and keeping of hazardous substances is a must.

These hazardous substances include medications that are both prescribe and over the counter. Cleaning chemicals that are risky for baby to touch and put in their mouth too. Alcohols and other drugs that will seriously harm a kids health must be out within reach. Lock in the back of the top covers and everyone must give attention to the surroundings.

There are a lot of ways on how to poison proof your home. It is about dedication and attention, both for parents, caregivers, and family members. we must be careful about everything, especially with the handling of all the said hazardous chemicals and medications.

Accidents do happen and we must also equip ourselves with the right knowledge and first aid. This will somehow pay time before we rush to the nearest emergency or hospital. getting the right help and knowing when to ask is also essential in saving a life. There are also hotlines that you can call who will attend to all your queries.

Factors To Consider On How To Effectively Baby Proof Your Home

What are the factors that you need to keep in mind on how to poison proof your home? It is not all about those expensive childproofing tools alone. It is all about keeping a safe home not just for yourself, your baby or any member of the family. Having a safe home is both beneficial for you and the people around you. Including visitors and friends coming over.

There are a lot of factors to consider on how to poison proof your home. One must keep all pesticides off the house, but not close to any kind of stranger in the community. You must set safety and locked —child won’t be able to open— place or covers.

How To Poison Proof Your Home
Store cleaning products away from child’s reach – How To Poison Proof Your Home: 6 Ways

You cannot prevent your child from exploring. That is true especially when they are already walking and getting all curious with everything. But do not let your worries hinder your child’s development as well. So how to poison proof your home and make it a safe and fun place to be?

It is a keen and observant eye to keep everything that might harm your baby out of the bay. Whether these are home cleaning products, medications, personal care, vitamins, pesticide, and many more. These all can harm your baby. But you can avoid that. Here are a few tips and advice to keep them off your baby’s sight.

Everything You Need to Know And Avoid To Keep Your Baby Safe As He Explore

When your bay starts exploring, that also means putting everything in his mouth. truth be told but everything that those little hands get hold will go straight to their mouth. They don’t have the slightest idea that those things will harm them. Seriously.

So here are a few tips on how to poison proof your home for your tot’s safety.

  •  Keep all medicines, personal care, vitamins, pesticides, cleaning materials, prescription or over the counter medications, alcohol, drugs, etc, out of reach and sight of children and babies.
  •  Make sure they are stored in a well-locked cover or cabinet that cannot easily be opened by a baby or kid. If you will need to lock it, keep the keys high enough that only you or adults can reach.
  •  Schedule a cleaning time when your baby is not busy roaming around. Eg. when they are having naps or someone, adult, is looking after your baby.
  •  Keep your personal care or beauty products out of reach. You can store them in the bathroom. Make sure your baby won’t go there without supervision.
  •  Learn how to treat or give first aids for accidental inducing of poison. This will save your baby or anyone from serious cases.
  •  Keep the hotline number on your phone or visible to you. That way you can easily give a ring or seek help immediately.

What Are The Signs Of Poisoning For Toddler And Kids And When To Seek Medical Help

How To Poison Proof Your Home
Poisoning in the house – How To Poison Proof Your Home: 6 Ways

The best way to combat any unwanted incidents to get the right knowledge to it. It can really be daunting to know that kids might harm themselves unintentionally. They do not even know something will seriously harm them.

That is why a complete watch and attention is needed for toddlers that are exploring around the house. The fact that most poisonings happen inside your precious home. It is acquiring the right knowledge that you can prevent any serious harm from happening.

In case you have a suspicious theory or you have seen your little one getting in trouble. Best to call this hotline: 800-222-1222 this is the American Association of Poison Control which is open 24/7.

Here are the possible signs of poisoning, please give extra attention to your babies, toddlers, and kids always.

If you have seen your baby put into their mouth unwanted hazardous substances or medications. Alcohol or drugs, cleaning chemicals, personal care products, pesticides, etc.

If you can smell unnecessary odor into your baby or toddlers mouth or when they breathe. Any chemical smell on their clothes or you can smell this in the air too. That means your baby might have in contact with these chemicals or ingredients.

If you see any stains or spills of chemicals near your baby’s clothes, into her skin or even on the floor. To be safe, better let your baby check immediately.

If your baby feels dizzy or having headaches, muscle twitching, and even seizures.

If your baby suddenly becomes weak, tingling sensation or a sudden change on his or her behavior.

If your baby or toddler becomes drowsy, drooling nonstop and seems really heavy and it is not normal.

If your baby vomits, sweating heavily and disoriented. If you find your little one having difficulty breathing, having a rapid heartbeat and sudden thirst.

There are also a lot of symptoms but don’t wait for it to be severe. Rush to the nearest hospital to give the right help for your baby. Poisoning is a serious incident that can also lead to death if left untreated immediately.


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