What is the point of throwing a party for your kid if it must not be filled with fun, joy and excitement? Mind you, this task is never easy as always, there are a lot of things to do and not to do. Things to consider less and things to prioritize most on how to Organize a Kiddie Party. Especially if you want to have something great, the best one ever, the most memorable one to celebrate the special day of your child.

Kids most often get bored and fidgety as they always expect something extraordinary when it comes to “fun”. As parents, all we want is to do whatever will make our child happy most especially on his special day. Our main goal is to make the party enjoyable. Questions popping up like how to make my child’s party a blast, and a fabulous one? All these you can achieve through an organized party. There is some simple procedure you can follow on how to organize a party for your kid.

Easy Steps on How to Organize a Kiddie Party

The Planning Phase

organize a kiddie party
Cute unicorn themed balloon

The planning stage is on the top of the list as this is essential in the process of organize your kiddie party. And the most perfect time to plan for your kid’s party is six months ahead of the target date of the event. Planning ahead is more advantageous in order to come up with better results. Such as you can search as early for cheaper suppliers for your party needs. Planning the party ahead of time will give you a chance to reach your targeted budget. Also, early planning can give you the chance to notify and invite your friends and relatives to your kid’s party so that they too can fix their schedules ahead of time.


It is most important that you ask the celebrator and listens to what he suggests or what he wants for his party. After all, it is his special day. So the theme of the party will be his choice. You would not like to see a grouchy celebrant on that big day, right? If he wants a jungle party, so be it! For the girly-girly celebrator, as if she wants a princess party, so let it be! One thing you have to take note is to keenly observe your child, know his favorite sports, favorite TV program, favorite toys and games. In that way, you can clearly associate what theme of the party will suit your child.

 Your Guestlist

According to your budget, will you be having a large or small crowd? Will you be inviting the whole neighbourhood? Or will you limit your guests and invite only his classmates? If you invite his classmates, of course, that will include parents or guardians as needed. But how about your friends and their kids? Will they fit in the budget too?  With this, you also have to consider the celebrator’s comfort crowd. He might not be comfortable with new faces, which will only ruin his big day. Again, you should include your child in deciding who to invite to his party.

 Venue or Location

organize a kiddie party
To organize a kiddie party set up simple themed venue decorations

Choose a location and plan for whatever will be best so that the celebrator and the guest will feel comfortable and be very happy. Remember that the venue gives character to your kid’s party. The many months of advance planning will enable you to look for a cheaper venue that will fit-in the theme of your kid’s party. If you are lucky enough you can come up with a venue that no longer needs extravagant and lavish party decors because the location itself has exterior or lawn which is naturally all set with fresh flowers and ornamental plants as a backdrop.

All you need is to set up some balloons and match your paper plates, party hats, paper cups, birthday cake and party favors with the party’s theme. But there is one great idea I would like to share. Let know that the most practical and most affordable venue would be your home. Next option is your kid’s classroom. See, it’s stress-free, cheaper and personalized.

Food for the champs

Find a caterer, order some foods, cook your family’s favorite dish again, this will depend on your prepared budget. An assisted buffet or a sit down meal, whatever you will decide on, just remember to keep it simple! Offer up food that will tickle the palate of your guests, both parents and kids. Prepare food that is the favorite dish of your child. If your tuna sandwich or peanut butter sandwich is one favorite snack of your child, then do not forget to include this in your menu list.

Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables is a must. Please serve this in your kid’s party. Pizza, ice cream, cupcakes, chocolate fountain and more, our kids’ lifetime favorite.  Let them enjoy all of those foods mentioned in your kid’s party. Just be conscious of the ingredients because some kids may have some food intolerance and allergic reactions.

A cake is life!

organize a kiddie party
Organize a kiddie party set up a fruity themed party cake

The focal point to organize a kiddie party is when the celebrator stands in front of his cake and blow the candles as the guests sing cheerfully a happy birthday song. I cannot just imagine how big your smiles are, how loud your heart beats, as it is flooded with happiness seeing your kid grinning from ear to ear and beaming with pride and joy. Of course, he is the star of the show. It is his special day!

The design of the cake must be related to the . If you wish to bake the cake yourself, you can buy cake decor in nearby grocery or party shops. To make it easier for you, there is a lot of cake design and cake decor you can choose from. A simple google search and whoa! Just one click and your problem are solved, you get what you want.

 The Bigtime Show

Set up structured activities that will mark the special event of your child. Activities to involve parent and child will also add color to the party. A photo booth for the adults to have a great time, bubble wands and arty craft materials to keep the kids busy and entertained. You can also include the kids in making the diy party favors of their choice. Spread all educational stuff on the floor and allow them to pick one or two of their choice. They have been entertained, and at the same time elated for they get to bring home the party favor they really wanted.

Organize a kiddie party you must always remember that every detail is essential. You have to put a hundred percent of your time and attention to the minute details with all possible aspects and know how important they are to the entire event. The party may be as simple or complicated as you want them to be. But it all depends on how you organize a kiddie party and the time frame you allocate in the planning and preparation, that matters most. As long as the focal point is how you make your kid so elated and would feel like a king on top of the world on his special day.


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