How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath
How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath

A new mother there are many things that are new to you, especially with all the things that you will experience after delivery and taking advantage of the different tips for a new mother, especially on how to bathe a baby will definitely help you get along in establishing a new routine with this new stage of your life. You will need to take care of yourself more than ever to make sure that you can properly take care of your newborn as well and learning different things at the time will help you enjoy the new journey towards .

What are the things to consider on how to bathe a baby properly especially if you are a new mother? How many times does a newborn need to be taken a bath for a week? What are the materials or things you need to prepare for an enjoyable first-time real baby bath?

Tips For A New Mother On How To Bathe A Baby

How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath
How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath

If you are a first-time mother and you don’t know how to bathe a baby yet, then these tricks will definitely help you get along for the first real baby bath of your newborn. There are just some things to consider especially for the first time bath of your newborn and when you need to do that. Remember that as much as you newborn have delicate and a very fragile immune system that you need to take care of for them not to get sick or catch a cold.

However, you can definitely avoid that if you will follow the right tips on how to bathe a baby properly especially newborns.

How To Bathe A Baby Properly

One of the dynamic and excellent experiences as a new mother is on how to bathe a baby or a newborn the first time after delivery. A sponge bath or swaddle bathing for a newborn is different from the real baby bath that you will do for your baby after the umbilical cord stump falls off. Real bath for newborn babies will take place when their umbilical cord falls off and that is between two to three weeks after you gave birth.

During this time you will only be sponge bathing or swaddle bathing your newborn to 2-3 times a week or as your doctor prescribes. So the first thing you have to do is prepare all the necessary things that you will use for the sponge bathing or swaddle bathing for your newborn. There are different ways on how to bathe a baby especially newborn either you do it by sponge bathing or swaddle bathing.

How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath
How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath

Prepare first the following:

  • Baby oil. Check for the brand that best suits your preference and with the sensitivity level that is appropriate for newborns or babies. You can start talking to your baby and explaining what will happen while you are massaging their body with some baby oil for them to relax and be ready for your sponge or swaddle bathing.
  • Baby Tub. Make sure that the right temperature for the water in your baby is appropriate for your newborn.
  • Baby Towel. Find a soft towel that has a hoodie on it to cover the baby’s head after their bath.
  • Washcloth. Find an organic or soft washcloth that will not scratch your baby’s delicate skin
  • Round or square cotton to clean the umbilical cord and the area around it.
  • A sensitive wash or cleaner that is preferably from head to toe that will match your baby’s delicate skin.
  • Change of clothes and diaper. Make sure that you prepared everything especially the dry clean clothes of your newborn and diaper after their bath to avoid getting them totally exposed with cold air or open air, especially during the winter.

You can also adjust the temperature of the room and make it a bit warmer especially if you are taking your baby for bath time. That way your baby will not be shocked with the sudden changes of temperature especially if they are after or from the water to getting dressed afterward. One of the key factors on how to bathe a baby Is to make sure that they are comfortable not just during bath time but especially after bath to avoid them from getting sick and catching cold.

How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath
How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath

Bathtime for baby is a wonderful experience and a bonding moment for you as a new mother and for your newborn to further understand each other and strengthen the bond between you and your baby.

Step-by-step swaddle bathing for newborn babies

Once you prepare all the materials that you will need for swaddle bathing, then let’s start to clean your baby. You can also ask for help if you are quite scared for the first time to clean your baby or just to know how things will work out properly with someone who is experienced enough with handling newborns or how to bathe a baby properly.

Prepare your little one to take a bath by simply massaging or applying thin layers of baby oil all over her body to keep her from catching a cold. You can also massage the oil on your baby’s body. Once your baby is ready then you can start undressing him or her while leaving the diaper. Afterward, you can swaddle your baby with a soft blanket or swaddle cloth.

Always support your baby’s head, neck, and back when you are swaddle bathing. Start off by cleaning your newborn’s eyes and face by gently wiping them with a soft cloth or square cotton that is dampened in warm water. Remember that you have to always clean the eyes from the inside going outward and not clean the eye itself especially if there are no hard and mucus on the corner of your newborn’s eyes.

How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath
How To Bathe A Baby: Swaddle Bath

You can start off cleaning your baby’s face with a washcloth from the middle going outward. You have to be quicker when cleansing your baby’s face with just plain water. Cleaning their nose, ears, mouth, tongue, and especially the chin and the neck. Once you are done cleaning all these areas of her face then you can pat them dry. Make sure that there is no water going inside the ear or nose and must always be dry.

Once you are done with the face then you can start cleaning her body with a gentle cleanser. Always remember to keep the baby’s head covered with the hood or a clean towel to avoid catching a cold. You can stop removing the swaddling cloth on your baby and her/his diaper and start washing her/his body. Wash your baby’s body from neck to waist and once you are done you have to wrap her up and pat dry to make sure that she stays warm after and work on the lower part of her or his body including the legs and feet to toes. Always state attention on the creases of your baby and make sure that you are drying them properly to avoid any possible irritation.

Lastly, you can wash the diaper area with a clean warm or lukewarm water properly. Wash the genital areas properly from front to back for girls and if it’s a boy you can also wash it from front to back and avoid rubbing For pulling the foreskin.

If you were wondering on how you can clean the umbilical cord area than you have addressed your baby first and put the diaper and some warm clothes to avoid catching a cold and later on you can start cleaning with the umbilical cord area especially if it did not fall off yet.

It is ideal to always clean the umbilical cord area every diaper change or all the time to make it heal faster and fall off easily. And remember to always keep it dry.

Once you are done cleaning the umbilical cord and properly dressed your baby then you can wrap her again on another blanket and keep her close to you to keep them warm.

The key secret to doing all these things especially if you are a new mother to your newborn is to just enjoy every moment and moment and take it one step at a time. You don’t need to know everything at hand but you have to learn them with your little one step at a time each day until you set up a routine for both of you on how you both can take care of yourself and your newborn.


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