Organizing a kid’s birthday party can be stressful. Hiring an event organizer can answer so many questions popping up in your mind. One primary question is, what program we can set for our kid’s party. The event organizer or rather known as an event planner is a vital tool in helping you cope up with stress and eventually bring your vision to life – and all you have to do is sit back, have fun and enjoy the day with your child and his guests!

Gone are the days of scavengers’ hunt, musical chairs and pass the box. Today, kids are looking into bigger and better ways to be thrilled as they celebrate their new age.  Do not just settle for the same old balloons and birthday cake to celebrate your kids’ big event this year. Initiate the move to search over the internet to guide you to the biggest and upcoming kids’ party trends. And to give you some ideas as to what are the best kids party deals for 2019.

From a birthday bash featuring favorites like Frozen to a hands-on experience with reptiles galore, these hip ideas are sure to make those mini-milestones ones you’ll never forget and wish to yourself you were a kid again! Although 2018 brings about a new set of cool party trends, there are also some that are still going strong from last year.

2019 Hot List of Kids Party Deals

Themed Parties – this one never goes out of style….the humble themed birthday party! For the little princess in your life, you cannot go past a unicorn, fairy or mermaid event. For your little prince, a shuttle space party or jungle beast hurrah will do. Go intergalactic and out of this world with totally unique galaxy themed event or embrace the outdoors with a Wild West theme. A cactus piñata will serve better to the theme.

Bright Colors all over! – Kids are obsessed with colors, and what better way to celebrate their next birthday than with splashes of vibrant hues at every angle? Get inspiration from an incorporate colorful garlands, balloon installation and mumbo streamers.

Hot List of Kids Party Deals
Kids are enjoying the movie that they are watching

Glamping – Another big trend we are seeing when it comes to kids’ parties is taking the event outdoors. Weather permitting, you can take advantage of the natural botanic to use as decorations and host a fun al fresco party in your backyard or even at your local park. Don’t have a large backyard? Transform your garage or lounge into the perfect setting – just use your imagination!

Balloons and Streamers and Metallic – Balloons have come a long way since being tied to ribbon and placed on the back of chairs. An overarching balloon installation in the theme’s colours are a fantastic way to bring even more joy to a party. And, it’s even more special if they’re metallic! Team with bunting and garlands to create an impact that screams fun!

Colorful Drip Cakes and Desserts – Cakes and desserts are a great way to bring out a theme or color scheme of a child’s party. Drip cakes are still hugely popular and offer an almost surreal effect. Plus, they taste just as good as they look – if not better! Dream cake and Unicorn Ice-Cream are most popular.

Floral Arranging Birthday Party – Move overpainting parties, here comes the next exciting thing in children’s birthday activities! Provide the kids with a custom floral arranging activity. Each attendee learns how to create a professional floral arrangement and bring it home in a stylish vase or a beautiful flower crown fit for a queen.

Arts and Crafts Party – A few weeks before the party, you pick out a craft project from anything in the store. Because there are literally thousands of options, you can tailor the activities to your child’s interests, whether it’s horses, butterflies, or superheroes. “Duct Tape and Peeler bead projects have been popular lately.

Hot List of Kids Party Deals
Colorful party setting for your hot list of kids party deals

Bounce Party – Partygoers (and at least two staff) play for 45 minutes in each of two private rooms filled with giant inflatable slides, obstacle courses, basketball nets, and more. For an older crowd, you might want to opt for a “cosmic” bounce: The kids get glow-in-the-dark accessories and bounce with the lights off. This is great for parties of mixed age.

Dress-Up Party – You choose from 16 themes — ballerina to trains, space to animal safari — most of which involve either making your own dress-up items (such as fairy wings) or putting on a costume like a pink tutu from the location’s stash. All parties also include gym activity such as freeze dance or an obstacle course relating to the theme.

Mad Scientist – Kids will love being hands-on with this science-themed bash. Hand out lab gowns and safety goggles, drink from beakers and put together experiments like bottle rockets made by dropping method into a litre of cola. This should be done outdoors of course.

Star Wars – This may be decades old but the force is still going strong. Thanks to the movie “The Last Jedi” and its newest generation of rebel fighters. Young Jedi will love this party plan that includes do-it-yourself lightsabers, a droid decorating station, and a piñ to go along.

Unicorns – Who does not love a unicorn? A unicorn theme with a do-it-yourself unicorn head-band to keep the unicorn lovers busy. This is an absolute must for your little guests.

Llamas – If 2016 was the year of the woodland creature and 2017 the year of the flamingo, then 2018 is the year of the llama. There goes the pin the tail of the donkey…now it pins the tail of the llama! This creature has been so popular that every kid would swoon over.

Jurassic World Party – with the Jurassic world hitting the cinemas like crazy, expect to see an above-average number of dinosaur bash on the party circuit next season. Top with a dino obstacle course, dino egg hunt and paper vines.

2019 Hot List of Kids Party Deals 1
Floral arranging party idea

Rainbow Party – Something bright and cheery for the big day! Magical snacks include chocolate dipped pretzels, dipped in rainbow sugar, rainbow lollipops, and rainbow chocolate covered cookies. And the young guests will love adopting their ponies by the party’s end.

Shopkins – For kids onboard the shopkins craze, there is a party filled with adorable food items in your future. Shopkins figurines are all about food… tiny jars of jam, little smiling fudgesicles, adorable ice cream cones and more.

Emoji Party – Emojis makes every kid go crazy. Pin the face on the emoji or feasting on emoji-faced pizza, your kids and you too will have a blast with this one.

On a Pizza Kitchen –Before the restaurant opens on weekends, partygoers gather at a large table to make their own pizzas with any topping they want. Older children, usually ages 8 and up, are given a ball of dough and teach them how to form it into a crust. Younger kids get their dough rolled out and everyone adds sauce and toppings. While the pizza is in the brick oven, mini chefs tour the kitchen.

On the Water World– Staff members lead water games, rafting, and relay races with kickboards for an hour in the indoor pool, which is generally 4 feet deep. Adults are encouraged to go in the pool if they want at no extra cost. Kids can also borrow life jackets. After swimming, it’s off to the party room, which is decked out in one of the ten-plus themes you choose from, including mermaid and monsters.



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