Hosting a kiddie party, much more a kid’s party, I am telling you it is not always easy. You got to have a long leash of patience, a variation of techniques, and a cheerful attitude. Constant research, reading and putting into actual practice will eventually provide you with the skills on how to host a kid’s party.

The host in a should know how to balance the mood of the guests. An advanced study should be made on the characters of each kid. You should know how to inject certain jokes as a starter. Welcome your guests warmly and let them feel the sincerity and warmth of your invitation. Another plus factor is determining what kind of party you are going to throw and planning out the details such as food, beverages, decorations and cake. Also, not to forget the proper party protocol such as the giving out of invitation with ample time enough for an RSVP and the thank you cards with goodie bags at the end of the party.

Phases on Hosting a Kiddie Party

First Phase

Hosting a kiddies party
Hosting a kiddies party with the rainbow-themed idea

Stick to your budget allocation. The budget you prepared for the event will determine the venue of the party, and how much you will be spending on the foods, beverages, , party favors and other supplies. Budget allocation is essential to avoid overspending and feel exhausted even before the party has started.

Pick your location, party venue, date and time. You have to pick a venue wherein everybody will feel comfortable most especially the celebrator. If you decide on hosting a kiddie party at your home, you have to anticipate and be prepared for the responsibility that goes along. Imagine how it will be if there are at least a couple of dozen kids running around your lawn, coming inside through the front door and going out through the kitchen door.

  • as soon as the venue has been decided upon, decide on the date and time as per availability of the venue.
  • because it is a , you have to make it short. Two to three hours is more than enough for a kid.

Your Party Theme. It is typical on hosting a kiddie party with themes, which correlates with the , cake and party favors. It is important to involve your child in choosing or deciding on what party theme you will have.

Guest list and invitations. Your guest list will be determined by the number of people your chosen venue can accommodate. And of course, you also have to bear in mind the budget allocation.

  • Ask your kid as to who he wants to grace his party.
  • Write down the names of your desired guests.
  • Two to Three weeks prior to the said event, send out invitations, printed cards or through social media. Do not forget to attach your contact number for the RSVP.
  • Follow up or call those listed guests who have not RSVP a few days before the party.

Second Phase

Extra hand needed. Remember you cannot single-handedly do this alone. You will need extra help. If it is still within your budget, you can hire professional help. If not, then request some assistance from the family circle and close friends. Cleaning before and after the party will drive you nuts. You will also need assistance during the party. Serving food, attending to the kids and other impromptu errands to come up.

games for kiddie party
Game idea on hosting a kiddie party outdoor

Gather your supplies and equipment earlier. Supplies needed will depend on the theme of your party. A master list of supplies should be on-hand so as not to miss anything. Other than food, cake and beverages, you will need table runners, plates, cups, utensils, which I suggest you use disposable ones.

And other supplies needed are the serving trays, serving dishes, ice box coolers, party hats, party backdrop, art crafts, audio equipment and the balloons. I suggest you go shopping for your supplies a couple of weeks in advance.

Games and entertainment. This will depend on the age bracket of the guests, the theme of the party and the location. The games should be an alternate of high and low energy level. Otherwise, the kids’ adrenaline will all be wasted. If you decide to host the party at your home, you should prepare the music in accordance with the party theme, and never to forget the celebrator’s favorite tunes.

Best food to prepare.If the budget allows it, have your food catered. If not, then choose simple foods that will feed both the kids and their adult companion. Food such as finger foods, pizza roll, chips, chocolate pretzels and lemonade will do. With this kind of simple food, you do not need to purchase utensils, less messy but they are all good and healthy food. Just be aware of food intolerance and allergies on some guests. Be alert of extra guests coming in. So it is better for you to prepare extra.

Lemonade and soda. After all the screaming, jumping and running, the kids will most likely frequent the beverage table, so it is best for you to prepare extra drinks. More paper cups, please!

To save you the hassle of running errand to the nearby grocery store while the party is on-going. Never serve fruit punch with alcohol on your kids. The adult guests can have a cup or two but to be safe, better not serve any alcoholic drinks.

Clearing and decorating. Your pet may not be a friend to other kids. Some kids have asthma or allergic rhinitis and having pets around the house will endanger the health of your guests. Have your fur babies settled at your backyard where kids will not be allowed to go? Or better yet, have your pets settled at your neighbour’s house even only for the duration of the party.

Hosting a kiddie party at your home will cause a lot of work but it is just a matter of time management to enable you to do all these tasks. On the , a backdrop and balloons will simply be enough because the kids will not notice if there will be a grandiose or lavish decoration all over. All they need is enough space, good food, great music to dance and play to their heart’s delight. Speaking of space, it will be best if you re-arrange your furniture to give more space for the kids to move up and about.

Third Phase

Here comes the big day. The final preparation is done. Check on your list if you miss out anything. How about the cameras; have the batteries fully charged.

hosting a kiddie party
Colorful DIY banner is a great idea on hosting a kiddie party

Dress up for the occasion. Choose an attire that suits well to your hosting role. You wouldn’t want to chase small kids with your stiletto on. Just be chic, comfortable and smart with your get-up. Thirty minutes before the party starts, be sure that everything is in its place already.

Give yourself a thirty minute advance time to feel relaxed, then smile. This is to generate good vibes until the end of the party. Exude warm greetings to your guests as soon as they arrive at your doorstep. Let them know and let them feel that you appreciate much and you feel happy because they came over to grace your party.

Have some finger food or nuts, ready on the buffet table for your early bird guests. Talk to your guests and ensure that they will feel comfortable in the duration of the party. As the host, you have to generate the party’s energy. Just keep it going, sustain itself until you will not notice how you yourself enjoyed the party!

Expect the unexpected. In a kid’s party, you have to prepare yourself of unforeseen incidents such as spilled lemonade over the couch, a 4-year-old crying hysterically because she was not able to pick a prize from the bowl, a 5-year-old boy having a bruised knee for stumbling over the doorstep, and so many more.

NO, do not panic. Just stay calm and take it easy. Continue to mingle with your guests, do not focus on the problems because it will be solved. Just have some stain remover ready, your first aid kit on hand, a vacuum within reach, bundles and rolls of paper towels ready and wear that warm smile you had when you welcomed them in before the party started.

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