What are healthy appetizers for kids party?

What is considered to be healthy appetizers can vary from person to person? Healthy appetizers and healthy snacks are becoming all the time more prevalent nowadays, as global awareness about the positive effects of healthy foods and good nutrition can have in our lives.

Healthy Appetizers for Kids Party
Grilled vegetable pizza healthy appetizers for kids party

The reason why most kids love appetizers because of the fact that appetizers come in tiny bite sizes, almost as though they were precisely designed for kids. Appetizers can be a great way to include some vegetables or other healthy ingredients which your kid would then prefer to avoid. I would like to share to you some of the compilation I have made on healthy appetizers that you can serve to your kids’ party.

Start your kiddie party with these easy and healthy appetizers that will surely impress the palate of your guests. Make the food as special as the celebration with these simple, yet creative, healthy appetizers from cheesy meatballs to creamy mozzarella dips:

  •  Caesar Bruschetta – is a finger food appetizer featuring some chopped tomatoes and fresh basil leaves, diced red onion and minced fresh garlic. These fresh and colorful ingredients are tossed with Caesar dressing. A small amount of tomato mixture is scooped onto small slices of toasted bread.
  • Cheese and Sausage Stuffed Mushroom – this is so easy to prepare. And produces bite=sized mushroom appetizers. These tasty stuffed mushrooms are filled with a sautéed mixture of crumbled sweet Italian sausage, minced garlic, diced green onions and diced mushroom stems with some dried Italian herbs and other seasonings.
  • Chicken Koftas – are meatballs made with a mixture of minced chicken, spices and herbs. This is an Indian dish consisting of chicken breasts that are quickly and easily minced together in a food processor with some Indian spices and seasonings. The minced mixture is then formed into meatballs and deep fried in oil. Lime pickle is usually served with this.
  • Chinese Dumplings – a pureed mixture of chicken breast, garlic, green onions, water chestnuts, fresh ginger root and napa cabbage and an egg to hold the mixture together then wrap in wonton wrappers.
  • Roasted Cashew Nuts – flavored roasted nuts are always an easy appetizer, and definitely a big hit because nuts are everybody’s favorite, with its wonderful crispy outer crunch and a delicious sweet and salty flavor all over.
  • Junky and Perky Foods – birthday parties are the best time for kids to rejoice because they have the opportunity to munch on it. Platters of nachos, chicken wings and mini pizzas paired with refreshing drinks for a kids party.
  • Vegetable Pizza – use prepared dough to roll out. Brush with olive oil, add some minced garlic. Be creative with the toppings. A slice of fresh tomatoes, a leaf of basil, and some mozzarella will give a fresh summer taste.

Munchies for Kids. At a child’s party, keep the nibbles minimal and light so that the kids will have plenty of appetites left for the much-awaited birthday cake. When it comes to feeding kids, it is less about which foods you choose and more about how you present them. Kids look at foods such as raw fruits and vegetables a new light when you take the time and cut them into assorted shapes.

Serve appetizers that compliment with the theme of the party. Dip the ends of pretzel sticks in chocolate and then in peanuts to emulate a magical wand for a wizard party. Serve a bowl of animal crackers for a zoo-themed party or “ants on logs”–peanut butter-stuffed celery sticks dotted with raisins–for a creepy bug-themed treat.

6 Healthy Appetizers for your Kids’ Party 

Creole Deviled Eggs

These Louisiana-style deviled eggs are about to be the hit of your next party. Instead of mayonnaise, we fold Greek yogurt and cream cheese into the mashed yolks for a rich, tangy base. Chopped bell pepper, celery, and chives mimic the all-important trinity, and grainy, wonderfully pungent Creole mustard gives the eggs a fantastic kick. Optional (Add Tabasco for heat (the hot sauce is made in the state) Finish each egg with a thin slice of pickled okra—a vinegary, crunchy topper featuring another staple vegetable of Louisiana cuisine.

Muhammara with Crudités

healthy appetizer for kids party
Muhammara dip a healthy appetizer for kids party

If you’re unfamiliar with muhammara, it’s a sweet-spicy Middle Eastern dip made from roasted bell pepper, walnuts, and, traditionally, Aleppo pepper and pomegranate molasses. We subbed in readily available crushed red pepper and honey with delicious results. Think of the dip as a more robust version of a Spanish romesco sauce. Baby lettuce shakes up the usual crudités game; it is beautiful on a platter and offers mild, sweet flavor. Many supermarkets now carry gorgeous varieties, which are worth seeking out. For even more stunning vegetable options, look for elegant radish varieties, such as French breakfast radishes (elongated with white tips) or watermelon radishes (offering brilliant pink color inside).

Smoked Trout with Apple-Horseradish Cream on Potato Pancakes

6 Healthy Appetizers for Kids Party 1
Delicious potato pancake

This will be a blast! A sure fun and tasty twist on a party canapé. In this, the classic potato replaces the usual bread as a base for the flavorful appetizer. Though it may sound like an unusual match, robust, meaty smoked trout and tart, crisp apple work beautifully together. The apple brightening and balancing the taste of the smoky fish. Potato pancakes can be made a day ahead, so there is no stress in the preparation. Just reheat on a sheet pan in the oven shortly before serving. Look for packages of smoked trout at the seafood counter, flake leftovers and use in omelettes or frittatas.

Crab Crostini

6 Healthy Appetizers for Kids Party 2
Crab crostini for your kids party

A tasty and colourful appetizer that will add a touch of elegance to your kids’ party or any social event. This crab appetizer recipe features mini slices of bread topped with a light and delicious flaky crab mixture made with red bell pepper, chives, parsley, mustard, parmesan cheese, mayonnaise and some freshly squeezed lime juice. Please omit the hot pepper sauce, the kids will surely not like it. Easy to prepare a healthy appetizer, just slice, top and broil.

Crispy Crab Wonton with Avocado Crème

6 Healthy Appetizers for Kids Party 3
Crab wonton

This crab wonton recipe features crispy fried wontons topped with a light and tangy crab salad topped with melted cheddar cheese. With this, avocado crème is served on the side as a garnish. The avocado crème is made with avocado, lemon juice and a small amount of heavy cream. This is an appetizer but can be served for lunch, brunch or dinner as a light main course.

Fresh Herb Yogurt Dip

A light and healthy dip that tastes fabulous with an assortment of vegetables. It is made of yogurt, fresh dill, fresh parsley, lemon juice and lemon zest along with some honey and mustard, giving it a sweet and tangy flavor boost. Fresh herb yogurt dip can match with baby carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes. But you can opt for additional fresh vegetables to the mix.

Before this article ends, there are some important tips I would like to share for you to think about. In planning your kid’s birthday party, there are a lot of things you have to consider. First, you have to make sure that you will be offering your guests nothing but healthy foods, to include the appetizers. You must also think about the party’s venue and the climate before deciding on your appetizer menu. If limited or no seating is available, stay away from dishes that require many utensils and serve only foods that will stand up to the heat or weather condition as the case may be.

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