You have to check out these must-try . Break the stereotype of the previous themes that go over and over again. This article will help you organize a one of a kind yet fun and interactive year-end party for everyone.

What are the must-try for this year? How can you change the typical party and make it extra special to show appreciation for the whole team? Are there important factors to think about when choosing for the must-try ?

Must-Try Fun And Easy Christmas Party Themes For 2019

The holiday is fast approaching, in just a blink of the eye, it will soon be there. Do you have new plans for your office Christmas party? What theme do you have in mind this year? Or don’t tell me you will use those same old props and banners you’ve been using for ages?

Cut the traditional theme and try something new. If nobody has ever told you yet, those previous themes that you have been doing in repeat mode, they become boring and dull. Why not check out these must-try fun and easy office Christmas party themes for 2019.

2019 Fun And Easy Office Christmas Party Themes
a winter wonderland themed Christmas party

You might just have some great ideas by browsing some of our themes below! You can even alter some and make your own office Christmas party theme this year. Check them out now.

Why Do You Need To Change Your Christmas Party Theme Yearly?

Before dusting or throwing those Christmas party decors, best to think if you will still need them or not. And why do you need to think of a new theme for your next office Christmas party?

A year-end party about exchanging gifts, giving or receiving gifts is what you always think when it comes to the office Christmas party. However, this is also a great way to thank everyone who plays an important part of the team.

It is by your employees that your business grows. And trust me when I say that if your team is happy, you’ll gonna have a prosperous new year. A well-appreciated employee works better, the same as with the team.

So the before dusting off that same old banners and decors for your next office party, better add extra effort about the theme too. Well, Christmas party planning is totally a different road to talk about.

Today we will give you great new ideas for some of the must-try fun and easy office Christmas party themes.

2019 Must-Try Fun And Easy Office Christmas Party Themes

Masquerade Ball Christmas Party Theme

2019 Fun And Easy Office Christmas Party Themes
Christmas party themes and easy ideas

This can be a great theme for a unique Christmas party. Instead of doing the same pattern of events for a party, this year, ch]shift to totally something different.

you can announce the theme ahead of time so everyone can have a better time preparing. YOu can also check for finger foods and nice cocktails for everyone to enjoy during the night. If you can try finding a good band to play the music will be great.

You can give prizes to the best dress and unique mask! There are plenty of game ideas for this type of theme. You can also get the guests guessing who they are. Even a couple matching games. Make sure to keep something on your decor celebrating Christmas.

Christmas Chocolate Factory Theme

You can even make an alternative Candy land theme for this one. The best part about Christmas is the unlimited chocolates and sweets available everywhere. Take advantage of this theme and prop out some candy cane and cupcakes all over the place.

As for the food, you can also check for fun and easy to grab foods all over the table or buffet. Check out for nice food ideas too.

Since you will be working with this fun and easy office Christmas party theme, don’t forget to make it colorful everywhere!

You can also set up a decorate your own cupcake station for everyone to enjoy. This is also the time to keep a chocolate table that everyone will surely enjoy going back and fort.

2019 Fun And Easy Office Christmas Party Themes
Winter wonderland party theme

One of the best games to play with this theme is the game of eating that chocolate. Of course, there will be tricks associated with this game. you must prepare a hat, scarf, gloves, a fork, and a knife. The best part is, there is a cube of chocolate on the plate.

Whoever eats a piece of chocolate with all the props wins. There’s another twist in that game. You have to keep a die or two and whoever gets double or six from the die(dices) must take their turn. It can be a great game for both small and larger crowds.

Christmas Elves Workshop Station Theme

Who would have ever thought of becoming Santa’s elves before? You might be thinking of being one when you were young. Hoe fascinating could that be, right?

You can recreate this theme. Setting up the room and make it like Santas workstation would be great. You can even make nice games per station. A pile of gifts for everyone to take for later will also be great decorations on the side.

Don’t forget about the sleighs and some reindeer cutouts too. There should be elves who would need help doing some task all night. Check out for fun games for an office Christmas party.

Don’t forget about the ‘Santa’ who will be checking what the elves are doing. You can ask someone to volunteer for the red suit too. I’m sure someone will be more than willing to be one!

Winter Wonderland Christmas Party Theme

Everybody likes to experience a white Christmas. Why not bring the snow in the room for your next party? There are plenty of great ideas to incorporate with your decors!

Bring on some white lights and draping, ice sculptures, glitters, and even a huge polar bear! Allow all your employees to take with them their colorful scarves, gloves, and hats!

There is also a great deal when it comes to choosing the right food and beverages for the party. White vodka and other cocktail drinks will surely be great for everyone. Don’t forget to include some hot chocolates as an alternative drink.

There are a lot of white foods to serve, including some coconut balls and other finger bites that everyone will surely enjoy.

Nightmare Before Christmas Theme Party

2019 Fun And Easy Office Christmas Party Themes
The night before Christmas theme party

This is a great theme for those who want to keep Halloween and Christmas together. if you have some of those decors from Halloween, that would surely work best.

Instead of the colorful and all lights vibes, make it different this year. With all the leftover decors from Halloween, create a fun and easy office Christmas party theme of nightmare before Christmas.

Dress up in black and white. Don’t forget to work on some background music from Tim Burton’s film too. There are plenty of games to play, it’s like Christmas in Halloween and vice versa!

Horrid Christmas Sweater Party

This year is a different theme. Why not embrace that horrid sweater that you only get to wear for Christmas?

Let every guest be as creative with who can create and wear the ugliest sweater of them all. If someone is not wearing one, you must bring fort an extra. And they can even keep that as a souvenir!

One of the best team building games is about determining a lie from the facts. Playing You Lie is a great idea for this theme.

Christmas Movie Marathon

It may have been one of those popular themes but try to modify this one. This year may be different when it comes to binge-watching.

There are plenty of movies to choose from for the holiday treat! These fun and easy office Christmas Party themes are just some of the few party ideas you can try working this year.



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