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Marshmallow lollipop sprinkle with colorful candies

Throwing a birthday party and preparing foods in a kiddie party can be a lot of fun – thrilling and exciting. Notwithstanding the stress, fatigue, and panic effects of the preparation and planning along the way. But it will all be worth it after everything has been settled and done.

But when it comes to deciding on what to serve on your child’s birthday party is a whole lot of a merry-go-round and a double roller-coaster ride! Gone are the days of simple burgers, hotdogs and spaghetti meals. The millennial parents are into something creative particularly to complement the taste buds of the young ones. They spend a lot of time searching over the net for a motivation to be able to produce the picture-perfect birthday party foods.

If you decide on a big party with more than 40 guests, you can easily hire a professional and choose among the Top 5 Kiddie Party Catering Services in USA. This is to make certain that everything is consistent and you are not stuck-up in the kitchen for the entire day of the event. But if it is just a small party of 20 guests, you can always do the cooking, and some foods can be prepared a day or a couple of days ahead; and shove it into the freezer until needed. Personally manning the kitchen in preparation of party foods in a kiddie party do somehow gives a lot of benefits.

Top 3 advantages one can derive out of personally cooking the Foods in a Kiddie Party

  1. Assurance of eating healthy foods in a kiddie party – when you do the cooking yourself, you are in control of everything that goes in each menu, having less sodium and preservatives than processed and packaged food.
  2. Peace of mind knowing precisely that the food you prepared and will serve your guests is the real ones with the natural flavour and ingredients. No artificial coverings on the menu ingredients.
  3. Cooking is a sort of stress-reliever they say. True to some and the most chef would agree. When you cook, your attention, your mind and your heart are straightforwardly focused on the food you are cooking. You have no extra minute to think of other things that stress you out.

However, it all depends on your perspective towards the kitchenette stuff. If you are passionate about foods, cookery and bakery, then definitely you are going to enjoy what you are doing. If not, then all you get is too much pressure and stress. You have to weigh both situations and assess yourself, your budget, your time and most especially your perception towards the task. Remember, food preparation for a party is not an easy task. Before we tackle the topic regarding appropriate foods in a kiddie party, there are several factors to be considered. And these factors are essential and should be taken seriously in planning the menu so that you will not jeopardize the success of the party.

foods in a kiddie party
Rainbow skewers with yogurt dipping
  1. Stay away from allergic foods such as peanuts. Dietary restrictions and food allergens should be strictly noted.
  2. Maintain a healthy menu, balance the sweets and healthy organic meals.
  3. Have a variety of finger foods in a kiddie party table with a variety of dips too.
  4. List down your menus so that you will know the balance on the variety and you will definitely know how to manage which comes first, which comes last. An advantage if you will know which food can be prepared a couple of days ahead.
  5. Ask some helping hand from a friend, your spouse or any family member in the preparation. You can never do all the task alone.

Apparently, cooking is not that easy, but there are more than a thousand kiddie party menu that you can get ideas from and customize to fit your child’s birthday party theme. And in your menu planning, these should also be noted upon. Depending on the age of the kids coming to the party, the time of the party the party venue and the total number of guests you would have to serve at the party, the menu of the party needs to be decided.

Appropriate Foods in a Kiddie Party

Appropriate Foods in a Kiddie Party 1
Mini Pancake Stacks topped with your kid’s favourite
  • Mini Pancake Stacks –kids would love these pancakes topped with fruits such as berries.
  • Fairy Bread – spread with cream cheese or butter, cut into shape by a cookie cutter, with multi-coloured sprinkles on top!
  • Watermelon Cut-outs – again with the aid of a cookie cutter, you can create an awesome letter and number cut-outs. Cantaloupe and honey-dew can also be as good as watermelon.
  • Salad Cups – kids would love to roam around the party venue with a cup of salad and cheese sticks.
  • Fruit Skewers – simple and healthy snacks for the kids, an assortment of fruits and vegetables in a stick.
  • Dinosaur Deviled Eggs – you can dye the eggs a night before. You can switch up colours according to your party’s theme.
  • Magical Cereal Mix – you can customize for any party theme. Best for Unicorn or Fairy party and in other ways the theme of your party is, just change the colour of the sprinkles and candy melts.
  • Sandwich Wheels –are made of meat, ham, turkey and spread with cheese, avocado, marmalade; then rolled up on a flour tortilla.
  • Sandwich Skewers – these are so attractive for the kids and definitely so yummy; use any deli meats, cheese and bread, slice them up to create a variety of skewers for the kids.
  • Cotton Candy Popcorn – a perfect balance of salty and sugary to taste, does not only taste good but looks great in your party themed cups. Colour mixing will do wonders too!
  • Apple Fruit Doughnuts – slice up some apples, top with coloured yogurt, sprinkles and berries on top.
  • Moana Googly Eyed Croissants – planning a beach party for your kid, these delectable sandwiches is most appropriate. Just cut open your croissants and stuff-in your sandwich ingredients; glue some googly eyes on a toothpick and stick them into the croissants and you now have a gorgeous crab croissant!
  • Melted Yogurt Olaf Cups – a Frozen themed party for your little girl, healthy yogurt in Olaf cups!
  • Appropriate Foods in a Kiddie Party 2
    Fairy bread topped with colorful candy sprinkles

    Mac-N-Cheese Bites – every kid adores mac-n-cheese of course!

  • Cheesy Patty Burgers – mini burgers to fit tiny hands and mouth, yet chic enough to fill hungry tummies.
  • Galaxy Ice Cream – sweet, simple and easy. Change up the colours and toppings to suit your kid’s party theme.
  • Funfetti Cheesecake Dip – easy to make, attractive to look at, and so yummy to taste! Serve with graham and fruits.
  • Mini Fish and Chips Basket – an ideal portion of basket size for kids is 14” in length; basket contains small pieces of battered fish chips with tartar dipping sauce.
  • Chicken Fries – coated with a mixture of crushed potato chips, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese, dip in ranch dressing, barbecue sauce or honey-mustard. These oven-baked chicken fries are kid-friendly and easy to prepare.
  • Trail Mix Slices – these tasty snacks are packed with goodness and have a delicious flavour, without the fuss of baking! Perfect for a kiddie party with big handfuls of dried apricots and cherries, almonds and pistachios, a healthy snack for active party kids.
  • Silly Snake Sub – looks like a skidding snake, this sculpture makes a fun and tasty centrepiece on your buffet table. With your own ingenuity, you can create lots of figures and forms. Just mix and match the meat and cheeses that would suit the kids’ palate. Breadsticks will make a perfect “legs” for a centipede sub.
  • Deep Fried Cookies – an indulgent treat most kids would love to nibble. Add a pinch of cinnamon and a teaspoon of vanilla extract and pack some of these cookies, best for the party giveaways.
  • Pepperoni Pizza Rolls – give the traditional pizza a twist by rolling up the usual toppings in egg roll wrappers, then deep-frying them. So yummy for party kiddos!
  • Pizza Lover’s Casserole – pizza is the crowd’s favourite in a party. Having the taste of pizza in a convenient and delish casserole. The great side dish is a salad and bread, and you have a great meal for a table full of hyperactive kids.
  • Appropriate Foods in a Kiddie Party 3
    Juicy and Fresh watermelon fruit bowl

    Marshmallow Pops – making these pops is a fun activity for a children’s party because any age can participate. Customize them for whatever party theme you have by rolling them in coordinating coloured sprinkles.

  • Marshmallow Skewer Pops – these marshmallow pops are a sure big hit with the kiddos. Picking up his favourite colour first and the rest he will just have to nibble all throughout the party.
  • Rainbow Strawberries – endless possibilities with creating a rainbow fruit dip in melted candy-coated discs. Strawberries are most suited for this taste and you can also make a unicorn to match your party theme.
  • One Bite Tamales – crafty meatballs brings you the flavour and rich sauce of a traditional tamale in a bite-sized portion. They are a delightfully different addition to your kids’ party.
  • Glazed Doughnut Holes – here is a simple to create colourful and fun finger foods in a kiddie party and party favours. And for the glaze, use any type of juice you like.
  • Party Animal Snack Mix – a colourful and fun snack mix does not get any easier than this. A little mix and match here with your sweet and salty favourites.
  • Quick and Easy Stromboli – with pizza dough, roll in turkey scrapings, pickled peppers and mustard. Then slice into small portion and lay on a platter for those little hands to grab.
  • Pinwheel Pops – colourful pinwheel sticks with gorgeously coloured pops will make a delightful attraction on your children’s party and are so perfect for the goody bags too.
  • Fresh Strawberry Tacos – healthy snacks of fresh strawberries for your kiddos. Easy to prepare and less messy for kids running around the party venue.
  • Waffle Iron Pizzas – these little pizza pockets are a fun mashup using the waffle iron. Mix your favourite toppings and fillings like ham and eggs on this waffle pizza.
  • Peach Crisp Parfait Pops – kids love fruit crisps and popsicles. This is a healthy and delicious treat that combines the two. Cinnamon sticks in place of the pop sticks can be used for additional sweetness.
  • Birthday Cake Freezer Pops – a birthday cake ice cream the kids will enjoy, a combination of cake and ice cream in one. Can be prepared days ahead of the big day.
  • Popcorn Cookies – it is so much fun to surprise the party guests with the crushed popcorn in these yummy cookies. They are definitely a unique cookie on the platter.
  • Fruit and Cheese kabobs – busy parents coming up with the idea of this fresh and fruity snacks. It is easy to prepare and can be done days ahead of the party, and the cinnamon-spiced yogurt dip adds fun touch kids surely will adore.
  • Appropriate Foods in a Kiddie Party 4
    Rainbow marshmallow pops

    White Cheddar Mac and Cheese – mac and cheese is simple and has lots of flavour from the cheeses and ground meat. An all-time favourite on children’s party.

  • Deluxe Walking Nachos– this slow-cooked potluck chilli makes an awesome filling for a bag of walk-around nachos. Cut the bag lengthwise to make it easier to load up your fork.
  • Frozen Banana Cereal Pops – a healthy snack, bananas dip in yogurt, rolled in cereal, then dashed in the freezer. Great snacks of hungry kiddos for the following day’s big party.
  • Nutty Rice Krispie Cookies – making these nutty rice Krispie cookies with just the microwave means they are super easy and fun to mix up with the kids.
  • Garlic Cheese Flat Bread –this cheesy flatbread will be devoured in less time than it takes to bake. Delicious and healthy snack, and easy to prepare.
  • Broccoli Cheddar Beef Rolls – load with ham, vegetables, and olives. Super delish with the creaminess of the cheese and the flavorful taste of ham and veggies.
  • Refreshing Tropical Fruit Salad – this colourful medley of fresh fruits is kid-pleasing and a great way to encourage healthy eating.
  • Cereal and Milk Ice Cream Sandwiches –It is party time and this is a dessert! You are hereby granted a cheat day! Go ahead and devour those sweet cereals you normally stay away from.
  • Potato Chip Banana Bread Cookies– mixing two cookie recipes in creating this potato chip banana bread cookies is stunningly delicious, and addictive.
  • Chocolate Glazed Doughnut Cookies – pretty sure the kids will love to decorate these doughnut-shaped cookies, topped with sprinkles, chopped pecans or crushed candy canes. This can be included in the party’s activity and great for party favours too!
  • Appropriate Foods in a Kiddie Party 5
    Creamy white cheddar mac n cheese

    Giant Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich – this can be made ahead of time and frozen, it cuts stress for busy moms. Pretty sure the kids will drool over this giant peanut butter ice cream sandwich.

  • Sweet Potato Crusted Chicken Nuggets – add some zucchini to this traditional chicken nuggets bar, and you can try it with a cake. The zucchini makes it super moist but doesn’t get into the way of the chocolate and peanut butter goodness.
  • Chocolate Marshmallow Peanut Butter Squares – crunchy, chocolaty bars bursting with peanut butter flavour, marshmallows and pretzel pieces. So easy and simple steps for this gorgeously insane snacks! In a large pot over low heat melt butter and peanut butter. Pour in the butterscotch chips, stirring constantly until you have a creamy consistency. Remove from the heat and let stand, about ten minutes. Mix in the marshmallows and spread in the pan. Refrigerate for at least an hour. And there go your chocolate marshmallow peanut butter squares.
  • Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes– chocolate-dipped ice cream cones. Red heart-shaped sprinkles make them fun for Valentine’s Day. Vary the colour to match the occasion.
  • Stuffed Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast Kabobs – spread peanut butter and jelly into your french toast. Cut up and skewer these attractive sandwiches. Kids will love the presentation as well as the taste.

List of appropriate foods in a kiddie party categorized according to age bracket:

  1. Babies and Toddlers – are still too small to appreciate what they put into their tiny mouths, all they can see are the colourful presentation that makes their mouth watery. Despite home training on mealtime, it is so asking for moms to feed them. Most especially on parties, teaching them to use a knife, fork and spoon takes a lot of time. Finger foods in a kiddie party are more than satisfying for babies and toddlers, kids, teenagers and even adults!

    Appropriate Foods in a Kiddie Party 6
    Chocolate dipped ice cream cupcake


  • Banana, Avocado and Apple Baby Muffins –delicious oat muffins without sugar and honey, naturally sweetened and flavoured by banana, avocado and apple sauce. Because babies and toddlers love anything oaty, no artificial sweetener needed, just fresh organic fruits to mix.
  • Frozen Fruity Yogurt Bites – simple and easy to make. You can request your birthday celebrator to join in the preparation of these lollies a day ahead of the main event. Mix yogurt with fruits such as bananas, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries and whatever fruit of your choice. Grapes would taste great too but you have to be very careful when kids are joining in the preparation, you need direct supervision when the kids are handling knives to peel off and chop the grapes. Use silicone moulds for these and cake pop sticks for an overnight in the freezer.
  • Rainbow Omelet Cupcakes – easy to cook, no need of hot frying pans. Simply pour in your mixture into silicone muffin cups, pop in the oven and bake. A mixture of lots and lots of colourful healthy vegetables, like carrots, sweet potato, corn kernels, and you can sneak in some fruits too. Your birthday kid can join in the preparation of these lovely rainbow omelette cupcakes.
  • Sweet Potato and Quinoa Bites – rich in protein, fibre and vitamin A, this sweet potato and quinoa contents are very essential to a baby’s diet. The sweet potato can be replaced by pumpkin, parsnips or any starchy veggies of your choice. Most appropriated to serve in your child’s 1st birthday party.
  • Eggy Banana Bread –with simple ingredients such as whole-meal bread, egg, banana and baby’s milk, this is a best seller for your party guests’ages one-year-old and below. The bread stays really soft, just perfect for babies as it is still firm enough for them to hold it in their tiny chubby hands. Banana fruit adds an exquisite sweetness to the bread but it won’t stop there. You can try on different flavours by adding drops of orange juice in lieu of milk or perhaps sprinkle some cinnamon. You will be amazed by how endless your options will be.
  • Potato and Butternut Squash –kids tend to be picky on veggies, but with this potato and butternut squash tots, they will never notice the difference. Even big kids can be enticed in this deep fried to golden brown crispy squares of cooked potato and butternut squash mashed altogether with some cheese, flour, garlic, herbs and then rolled on breadcrumbs.
  • Veggie Meatballs – another fantastic way to sneak in vegetables into your little ones’ meals without them knowing obviously it is veggies. You may mix carrots, onions and zucchini and add some fruits like apples or pears for a sweet taste.
  • Mini Banana and Egg Muffins – just like making pancake for breakfast, this mini banana and egg muffins will most likely be appreciated by babies and toddlers because this is a familiar food for them.


  • Crispy Potato Chips – finger foods in a kiddie party that is the best remedy for picky kids in a party. It is impossible for toddlers not to grab a handful of these crispy potato chips. even if they do not like the other foods in a kiddie party, their tummy will be full munching on these crispies.

    French toast with fruit sidedings- foods
    French toast with fruit sidedings
  • French Toast – Even the pickiest kid in the block would love the combination taste of eggs, fruits, cream and bread. A regular toast can be sliced into four equal parts, and serve. Toddlers can have a small portion of this toast and can still grab other dishes as well.
  • Oats Pancake – Pancakes made from oats is an appetizing and healthy dish for your little ones. And every Mom would agree to that.
  • Fresh Fruit Smoothies – fresh fruit mixed with milk is one healthy and nutritious drink to serve your toddler guests. Add a small amount of cream and scope of ice cream and you will be the best mom ever.

2. Kids Up to 12 Years of Age – kids of this age group are more inclined to embrace junk foods in a kiddie party. The precise age bracket wherein they do not listen to what their parents say as to the foods in a kiddie party they take and diet thing. Therefore as a party host, you have to plan a menu in accordance with their needs.

  • Mini Pizzas – Pizza is a requisite in a kids’ party nowadays. When we say it is a kiddie party, there should be several rounds of pizza served on the buffet table. Therefore as the party host, you must take note, never forget to put in some fruits and vegetables on the pizza toppings. And to add more fun and excitement, create a pizza station where the kids get a chance to choose and make his own pizza toppings.
  • Mini Hotdogs – hotdog is a universal food! A staple food for teenagers. And of course, it is an appropriate food for a kiddie party. But one large or jumbo hotdog is too much for a kid, he may not be able to have a taste of other foods in a kiddie party. Therefore, it is suggested that you slice the hotdog into 3 slices or you can purchase packs of mini hotdog or cocktail hotdog in the market.
  • Macaroni and Cheese –easy to prepare and a nutritious dish of whole wheat macaroni and cheddar cheese, is simply loved by kids. Suitable for a kids’ party where calories are easily burned down by non-stop party games and activities.
  • Flavoured Popcorn – is well loved by kids even without a movie show. You can try on other options, instead of the regular popcorn, try mixing it and serve a caramelized popcorn, chocolatey popcorn, popcorn with lots of cheese, and other flavours you can think of. The kids will definitely go back again and again on your popcorn station.
  • Chicken and Vegetable Sausage Rolls – make the sausages into small rolls and the kids can have a sausage roll in one pop while at the same time enjoying the games and activities of the party.

3. Teenagers – the age bracket wherein most of the kids get obviously aware of high calories in-take, sugar-free diet, waistline, fashionable clothes and accessories, and more importantly, they are already conscious of eating only healthy foods in a kiddie party. Therefore, party foods in a kiddie party for these kinds of age bracket will go around a teeny bit of junk foods in a kiddie party with a twist of healthy buffer menus.

  • Sandwiches –is a must for a kiddie party. And just like a pizza station, you can also create a sandwich station wherein the kids will have the privilege of creating his own sandwiches, free to choose his own kind of bread, sauces and fillings. That is what some millennial kids are nowadays. They want to have a space in the kitchen, they want to get involved in cooking and love to devour what they cooked. That is what they call their millennial identities.
  • Caramelized or Grilled Fruits and Vegetables – these caramelized or grilled fruits and vegetables are often found in adult parties but because teenage kids like to assume and play the role of a grown-up, they too want these stuff in their kiddie party. Anyway, these are healthy foods in a kiddie party, so be it!

In a birthday party, feeding teenagers have never been a big deal. Though how picky some teenagers maybe, they will most likely pick on something to satisfy their taste buds and fill their hungry tummies.


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