Today, parents are privileged to have more choices for kids’ parties compared before that go far beyond the classic at-home bash. With a good harvest of fruits in season and the abundance of pumpkin, the more reason for throwing a party. Almost everyone’s favorite things about the fall are the food. Pumpkin crunch cake, butternut squash soup, apple pie dessert, you name it – you can already smell all the fall flavors by late summer! And we have designed spectacular fall birthday specifically around some sort of fall food!

Fall runs from September 1 to November 30. Those kids whose birthdate belongs to the seasons of fall seems to be so lucky. Such a perfect time of the year for throwing birthday parties for kids. The weather is usually ideal for people to stay outdoors since the weather is crisp, the kids are so excited to spend time with their friends.

Planning birthday parties for kids is much easier when you have a variety of ideas in mind from which to choose to make your kid’s birthday the most memorable one. From making a delish pumpkin pie and soft moist apple pie to mastering the art of carving a pumpkin, fall offers amazing chances to let each guest know that they are truly appreciated while allowing them to indulge in fun. So this fall give your child an experience tailored to fit their personality and interests and your party is guaranteed to be a success.

Fall Birthday Party Ideas
Pumpkin party

As you plan your child’s birthday party, keep these fall birthday in mind to provide an exciting celebration that is perfect for kids of all ages and will provide everyone with an opportunity to form beautiful birthday memories.

To help you out, we have made a compilation of some spectacular fall birthday and with each included a couple of games, food ideas, and even decorations! These fall birthday are not just for kids but these are the most kid-friendly out of the bunch!

There are also a number of ideas under other Fall Birthday Party Ideas that would totally work with the right theme. Whatever it may be, we have got tons of outdoor-inspired ideas to choose from below. If you are ready to take your birthday celebration to the next level, scroll on for these Spectacular Fall Birthday Party Ideas and activities you and your friends will love. Happy planning!

Spectacular Fall Birthday Party Ideas

Fruit Picking

Fall is finally here, aside from the pumpkin harvest, apples are ready for picking. After you share the joy of fruit picking with your family and friends, you can all gather around the kitchen to discover and try on your culinary skills with some delicious apple dessert creations.

Picnic at the Park

fall birthday party Ideas
Farm birthday Ideas

Now that the weather is *officially* under 100 degrees, a birthday picnic at the park is totally what you need. There is no better excuse to get together with your friends, lay out a plaid blanket, unlimited lemon tea and snack on some delicious finger food.

Pick a Pumpkin and Carve

It is fall and visiting a pumpkin field is best. Bring your friends to the pumpkin plantation and pick out the largest one you can find. Celebrate by making a day of this fun activity: As everyone is gathered for a carving party, with a pumpkin photo booth set-up at the other side of the room.

Have everyone bring-in their own pumpkin to decorate/carve together. Make sure to put down plastic or newspaper because this one can get really messy. To make it more fun and exciting, set a time limit and give a reward to the pumpkin that is voted the best by the group. Maybe something like this “pumpkin carver extraordinaire mug” for adults and a “pumpkin themed book” for the kiddos. And please do not forget the food, anything pumpkin or in a pumpkin goes! Such as mini pumpkin pizzas, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin crunch cake, with spinach artichoke dip served in a carved pumpkin.

Skills and Creativity Enhanced

While the fall offers beautiful weather, it is also equally important to include indoor activities when planning your party. Making fun crafts is a great way to motivatetête-à-tête while keeping your guests entertained. From beads and bottle cap charms to duct tape art and painted pottery, your guests can show off their creativity while making mementos that they can take home as favors for after the party is over.

Hosting a Fall Festival

The autumn-fall season just yells eagerness for kids since it means they can enjoy the crisp air outside. While the weather is nice, consider planning an outdoor party that includes the best parts of the season. For example, a zoo can complement a farm-themed party, or you could plan an activity that lets younger kids engage in dramatic play as they treadle through an outdoor village. From planting pumpkin seeds to painting a farm animal puzzle, you can easily incorporate the fall into your party’s theme.

Trekking Amidst the Fresh Misty Air of Fall

Tell your friends to take a hike with you on your birthday, of course! Head out and breathe in the fresh air of the great outdoors while discovering your local terrain. Grab the once a year chance of feeling the crispiness of autumn-fall mist. Bring reclining chairs or a large durable blanket and you will have an amazing opportunity to view the stars at night — just be sure to bring flashlights for the walk back!

Scavenger Hunt via Cycling

Fall Birthday Party Ideas
Picnic party for Fall Birthday Party Ideas

It is time for something new and exciting this year fall season, such as creating a thrilling bicycle scavenger hunt. Load your clues with facts about your town’s history and festivities or weird jokes that will lead the squad to the next clue. Create a hunt hashtag to ensure the teams will posts photos of each solved clue the social media or Instagram for proof. Decorate your bikes in your birthday party’s theme or colors, and make sure to stop along the way so that you can have your cake and a celebratory toast.

Kick Off a New Year with a Sports Activity

For many parents, one of the biggest challenges of planning a birthday party for their son or daughter is directing all of that youthful energy into wholesome activities. Fortunately, planning a party that revolves around your kid’s favorite sport easily solves this problem. From soccer to gymnastics, you can ensure that every guest will be excited to indulge in their favorite sport while in the company of their friends. This idea is especially popular for families whose guest list includes members of their kid’s sports team.

Have a Blast with Laser Tag

Older kids may have outgrown clowns and princess parties, but that does not mean they cannot have fun. Laser tag is a popular activity for kids today that hits a new level when they have enough space to run and hide from their friend’s blasts. Whether they play on teams or take an every-kid-for-themselves approach, this is one activity that is certain to be a hit.

Conquer a Climbing Wall

Birthday parties are a great opportunity to present kids with challenges and a climbing wall is far more impressive than a round of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. When planning a rock-climbing wall experience, however, it is important to choose a venue with a proven track record for using safe equipment and having qualified staff on hand to assist with the activity. With those safety measures in place, your guests can use their problem-solving skills and strength to master new levels of a challenge at your party.

Bounty-Fall Harvest Party

Use your party as an excuse to show your gratitude and give back. Invite friends over to complete a service project – making bag lunches, tie quilts and etc. Some fun service ideas include making treats for friends and handing them out with these “you have been treated tags” or playing “Supermarket Sweep”, then delivering the groceries to people in need. If you want to serve food, try having a potluck where everyone brings their favorite side dish or dessert and you provide the main course. A homemade chicken noodle soup will always be a big hit! Put napkins and silverware in a harvest-themed cornucopia.

Caramel Apple Party

Kind of like an ice cream sundae party, have friends come over to make and top their own caramel apples to enjoy. You can provide the toppings or have friends bring their favorite to share. And since people don’t typically like to eat their caramel apples right away, set up a caramel apple nacho bar for people to enjoy their favorite caramel apple toppings during the party! Another fun idea is to do a caramel apple walk where people win gourmet caramel apples or other apple themed prizes such as caramel apple soaps.

Fall Birthday Party on a Boat

There is no extravagant way to celebrate your birthday than on the water with good friends and unlimited fresh lemon, orange juice or sparkling wine. Plus, you’ll be able to shout, “I’m on a boat!” If you plan gourmet menu selections and create a perfect planning list, then this kind of birthday is guaranteed the one you will never forget!




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