Keep fitted sheets and no toys when baby sleeps - 9 Facts About SIDS And How To Prevent It

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome () is something every new parent get worried about. The cause may be inevitable but there are effective measures on how to prevent this horror for your newborn baby. The right knowledge and awareness about sudden infant death syndrome help new moms feel at ease as their baby sleeps.

What are the safety measures that you can practice with your newborn baby to prevent from happening? Are there any proven tips and advice to keep off your baby? What are the causes of sudden infant death syndrome or for a newborn baby and until what age will they be free from this alarming incident?

Facts About SIDS And How To Prevent It

You might think that you are getting paranoid about every now and then when your baby sleeps and you checking her, like every five minutes. Most mommies have been in this situation, or perhaps, more worried than you.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome occurs for newborn babies until they are about a year old. While the risk is high for babies that are sleeping on their tummy. You can also check how your baby sleeping position is.

As the baby grows, the risk for SIDS decreases gradually. Especially with the right preventions and knowledge of how to avoid it. There is only a small chance that your baby will be affected by sudden infant death syndrome when sleeping through the night.

Bassinet for sleeping baby – 9 Facts About SIDS And How To Prevent It

The risk is low but it is better to understand why this thing is happening. That way, you can have safely measured as your baby sleeps in the night.

One of the factors that you can associate with a higher risk of SIDS is the surroundings of your baby. It is highly advisable to always check the beddings and sleeping position of your baby.

Understand The Cause And What Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Really Is

One of the major cause of death for babies that have the age gap from one month to a year old. Which is associated with how your baby sleeps. Sudden Infant death Syndrome is an unexpected event of the baby’s death below a year old.

Healthy babies are at low risk of this incident but there is still no definite reason to why it is happening. It can be associated with an illness that is not detected for perfectly healthy babies.

SIDS is randomly happening and doctors are still trying to figure out why this is happening. With more and more data analysis that is collected. Doctors will soon find the best prevention for this heartbreaking scene.

Do not let your baby sleep on her tummy – 9 Facts About SIDS And How To Prevent It

Premature part of the brain that detects any breathing or heart condition may be a cause. The breathing of your newborn baby is not fully developing for some cases too. Or there may be a heart failure as the infant sleeps. There is a lot of theory but with a complete study, will soon detect the major cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

On the contrary, vomiting, vaccination, choking and illness does not cause of this syndrome. There is no single for a baby at risk with SIDS. There are multiple factors that affect this incident.

Sleeping Tips To Prevent SIDS And Reduce The Risk For Your Baby

Sudden Infant Death syndrome cannot be fully prevented but you can practice safety. There are different ways on how you can reduce this from happening.

Great and proven factors to help aid and lessen the risk are breastfeeding, checked fitted beddings, no smoking people close to your baby, and close monitoring as your baby snooze through the night.

A good visit and updated schedule of immunization are also vital to reduce the risk. There are a lot more helpful tips from experts and even mommies who’ve been in the paranoia like any first-time mom did.

Keep in mind that no matter how well-commercialized a product, positioners, and things are, they can even add risk to your baby. The truth is, they are not yet tested to reduce the risk of SIDS.

The best thing you should do is have a keen eye on every possible detail that might harm your baby.

There are some sleeping safety tips that you can try to follow to reduce this syndrome.

  • Make sure that your baby is sleeping in a safe, well-organized place with fewer things; e.g. pillows that might contribute to harm her.
  • Make sure to always keep your baby sleeping on her back. If you have to leave your baby to a caregiver during the night, best to remind them to keep your baby sleeping on her back.
  • Check and use fitted beddings, firm mattress, and no other things next to your baby while she sleeps. This also means that no stuffed toys close to your baby, pillows, blankets, covers, or anything that might possibly suffocate your baby.
  • Check the room temperature and make sure that it is not too hot. Avoid dressing your newborn baby in multiple layers of clothes. You can try to make your baby sleep in a swaddle blanket or sleeping bag. Make sure that your baby is not warm. You can check her tummy to know if your baby feels warm.

    Keep the crib clear of anything – 9 Facts About SIDS And How To Prevent It
  • You can try to offer your baby a pacifier without any strings attached to it. If your baby refuses to have them in her mouth, that is totally okay.
  • Try to introduce your baby to sleep in her crib or a bassinet. If by any chance that your baby sleeps in the car seat or swing, you can transfer her to the crib or bassinet as quietly and quickly as possible.
  • Try to keep away from positioners or any products that offer to reduce SIDS. They are not really been proven to reduce the syndrome either.
  • If you have an available fan in the house, let it run to promote air circulation inside the room.
  • Avoid sharing the same bed but sleep in the same room. This way, you can check your baby whenever possible. But dismiss the idea of sharing the same bed as it can have greater risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Avoid your baby to sleep on their tummy during the night. If they roll over, fix their sleeping position again. On the other hand, if your baby has been into rolling over while they are sleeping, then you can let her stay on that position. She can have a lower risk if she knows how to move and roll every now and then.
  • Your baby might have a high risk of this syndrome if you have been smoking or drinking alcohol during your pregnancy. There are possible consequences to this unhealthy behavior when you are pregnant with your baby.
  • If your baby is born premie, there may be a risk but you know when to check for her every time.

Though there are only a few percentages of a baby that are at risk with sudden infant death syndrome, prevention, and reduction of possible cause is a must. Babies that are one month old until four months are more susceptible to this syndrome. The most common cause of SIDS is the sleeping environment of babies.

There is no definite time frame to when you should stop worrying about your baby being at risk. majority of babies that pass their 6 months have lower risk at some case study. But to be more careful is to take extra precautions always.

It is a heartbreaking incident to lose a baby. If you know anyone or have been there. Support group and families are there to assure you and help you get through the grieving.


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