11 Easy Yet Fun Christmas Party Ideas To Try
family oriented games for Christmas

Everyone is looking for easy yet fun party ideas to try this coming holiday. Whether you go for adults only party or you wanted one that is also kid-friendly, everyone will surely love a party especially organized by you. We will help you get things set with these fun ideas for a holiday treat!

What are the easy yet fun party ideas you to try with the rest of the family? Are there kid-friendly party ideas to entertain tots present in your gatherings? What activities should you try with an adult-only party?

This Coming Holidays

One of the most exciting parties you will ever organize is a Christmas party. These easy yet fun Christmas party ideas to try will surely help you out. Whether you are working on all adult parties or something kid-friendly, there surely will be a lot more you can include in the plan.

However, to help you get things done, there are some factors that you need to consider. This will help you set up an easy yet fun Christmas party everyone will surely looking forward to yearly.

11 Easy Yet Fun Christmas Party Ideas To Try
Christmas party ideas

Now, here’s the deal, Christmas gets together and gatherings are special. It is almost about families getting together at least once a year. The fact that everyone comes home is already a big celebration.

From adults to kids, you have to think of fun and interactive games to keep everyone entertained throughout the night. Or until every kid can keep their eyes open until midnight to open their gifts!

Important Factors In Preparing Your One Of A Kind Christmas Party

In order for you to organize these easy yet fun Christmas party ideas to try, best to determine the following factors. Christmas parties are easier to plan than you think. This is with the help of determining a few important factors.

However, we will help you get things done easily in here, let’s say, this post will be your one-stop-shop of everything you need to know in order to organize that amazing party!

First is to know how many people should you be expecting. The number of guests will help you organize the right party. The number of people that will attend the party will set the right games.

This will also help you choose the right games based on the number of guests coming.

Are you organizing a kid-friendly party? This is probably an important factor for a Christmas party. Since everyone loves Christmas, especially kids. You have to know if you will be expecting some.

The age gap of your guests also matters. Including the kids that will be present at the party. This is when you need to decide what games will you be playing around to keep them busy.

11 Easy Yet Fun Christmas Party Ideas To Try
games and gift ideas for Christmas

If you will be organizing a larger party, best to asked help for someone who will be in charge of the kids. Keeping every single kid’s guests will help you enjoy the party as well.

If kids will be busy, for sure the parents and every adult guest will also love the party.

The next factor is if your guests already know each other. Another thing you have to consider is if all your guests already knew each other. Or do you need to include some icebreaker games to keep everyone entertained?

One of the things you need to consider is to keep a lighter ambiance. That way, your guest will never feel any awkward moment, especially for a Christmas party.

Easy Yet Fun Christmas Party Ideas

As soon as you have set the important factors for your next party, let’s get things done with the activities.

This guide will help you determine the easy yet fun Christmas party ideas to try for the upcoming holiday. From the games that you can play with the kids and the adults.

Guess That Christmas Song Game

One of the most commonly played games for every Christmas party is about guessing the right Christmas song. All you have to do is say a single line from that song.

Whoever guesses what song fastest will have points. This is a good game if you have a larger number of guests. A classic game that everyone would surely love to play.

Christmas Movie Trivia

11 Easy Yet Fun Christmas Party Ideas To Try
Christmas party ideas

Working with trivia about Christmas movies is another great game to play. This will also help you to see which movie watcher watched and pay close attention to even the small details.

You can ask what are the names of the reindeers and or other small details about Christmas movies.

Guessing The Items Inside Thye Stockings

Guessing the items inside the stockings. This is a fun game that everyone will surely love. It is all about guessing the items inside the stocking without pecking.

Remember that kids can also try playing this game. It will surely be fun for both small and larger crowds. As for the used stocking, you can give it to the guest with the most number of correct items for a souvenir!

Gift Wrap Relay

Gift warp relay is one of the classic gifts that you can try playing on a Christmas eve. Your guests will be tested with their ability to wrap gifts faster.

If you have a larger crowd, divide them in half and see who is the faster in wrapping all those gifts.

Christmas Pictionary With Christmas Carols

Christmas song Pictionary relay is also a must-play Christmas game. These can be one of the easy yet fun Christmas party ideas to try with the family and close friends.

It is all about drawing that famous Christmas carol and letting your guests guess it as fast as possible. This is also about the speed with guessing by the drawing.

Get as many scores as possible and win the holiday’s treat!

White Elephant Exchange Gift

A gift exchange game or white elephant is a classical Christmas game to try. This is all about the guest bringing a gift. best to tell your guest before the party to be ready.

Then you can choose a gift from the table, do not get the gift that you bring. This can be a classic exchanging of gifts. Your guest will have an alternative option to get another gift from someone else.

Christmas Candy Cane Relay

11 Easy Yet Fun Christmas Party Ideas To Try
Christmas party ideas, photo booth

A great way to entertain your guests with these easy yet fun Christmas party ideas to try. All you have to fo is get a bowl with filed with a candy cane and let the players get as many candies as possible.

You can even make it extra exciting by adding a timer in the background. Then whoever gets the most candy cane using their mouth wins the game.

Cookie Decoration Christmas Relay

This is a great game if you are expecting just family members. A get-together party for all your relatives would be about decorating that cookie.

Make sure to prepare as many edible decors for a cookie as possible. You can add some sprinkles, icing, and even chocolate bits to keep things really exciting.

This is all about teamwork so expect each family to make that cookie really nice and unique.

Decorating That Gingerbread House

Make it extra special this holiday. Let your guests decorate that gingerbread house. This is all about getting those ideas uniquely by decorating your own gingerbread house.

Good for family-oriented games, kids, and even couples. To help you decide with the winning team is the most elaborated house of all. Well with those Christmas decors included in the background.

Christmas Caroling

Its the time of the year that everyone feels merry whenever they hear that song. Why not lead the way for a Christmas caroling around your neighborhood. Surely everyone would love to hear a song to celebrate this season.

Karaoke Christmas

You can never go wrong for Christmas. Once you are done with your caroling, why not stay cozy and sing those tunes you’ve missed the whole year-round. Prepare two microphones for a Christmas duet too.

We got you covered for a whole holiday idea! You can also check our baby shower fun ideas here!


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