7 Easy Baby Massage Tips
7 Easy Baby Massage Tips

One of the most proven and easy ways to bond with your little baby is through baby massage. Even if you think the easy baby massage tips is not enough, well to tell you the truth, it is more than enough, take it as a great way to understand your little one and get closer each second with touch therapy.

What is the basic baby massage that you need to know as a new mom for your little one? Can you perform simple baby massage to relieve colic for the baby or help them sleep better? What is the best technique for a successful baby massage bonding moment with your little baby?

Basic Baby Massage Tips

7 Easy Baby Massage Tips
7 Easy Baby Massage Tips

There are many proven benefits for babies that you can get with baby massage. There is a basic massage where you can see relief for some colic or even improve sleeping pattern for the baby after every massage session. Aside from having a great bonding moment with your little baby, it also develops some motor skills for baby at a younger age. Brain development also has a great effect and benefit for simple baby massage. 

Learning Basic Baby Massage For your Little One

Knowing the different ways on how you can massage your little one is essential, not just to relieve them from anything but as a great bonding moment as well between the two of you. There are ways on how you can determine if your baby would love a massage or not. If they feel comfortable to do so will be visible on their every reaction and you can tell on their simple gesture.

There are also some factors to check before you continue performing any massage with your little one. From the massage oil that you will use to determine if it is okay with their skin or not. To check the possible allergic reaction, you can apply first a small amount of oil to your little one on a certain spot just to check for the next day if there is no allergic reaction. It is best to always get sensitive products for your baby, especially oils that you apply on their skin.

To start with, you can prepare a blanket for your little one or a towel if you prefer using any of the said material. Make sure that you don’t baby massage after feeding or when your baby is feeling tired and sleepy as they will tend to be fussy afterward.

7 Easy Baby Massage Tips
7 Easy Baby Massage Tips

Undressing your little one and just leaving the diaper on them is the best way to start the massage session.

Once you have settled your baby down on the blanket for a massage, you can also talk to your baby and explain what you will both do. You need to be in a relaxed position when you give massage to your little one. Once your baby has been laid down, you can start with test massage on their head or toes and check how will their reaction be. If they cry or seem uncomfortable for the first time, you can try doing it on other parts of her or his body to see if they will have the same reactions still. If they settle and stop crying, you can continue, if they stiffen and still cry afterward. Then you ens the massage for the moment and try it next time.

Massaging The Face And/Or Head

If you will give a head or face massage for your baby, you must always remember to avoid giving massage to the soft spot on the head of your baby. That soft spot on the newborn baby’s head is called a fontanel. The best way to massage the head of your little one is to create a stroke as if you are applying shampoo on the head with your fingertips.

The ears are better massage with your thumb and your index finger slowly smoothing them from top to bottom in a circular motion.

To massage the jawline of your baby, you can create tiny circular motions while tracing their jawline on both sides.

7 Easy Baby Massage Tips
7 Easy Baby Massage Tips

For face massage, you can create and trace heart shape from the forehead down to the chin with your hands in a gentle motion. Eyebrows can be massage in a stroking motion going out while tracing them with your fingertips or your thumb. Gently stroke out the closed eyelids of your baby with your fingertips or your thumb.

Lastly, you can stroke out from the bridge of your baby’s nose down to both cheeks. You can randomly repeat this process and see which one does your baby loves the most. They love being touch and stroke on the head as it calms them, one way or another.

Massaging The Tummy To Relieve Colic

If you have heard or watch a video tutorial about paddle-wheel motion for relieving colic or gas for your baby, surely this will be one of the baby massages that you will be doing for your little one every now and then. You can massage the abdomen in a clockwise and circular motion as well. Aside from the bicycle or paddle-wheel motion, you can also do the I LOVE U massage to your baby. These few massage tips are best proven to help release gas on the tummy that bothers your baby.

Before you perform any tummy massage to your little one, make sure that their cord coil has already fallen off. You can also hold both knees and toes and push them upwards to the abdomen until hey resist. Straighten the feet and press again and press them for a couple more times. You can even hear your little baby release gas while doing this if they have colic.

Massaging The Chest And Arms

The best way to massage baby is to trace their sterum from the rib cage stroking out to the shoulder. You can repeat this process for a couple more rounds and stroking out. Finally, on a criss-cross motion, you can diagonally massage the hip all the way back to the shoulder.

If you wanted to massage your baby’s arm, oui can start off with the shoulder down to the wrist like you are wringing a towel but to the gentle way possible. To work on with her palm is a gentle rub of your thumb from the heel to the fingertips with a gentle squeeze of the fingers and lastly, the wrist can be in a circular motion.

7 Easy Baby Massage Tips
7 Easy Baby Massage Tips

Massaging the Legs And Back

It may seem hard for the first time to massage your baby’s back but with proper practice and guide. You will surely get a hold on this process properly. As long as you don’t make hard squeeze on your baby’s delicate body especially her spine if you will be giving her a back massage.

For the leg massages, make circular motion stroking the legs out as the same motion that you are working with the arm. Remember that it must not be a total squeeze as the same with adults but a gentle one for the baby.

Make sure that the massage is firm but not too hard it may be ticklish to the baby. You can establish a schedule of the best time to a massage with your little one but don’t compromise the signals that your baby is giving you. They will you if they are comfortable with what you are doing or not.

To know more how to properly give a baby massage, you can even ask a specialist with.


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