Giving out bag at the end of a party is one way to show that we appreciate our guests coming over and sharing the special day with us. Distribution of loot bags is usually one of the big attraction and most awaited part in a kid’s party.

More so if the correlate with the party’s theme, our guests will definitely not forget how they had a great time. The outside appearance of the goody loot bag will be more exciting as well as the content of the goody loot bag. There are so many ideas on how we can create a good party favor for a kid party with a theme. Let me share with you some ideas used by practical and budget-conscious moms like me.

Do-It-Yourself party goody or loot bag

DIY Party Favors Bag
Colorful bags for a kiddie party

It will be an easier task for us to just go out and shop for ready-made and other party details. There are countless of good we can see in the malls, in party depot or even in an area in the grocery store.

But come to think of it…how about making those party favors and decors by ourselves and stretching out our own ideas, creativity and personal touch.

Gather the materials needed in making a personalized goody or loot bag in accordance with the party theme.

□Materials such as a hole puncher, assorted colored paper or art paper, a pair of scissors, glue stick/glue gun, colored yarn, ribbons, black buttons, glitters, and a set of colored pens.

Paper bags can be purchased in a nearby grocery store. Be it a white or brown paper bag, it depends on your choice. But a white paper bag is highly recommended

Easy steps in creating your personalized goody or loot bag

 For the goody or loot bag handle

  • Make two holes with the hole puncher on both sides at the tip of the paper bag.
  • Cut two pieces yarn with at least six inches long.
  • Insert the yarn on both holes, tie a knot at each end.

The designs we will make on the goody or loot bag will depend on what theme we have.

  • Cut out some paper petals to create a flower and glue them on the loot bag.
  • Cut out different shapes with assorted colors and sprinkle some glitters on them.
  • Use ribbons, buttons or any other paper cuttings of different shapes according to your party theme and your choice.
  • A personal message from your child will add color to the loot bag and will be appreciated by the guests.

The kids will definitely love it if they see their names on the magic bag! Attach a personalized name tag in each bag. A sticker paper with their name printed on it will do.

What good party favor can we pack in a goody loot bag?

Barbie party favors bag
DIY Barbie party favors bag

Party favors do not necessarily be expensive. Kids have simple tastes in life. They always look forward to attending a birthday party because it is always fun and exciting. They look forward to delicious foods such as cake, ice cream, hotdog, marshmallows and candies. These goodies lure kids on parties along with fun and excitement on games, entertainment activities, prizes and of course, a goody or loot bag to top it all.

But most parents do not agree or do not allow their kids too much of hard candies. So we have to find some alternative instead, chocolates will do. Chocolates though sweet, but not too hazardous to the teeth.

The contents of a goody loot bag will depend on the theme of the party and age bracket of your party guests.

Now let us go to the contents. Listed here under are packages or items your children can use, have educational value and require some thinking, that you can decide on and see to it that you put some accent or stickers to match your party theme:

  • crayons, and coloring books.
  • pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, and drawing pad.
  • hair clips, kiddie make-up kit, and hairbrush.
  • hanky, hand towel, sanitizer, kleenex.
  • colored slime, jigsaw puzzle, and yoyo.
  • play dough, marbles, and matchbox.
  • headband, and kiddie fashion jewellery.
  • rubber bouncy bright colored balls and bubbles.
  • party balloons and stickers.
  • chocolates, cookies, and candies.

Is it necessary to fill up the whole loot bag with goodies? 

DIY Party Favors Bag 1
DIY party loot bags

Choosing either of the packages listed above will surely mark a feeling of delight on the kids because our guests will love receiving treats also, that even if they already reach home, the hype of the party is still with them. Everyone likes to receive something to remind them of the fun time they had at the party. It does not really need to be expensive.

Do not take it upon ourselves to feel guilty of not overloading them with treats because some parents may not agree. A landfill loot bag of disposable items is not necessary. What matters most is that the kids will appreciate a thing or two inside the bag and they can be useful.

Useful and educational stuff is good party favors for a kids themed party.

Quantity does not matter because quality will be most appreciated!

We must remember that we do not have to fill-in the loot bag with party favors that we do not want for our child. If we do not allow our child to play with non-educational toys, and we do not allow our child to eat unhealthy foods, then we must consider not to include those in our party favors. And we must also put into consideration the brand, ingredients and expiry dates on the stuff most especially on edible party favors.

 Good party favors will be appreciated not by kids alone but also by their moms!

 In a loot bag of crayons and coloring books, the child will be able to perfect the craft of coloring. In the package of pencil, eraser, sharpener and drawing pad, the child will be able to enhance his creativity in sketching. The hair accessories and kiddie make-up kit will surely tickle the imagination of a little girl trying to act like a big girl or just like what she see in mom, doing the hair and putting on make-up.

The hanky, hand sanitizer and Kleenex will enhance cleanliness awareness in every child. The colored slime, jigsaw puzzle and play dough will enhance creativity on every child. Whereas the yoyo, marbles, matchbox, bouncy balls, party balloons, stickers, and bubbles are toys that every kid would love to have.

Now as I have mentioned earlier, the food such as chocolates, cookies, candies and cupcakes are kids favorite so we have to consider putting them in their magic bag as long as we have closely checked on the ingredients and expiration dates. And let us be aware also that some children may have food intolerance and allergies, especially relating to nuts and dairy. This we have to be very careful of. Then ask the parents if their child has any food problems, if none otherwise, let them have a taste of different kinds of goodies all packed in one awesome bag!

Recommended Party Favor bag

DIY Party Favors Bag 2

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