5 DIY Baby Shower Favor Ideas on a Budget
5 DIY Baby Shower Favor Ideas on a Budget2

Your best friend is having a baby and has no clue as to what she should have at her . She comes to you and says “help me!” DIY favor is a good idea to recommend your friends party.

As you begin to plan the baby shower, you realize that it has to be on a budget as well as being able to be pulled off in a short amount of time.

So what do you do?

Here are a few ideas on how to have a baby shower with favors that do not cost a fortune and can still be memorable!

5 DIY Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Baked goods

5 DIY Baby Shower Favor Ideas on a Budget
5 DIY Baby Shower Favor Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to prizes a lot of people think of the bottles of bubbles. When on a budget, a person can actually bake prizes. A few ideas could be to bake cookies into different baby shapes or even bake cupcakes that are either pink or blue. If having a baby shower during the holidays, look at the store to see if there is anything that you can use in order to put the bake goods in.

Picture Frames

Your friend gave you a few photos of the baby if born already or baby’s ultrasound image and asks you to incorporate it into the shower theme somehow. When it comes to prizes, giving away baby photos might seem like a good idea, but the mom to be only wants them on display. Go to the store and buy an inexpensive picture frame. Then look around your house and see what you can glue to it. A couple of suggestions might be buttons and or beads. Then at the shower, take photos of the happy guests. When you send the thank you notes, include a picture of them having a blast so they can have something to put in the picture frame you sent with them.

Baby bottle supplies

The concept of a baby shower is to help the new mom to be out and to celebrate with family and friends that there is a new life coming into the world. An idea that could come up if someone or perhaps yourself is thinking on buying a lot of baby bottles as gift for mom-to-be is to ask her not to send them to the new mom to be. What you can do is to wash them and then fill them with pink or blue with some white M&M chocolates and or some type of candy.

5 DIY Baby Shower Favor Ideas on a Budget
5 DIY Baby Shower Favor Ideas on a Budget

Popular and affordable baby shower candies include chocolates, sixlets, mint balls, and cute little jelly beans. If the baby bottle is quite large, it might save you some money if you include swirl lollipops in there to make up the space. You can add a personal touch by putting a ribbon around them (usually a blue and or a pink ribbon) and then put a note attached to the ribbon thanking the guests for coming. The guests can then return all the bottles once the filling is finished to help the new mom to be with extra bottles!

Nail Polish

Most women have a huge amount of nail polish in their homes at some point in their life. What makes this idea a good idea? When on a budget and need something simple, you can buy nail polish (blue for a boy, pink for a girl) in order to reveal the gender and or as a simple gift to give your guests so they are not lugging around a lot of gifts from the shower. You can even spice them up by putting fancy handmade tags on them and or even some ribbon that may go with the theme of the shower. There are plenty of free thank-you tags around.

Homemade Candles

It may sound like a lot of work, and for someone that has never made candles by hand it will be. But for all the hard work that you do by making the candles, you will definitely have a conversation starter. Visit your local craft store and see about getting a kit. You can pour the wax into anything that will not melt. Homemade candles make great favors because people can take them home and light them for any reason, and it does not cost much to do, just a lot of time.

More diy baby shower favor ideas partiesideas.com.


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