How can you choose the design of your cake for kids party while checking your budget? A cake is awesome! Cakes come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, costs, flavors and styles.

Choosing the birthday cake should be a super fun part of planning for your child’s big day. Even if you have a sweet tooth, choosing the perfect birthday cake is not as easy a task as you think it will be.

You may be overwhelmed with all of the choices in supermarkets or with tips and ideas spread across the internet. You should know that there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a birthday cake such as its design and size, and more importantly in accordance to your budget. 

You will want to entrust this important responsibility to someone whom you can rely on to create the birthday cake of your dreams. Speaking with a professional baker is the first step in getting the personalized cake that fits your needs and budget.

Choose the Design of your Cake for Kids Party

Cake for Kids Party
Simple party cake for kids party

Searching for a baker. Aside from the internet, word of mouth is the best place to start in choosing your baker. Ask from your family and friends some advice and recommendations. If you search on the internet, be sure to check on the reviews. If you are not so familiar, what are kids’ party deals all about, they are companies that offer birthday packages and that includes cake for kids party. You can seek their help and you can stay with your budget.

Details of information should be provided. When you call a bakery or speak with the baker in person, it is important to let them know exactly what you are aiming for. Provide a general theme or idea for your cake, along with the flavors, colors and your budget. You should also let the baker know the due date for your cake and how many guests will be at the event. You can also provide some pictures for references but do not expect the baker to copy exactly the creation of another person. Copying will not give you a unique, high-quality product.

More time allowed, the better it will turn out. Ideally, you want to order your cake at least three to four months before the grand event. You should know that cakes designed for only a few people take time to plan, bake and decorate. Most often than not, the small bakery can only take on a limited number of cakes in a week. The reason why you have to book several months earlier than your event date.

Consider a realistic budget for your cake. Remember that your cake will be designed particularly for you. You may get the exact price as soon as you have sat down and talked to your baker. Many things will affect the total cost of your cake, including size, garnishing, design, style and most of all the time it takes to make the cake.

Apparently, the cost of the cake is determined by the number of serves you will need, and the intricacy of the cake design.. Have a budget in mind, and let your decorator know this.If the cake you want is way out of your price range, let your decorator know what design elements are most important to you and they can offer suggestions of how to incorporate these into your cake design without blowing your budget.

If you have a specific cake budget, let your designer know in advance. If the cake you want is more expensive than the cake budget, don’t hesitate to ask your designer for suggestions on how to get the most of what you want within your budget.

Cake for Kids Party
cake delivery

Handling the delivery of your cake. Most often, this scenario usually comes last to be recognized. But think again…this is equally important or rather really very important. It usually gets late when you realize how difficult it is to pick up a cake, to transport from the bakery to the venue.

Moving a cake, especially one that is tall or elaborate, takes special care and can take some time. Arranging with your decorator for them to deliver the cake is definitely the safest option, and the cost for this will usually depend on the travel distance and time involved. Certain types of cake do require some assembly once they get to the venue, such as those decorated with fresh fruits and flowers.

Cake design and  Budget

For the design, you can flip over some magazines or you can check on some websites. Think about the style you like. Sleek and glamorous? Instead of a traditional tiered cake, you could have a trio of smaller cakes, or a cupcake tower with a small cake on top for cutting.

Get inspired and create mood boards with images of cakes you love,any shapes or themes that are running through your mind – the possibilities are endless!  Bear in mind that some types of icing don’t hold up well in the heat or humidity and may require refrigeration – your decorator will advise you on this. And most importantly, choose a design that you and your child will love and will not hamper your budget allocation for the cake!

Do not jeopardize your cake design due to budget constraint. Be aware that choosing a simple cake design will not necessarily make it a less expensive cake. Cakes are typically priced based on servings and design. Some people try to cut corners and use false styrofoam, but these take longer for the baker to decorate, and cost the same as a normal cake.”

cake for kids party
Unicorn cake for kids party

Balance your budget, quantity and style of the cake. There are three things you need to consider when picking a cake: budget, quantity, style. Usually, one of those is more important than the other two.

A good cake designer will help you find a way to work with all three areas and make the cake of your dreams. And it is also important to realize that quality does not ever have to be sacrificed to get that dream cake.”

The taste is equally important to the appearance of your cake for kids party. Every baker has his own way of designing a cake and a baking style as well. As the case may be, you should pick the one whom you feel can fulfil your requests the best. Ask your decorator what flavors they offer and if you can organize to taste some samples.

While looks are important, it is not everything. Ask to sample their cake for kids party during your consultation to decide if you love the texture and flavor profile of the cakes. The last thing wants to do is to compromise on the flavor in favor of its design, and serve your guests a slice of unappetizing cake. Offer your guest something fun and unique that they will talk about for years or until the next party.

A special spot for your cake at the venue. Think about how your cake will be presented at the party. It should be sitting on top of a beautiful cake stand, on a well-lit spot but out of direct sunlight. Please do not forget the cake knife.

Learn how to correctly cut your cake. There are a right and a wrong way to cut a cake. If you have a caterer then they should know how to cut the cake. You may want to request a cutting guide from your baker to assist you in the process if a family member or friend is performing this task.


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