Birthday Party Theme Ideas
Birthday Party Theme Ideas

A kid at quinceañera is obviously turning to a young lady at 15, and the next phase is the journey to a sweet 16. Debut as its precedence is celebrated at the age of 18, it is a girl’s transition from youth to adulthood. Debuts are one of the most anticipated moments of a girl’s life. This is the time where the kids or the teenagers undergo the transition from a young girl to a young woman and a time that signifies their adulthood. Listed here are the 8 birthday ideas for the .

It only happens once in their lifetime so they should be celebrated with extra flair. As your daughter enters adulthood and prepares to face new challenges and responsibilities in life, making her special night memorable can be done with the optimum birthday ideas for the . Therefore, themes for the debut is really thought-out. It is planned months ahead in order to have one so perfect that it would stick in the hearts and minds of both the debutant and the guests.

It is quite tough to decide on the theme, decorations and style of an 18th birthday party. They may still be your kid, but the fact that it is their debut into adulthood, you have to adjust the party into a little more grown-up. You have been used to the children’s party in the previous years, with Unique Cake Themes, a few party games, and a few goodie bags and you are set to go!  But an 18th birthday is something special. Your teen is taking her first step into adulthood and will perhaps want a party to match.

Now, this big one million dollar question: what kind of party do you want to throw for your debutante? And you worry on how you can integrate her friends into the celebration? And what would you put inside the party favor bags? Worry no more! Because teenagers nowadays no longer need the goody bags. But if you feel comfortable and happy giving out party favors, you can distribute Starbucks card with some Hershey kisses in the pouch. For an 18th birthday party there is no limit for possibilities because there are endless birthday ideas you can scan over the net.

Include your kids to help assemble a great guest list, choose a location, decide on the menu, and other party details. It is most rewarding to listen to the debutante’s voice with regards to the procedure in the planning of her debut party. As long as you lay your cards on the table with fix budget, you can keep it simple yet elegant, inexpensive but not cheap.

8 Birthday Party Theme Ideas for the Debutante

Rock-themed parties 

 Birthday Party Theme Ideas
Carnival Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Ever dreamed of becoming a rock star? Go out of your way to be extraordinary, different from everyone else. Girls also love music and this can also be an excellent idea for a party. Allow your daughter to enjoy time with their friends together with the music that they love in this kind of celebration.

Decorate the venue with posters and favors that reminds your guest about the favorite music artists of your child. You can even ask guests to come dressed as their favorite music icons to add fun and color to the event.Your debut is a day where you can be anyone or anything you want, so go all out and just do that! Do not stick to the conventional and traditional way, you are not required to. Be the matchless individual that you are. After all, it is your day!

Movie Marathon by the Poolside

There are kids who do not want much of exposure and they would rather stay home with their closest friends even if it is her 18th birthday! You can rent a venue with a pool; if not, then you can improvise in your own home. Inflatables play barn and inflatable swimming pool will come to the rescue! With some inner tubes along with some crampy shark movies or any movie of your child’s choice, as they munch on the healthy birthday snacks you offer will be a wonderful 18th birthday bash.

Carnival themed-parties 

This birthday party theme ideas for debut is for daughters that are not into the whole gown and dancing thing. You can host your party in an actual carnival where guests can enjoy rides and other attractions after dining and a few short programs during the party. You will not worry about decorations anymore since the venue is already festive enough for your girl’s special day.

For other venue other than the carnival itself, say at home or in a local park, you can try mixing the carnival and royalty design to your 18th birthday party.Having done this would really be one of a kind, to combine bold colors – pink, black and gold! In a local park, you can set up a tent shape backdrop with sequin fabric for a more eye catching look.

Place a ticket booth at the venue entrance for a natural carnival feel of the event. Hang over-sized lanterns with flower accents made of paper or cloth. Hanging accents over the ceiling adds up to the over-all carnival feel.

Princess Themed-Parties 

Birthday Party Theme Ideas
Makeup Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess. Women generally experience this during their 18th birthday and their wedding day. Make your daughter’s night magical and special by allowing her to dance in a crowd donning a gown of her liking with a tiara on her head. Her 18 dance will definitely add the right amount of regal vibe needed for the moment as she dances with the prince charming in her life.

A glass slipper shoe might be too much but if she can pull away with such accessories, might as well allow her to enjoy being Cinderella for a night. Be sure to inform your guests of the attire for the party. Some guests might go to medieval or adapt a different kind of gown for the party. Inform them ahead of the party to give them time to prepare. We can understand why princess-themed parties became so popular among debutantes.

The dream of becoming a princess will soon materialize at age 18 and being treated like royalty on her debut is something so very special. Donning a royalty gown with long ruffled train and appliqued bodice, your debutante will feel that the long wait is over. Goodbye to kiddie toys and childish acts, hello to young adulthood. To add the touch of royalty, turn the reception venue into a modern castle with dreamy elements that would perfectly match the party theme. Magicians and acrobatic shows are still awesome entertainment at a debutante’s party.

Spa and Make-up party

Some girls love make-up and pampering themselves. This can also be a good idea for a party. You can have your venue set in an actual salon or ask make-up artists to come over for your event. Your young ladies can enjoy good food, have a manicure and pedicure or even have matching highlights as they enjoy good conversation and quality fun time together with their friends.

Ask your daughters on how they want to celebrate their special 18th birthday to give them the best possible party that will surely make a mark in their lives. Activities should also match the age bracket of the guests. Piñata is still in demand (kids and adults alike still love this old game), birthday wishes journal, photo booths, lipstick game and whatever you can innovate, of course with adjustment at your own likes and dislikes. For the party favors, you can provide each guest with a pouch customized with initials of each guest filled with necklace, lipstick, sunglasses, chocolate bar and nail polish.

For the food you can serve them homemade chocolate make-up and some extra-large cookie lips, homemade chocolate cupcakes with cute toppers.

Gods and Goddesses

Birthday Party Theme Ideas
Masquerade Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Coming to a debut party in Roman and Greek Gods and Goddesses costume is really awesome! But as the debutante, it would be amazing to don an Aphrodite or Venus look-a-like costume from head to toe and be the most beautiful immortal in you party. Venus is the Roman Goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility; while the equally beautiful Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of victory, fertility, and even prostitution. Now have a splendid 18th birthday party with the gods and goddesses.


Have everyone dress up as their favorite characters, it may be a science-fiction, comic book, or anime character and enjoy in your own comic convention type of debut party as your favorite character come into life.

Masquerade Ball

Give your most awaited debut ball a bit of a twist by having different styles and colors of masks designed with. The same way with your guests, you have to specify in the invitations that it will be a masquerade party. Be sophisticated by having guests dress strictly in gowns and tuxedos together with their masquerade masks. Have a blast from the past.


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