Birthday Party Ideas for Children

Birthday for children nowadays seem a lot more intricate more than ever before. Parents appear to be very eager and supportive of their children’s dreams and fantasies. Of course, because the growing up stages in the kids’ journey to life are equally important to the experiences that will be tattooed in their hearts and minds for a lifetime.

Themes are essential when it comes to planning a child’s birthday party. You want the party to be a success and for all the children to enjoy the party, experience from the theme to the food to the entertainment. Children’s parties are about fun and you can achieve this by adding a theme that is currently where all the children can relate to and with birthday party decorations to match the party theme.

Birthday Party Ideas for Children
Birthday for Children Outdoor table set up

Some birthday for children are ones that are based on a sport, on a television or movie character or something a little more sophisticated or adults, such as a salon theme for girls or a disco for a teen. Pirates are always a very popular and fun theme for boys and girls. The pirate theme can include everything from the cups and napkins you use to how you decorate the room. You can even purchase hats and fake swords, so each of the children can dress the part.

Disney birthday party ideas for children are always a great choice for girls. There are so many wonderful princess characters to choose from. When choosing your birthday party decorations and essentials, ensure you choose based on quality, price and convenience, making your Disney party one that will be remembered for years to come.

Star Wars has already been a great birthday party idea. From fancy dress based around the theme to toys you can pick up in the local toy store, there are so many great opportunities when you choose this particular theme.

What really makes this such a fun and popular theme for parents is that the party decorations based on a Star Wars theme can be purchased online with ease. From cups to plates to tablecloths and more can all be bought and delivered to the door showcasing the theme that is going to make this event a fun experience for all the children. One of the top choices for girls is the characters from the movie Frozen.

Frozen can be a fun theme with the right party decorations. When you use this birthday party idea, you want to consider the décor, are you going to base your décor on an ice castle or are you going to base your main theme on one of the characters that you know your child loves.

As your child starts getting older, you are going to want to focus on the older themes. Still base the party on a theme, you will find that by choosing a set theme you can plan a little easier with one focus in mind. When your child gets a bit older, they are not going to be interested in a Disney princess or Star Wars, so you are going to want to think of something suitable for their age group.

Birthday Party Ideas for Children
The celebrant is enjoying her party decorations

If your child is athletic and enjoys certain sports, then a fantastic birthday party idea is a sporting theme. Football, netball, cricket and more can all make great sporting themes that is guaranteed to make a memorable party.

Another of the top birthday party ideas for the older child is a disco. This is ideal for boys and girls and with some good music, a disco ball and some great decorations, the kids are guaranteed to have a fun experience.

Remember when buying your birthday party decorations, you must focus on buying from a reputable and reliable company who can deliver your decorations to the door, so you can manage the entire party experience with ease and confidence.

After all that has been said and done, there are parents who are practically optimistic and extends all out support, but there are some parents who are more of hesitant to throw a birthday party because of financial constraint. So how do you come up with a budget-friendly birthday party ideas for children without disappointing them and without breaking the bank?

8 Budget-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas for Children

Allocate a Budget

first priority on the “things to do” list when planning for your kid’s birthday party is the budget. Set aside an amount you are willing to spend. You have to set a limit because if not, you will end up over-spending which you will probably regret after. You have to set a certain amount for food, venue, decorations and other party details and supplies.

Do Not Overspend on Your Party Theme

Throwing a superhero-themed party does not necessarily mean that all party supplies and equipment will be tailored to your superhero theme. A thing or two to match the theme of your party will be enough. As long as the invitation and cake correlate with the party theme, you are doing great! Because most kids are interested in the party gamers and activities, and lest not to forget the party favors. And the party favors can double as party decorations too. If you want to elaborate a little bit, you can DIY Kiddie Party Decorations.

Heavy Meals Not Necessary

We all understand that one of the biggest expenses among party details is the food. One simple solution is not to serve heavy meals. Set the time of your party at mid-afternoon or mid-morning. This way, you can just serve any finger foods you can think of and be creative to match the finger foods to your party theme.

Birthday Party Ideas for Children
Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for Children

Limit Your Guests

A party without guests will not be considered a successful one. But it does not mean that you will have an overflowing number of kids around. You do not have to necessarily invite all the kids in the kindergarten class of your birthday girl. Let the celebrator name a few of her closest friends and classmates, and send the invitations. NO, not in front of the other “not invited” classmates. You can send through email or other social media apps.

Do-It-Yourself Cake and Foods

If you order a birthday cake from a dependable baker, chances are, you will have to stretch your budget. Cakes from bakeries will look really good, and taste awesomely great…but you will have to pay an extremely high price for what you get. It is suggested you make your own cake. Make use of your ingenuity and creativity in picking up what is in your kitchen – all organic ingredients for your healthy nutritious birthday cake. And for the nutritious finger foods, the healthy ingredients are just sitting in the corner of your kitchen counter-top waiting to be of use!

Choosing a Venue

Space rental is costly. If you cannot throw a party in your home because space is limited, then you can opt to make use of the public park. Have your reservations in advance. And you can do a lot of things in the park. However, if the weather will not permit, you can have other alternatives like turning a room of your house into a party venue. Like a playhouse, just fill the room with balloons and balls; and let the kids play, run, jump and dance to their delight. Kids will simply enjoy as long as you do not have a gap for boredom. Have the games and activities continued until the kids get so tired and thirsty they will keep on visiting the food & water & juice corner of the room.

DIY Entertainment

Hiring a clown, a balloon guy, a magician or a professional DJ will cost you a fortune. Renting inflatables and kiddie playhouse will break your pockets. You can always turn into another alternative instead. Kids are so easy to please as long as they will have a great time with friends that is it! Hold a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunt, a guessing game, and whatever games and activities you can think of. There is actually no limit when it comes to party activities for kids. Just be creative and smart.

Party Favors/Goody Bags

Ffilling the goody bag with lots of party favors will cost you much. Try only one or two items, say an educational coloring book with crayons; a food container, a water bottle, any item that can be useful and that the kids will surely love.

 There goes the 8 compilation of money-saving tips to complement a budget-friendly birthday party ideas for children. Remember that it feels good to throw parties for our loved ones but it will feel much better if we did not go beyond our budget limitations. Because celebrating our kids’ birthday is one way to show them our love and support. The important thing though is, you had an inexpensive but of quality, great and successful birthday party.


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