Birthday Party Decorations
Birthday Party Decorations

Throwing a kiddie brings you a special kind of stress – emotionally and financially. However, planning a for your child is an exciting and daunting experience. You want everything to be perfect and this means from the theme to the birthday party decorations to the entertainment. You want each child to have a memorable and enjoyable experience, a birthday party to remember.

Kids grow up so fast and eagerly looks forward to their birthdays year after year. So birthdays are of great importance for kids and they anticipate a lot of things to happen from the yearly celebration of their birthdays. Most often, children are delighted over their birthdays but sometimes, as is normally with the kids, they are not satisfied with some petty things and feel sad about it.

There are certain Birthday Party Decorations you should never be caught without to add to the theme and to make the impact you want to make. The first step to choosing any decorations is to identify a theme. Children have their passions, their favorite television characters, or a movie character that they adore. This makes it easier for you to choose a party theme, though you may want to remember when planning a party that you will be catering for boys and girls.

Planning a birthday party is very time consuming, you have to work on a theme, who to invite and then arrange all the decorations, food and entertainment. If you do lead a busy lifestyle and you juggle work and home on a daily basis, then you may want to look for a superhero themed birthday ideas that can work with you and take charge of everything to include the birthday party decorations, from the set-up to clean-up. Nevertheless, you can also opt to throw the party at home to save you from going overboard of your budget.


With your theme in place, you want to start looking for birthday party decorations that will meet your themes, such as pirates, princesses, Star Wars, sports themes and more. There are certain essential items that you do not want to forget and this includes a table cloth. Remember when dealing with children there will be spills and accidents, so finding a plastic tablecloth that has the theme on it is a great way to start your decorating for this special occasion.


Birthday Party Decorations
Unicorn birthday party decorations

Once you have your theme chosen and you have found your tablecloth, then you can start focusing on the other essential birthday party decorations, such as the cups, plates and napkins. Depending on the supplier you choose, you should be able to get all these items with your theme, so the entire catering side can showcase the theme, which all the children are guaranteed to love and enjoy.

With your table set up, you can start focusing on the birthday party decorations for the rest of the venue, whether it’s your home or you have hired a hall for the day or night. Based on your theme, you may want to look at balloons. Balloons are always a great hit with children. You can get themed balloons and to add an element of fun, you may want to fill them with helium so that they give the impression of floating in mid-air.


Streamers are always a hit and are easy to use. The great thing with these birthday party decorations is that they come in a wide variety of colors and when it’s time to clean up, they go straight into the bin.

Streamers can be used to hold the balloons, draped across the table or hanging from the ceiling. There are so many great ways to use these decorations to make the fun impact you want to make.

There are companies that will send you all the birthday party decorations you need based on your theme in one box, this can save you valuable time and energy and help you save money in the long run.

Remember to ensure when choosing this option that you choose a company that keeps stock of the decorations, offering you fast and effective delivery solutions so you know you will have everything you need for the perfect celebration.

15 Crafty and Unique Birthday Party Decorations

Giant Sign

Huge signs will look wonderful on the walls of the house. If you are not at ease with wall painting and feel like you might discard this idea, you can use a projector instead.

Festive Cupcake Liner Garland

Let loose your imagination and have another brilliant way to decorate your kids’ birthday party. Save the leftover cupcake liners, you can turn them into a colorful garland. Putting on birthday party decorations is easy with a garland made using cupcake liners. A birthday greeting in warm tones hanging above a serving table done up in similar shades of pink and orange cupcake liner.

Cupcake Liner Flower Lights

An awesome trick with cupcake liners, the interior of the house can be decorated in a very beautiful way. Cupcake liners can then be turned into pretty flowers with lights.

Fork Placeholder

This simple birthday uses a fork as a placeholder. Forks can be used to hold light items like paper and cards. Cutting patterns out of paper to write names of guests to mark their seating arrangements will look chic.

Decorate Cutlery

Cutleries need not always be dull. Spray some paint to add a little glow and life to your cutlery, especially for the wooden ones.

Birthday Party Decorations
Flower cutlery birthday party decorations

Flower Pots for Cutleries

Another innovative way to decorate the party is to place the cutlery, spoon and fork in a flower pot instead of scattering them around.

Napkin Crafts

Instead of plain table napkins, use paper napkins. You can cut them out using regular, pinking, zigzag or scalloping scissors to create a variety of fun-shapes for kids.

Ribbon Lanterns

Use assorted colors of ribbons to make a ribbon lantern. The multi-colored ribbon lantern will look really beautiful and will surely light up the birthday party in all corners.

Ribbon Wands

Perfect for party favors! All the fun does not have to end right at the party. The fun could be extended even after the guests reach their homes. Hand over to your beautiful guests these homemade ribbon wands – attractive, and unique Birthday Party Decorations.

Ribbon Mobile

A ribbon mobile is one awesome hanging . Any ribbon will do. Just line the inside of a ring of embroidery loop with double-sided tape, press the ribbons against the tape after folding and tie two ribbons to the opposite sides of the loop. Hang it on the ceiling right above the buffet table.

Birthday Party Decorations
Balloon birthday

Birthday Balloon Decoration

Balloons have been and still is the typical party decoration and one of the simplest yet great objects for decoration most especially for kiddie parties. You can create various unique birthday party decorations such as balloon wand, classic happy birthday signage with balloons, tying balloons to favor bags where each and every kid will take home, mini balloon place cards, attractive balloon ceiling decoration, splendid birthday wall decoration with various shaped balloons, multi-colored balloon backdrop and ribbons for birthday party.

Using confetti with balloons is another way to create a standout party. All these simple party decoration requires filling balloons with confetti before blowing them up. Thus, even a simple balloon decoration will make your party exude the air of festivity. In addition, one spectacular way to welcome your guests is having this doorway birthday balloon decoration. You can beautifully adorn the doorway by hanging lots of colorful balloons at the end of the crepe paper streamers and curling ribbons. Creating pretty balloon arch at the entrance to adorably embellishing the entryway with balloon archway, these birthday party decorations idea will create a grand entrance at your party venue.

Balloon Animals

Helium-filled balloons in the shape of a bear, cat, mickey-mouse, deer, giraffe and other animals shapes, adds great fun to the party. A good chuckle when you say, your animal decorations have inflated egos! And that is because they are helium-filled balloons.

Shimmering Streamers

Do not throw away your left-over glossy-colored paper. A metallic paper will do best. You can make streamers of shimmering circles and other shapes that descends from the ceiling.

Hanging Paper Flowers

Paper flowers hanging up in the ceiling will absolutely look wonderful. It is neither very harsh nor expensive to create these paper flowers. Or you can even use tissue paper. Whether it is tissue paper topper, fringed tissue paper flower decoration or dangling tissue paper pom-poms from the ceiling this birthday party decoration will definitely add charm to your kid’s birthday party. With a few snips and folds, and a little imagination, you can turn tissue paper and some retiring paper bags into party-perfect adornments.

Tiered Paper Candy Stand

An eye-catching and eco-friendly idea for kids’ birthday parties. You can create an amazing candy or cupcake stand where you can place assorted candies or multi-colored cupcakes for all the kids, using only paper.




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