Baby's Development At Two Months
Cute 2-months-old- baby - Baby's Development At Two Months: 2-Months-Old Adorable Baby!

Congratulations on a job well done, your baby’s development at two months are noticeable. That is all because of your wonderful and unconditional love. You will see a lot of new development, both for the growth department, health, and don’t forget about the well-check up visits with your pediatrician. Oh, there will be vaccinations this week!

What should you expect for your baby’s development at two months? Do you really need to let your little get those vaccinations or can you skip them? How do you determine if your baby’s development at two months is on track?

Baby’s Development At Two Months

Your baby’s development in two months is entertaining. It is a sign that you are doing a great job. You too must celebrate these amazing things. Though not yet a total expert, you are more confident than ever, right?

You can now determine if your baby needs a nap or hungry. The bond between you and your newborn baby are getting stronger. You are also taking advantage of your new superpowers (multitasking to the next level!).
Have you noticed that your little one is such a fast learner? Such a lovely cutie. It is the best time for you to start introducing sensory-stimulating toys. Your baby’s development at two months is at its peak. But do not get overwhelmed with the idea just yet.

Baby's Development At Two Months
Mommy and 2-months-old baby – Baby’s Development At Two Months: 2-Months-Old Adorable Baby!

Taking one small step as your baby’s doing. Introduce toys little by little and see which one should they like. Look for colorful sensory toys. Your little baby will be more interested in bright colors.

You can try adding a few things and colors on the playmat. Were you usually have your daily tummy time, start adding things there. Your baby would really love to explore now. With your full supervision as always.

If your baby is not a talker yet, why not try working with a mirror. Though they will not realize that they are staring at their reflection yet, they will be entertained with that adorable baby staring back at them!

By this time, your baby’s development at two months is visible. You will constantly be hearing them singing, laughing, and cooing at everything. Especially if they are in the mood to talk.

Things To Expect For Your 2-Months-Old Baby

Let’s break down all the things that you will expect or have seen this month. remember that sometimes, your baby’s development at two months maybe later or advance. Just celebrate every little thing that your baby does. And yourself as well.

Baby's Development At Two Months
2-months-old-baby – Baby’s Development At Two Months: 2-Months-Old Adorable Baby!

Your baby’s development at two months:

  • Your baby will have a longer sleeping time. That means a good way for you to relax more. But don’t forget to take care of yourself and rest as well.
  • Your baby might have fewer bowel episodes. Their tummy and poops are growing with them as well. Don’t be alarm but be vigilant!
  • Your baby will be eating more for their growth and development.
  • Your baby has gained a good amount of pounds there. If not much, check with your pediatrician for recommendations. Your doctor will let you know if your baby is doing okay. Do not panic.
  • Your baby will grow. Check the average growth with your pediatrician too. Or you can check that by this age, commonly, girls average height is 22.5 inches while boys are 23 inches.
  • Your baby is more interactive this month. Talking and producing new sounds, consonants, and vowels. Keep them talking.
  • Your baby has scheduled vaccinations this week. Check with your doctor what shots will they give. Remember that vaccinations are important.
  • You baby will start rolling over, or not yet, from her back to tummy.

When To Worry About Your Baby’s Health And Growth

With all your baby’s development at two months, you have probably been wondering or worrying about things that you shouldn’t. Well, trust your instinct as a mommy. You may also air all those queries that bother you with your pediatrician. This will ease any doubt you have.

Baby's Development At Two Months
Two months old baby – Baby’s Development At Two Months: 2-Months-Old Adorable Baby!

As long as your doctor says your baby is good, don’t stress yourself too much. There are average weight and height to track your baby’s health. Sometimes they will be ahead of that, and there will also be late moments. But that does not mean your baby is not having enough.

Don’t compare your baby’s growth with other kids her age. Each one is unique, so you are. Just celebrate each milestone they have, and your milestones too. It is really not a competition to take care and grow with your baby, rather it is a blessing and a gift to be enjoyed about.

Why You Need Vaccinations And Their Importance

There is no better way to protect your babies to get those shot done, at the right time. This will protect them from any illness and dangerous deceases. It may just look like a quick (and painful shots for them) pinch, but they really are powerful.

For your baby’s development at two months, here are the list of immunizations. They will be present for those shots and guaranteed to protect your little one.

Check with your pediatrician as well on what shots will they give. It is not a crime to ask to know more than not to raise any questions at all.

DTaP – diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis
Hib – Haemophilus influenza type b
IPV – inactivated poliovirus
PCV – pneumococcal
RV – rotavirus, this is an oral type of vaccination
HepB – hepatitis B

Things Every Parent Must Check This Month

Baby's Development At Two Months
Cute 2-months-old- baby – Baby’s Development At Two Months: 2-Months-Old Adorable Baby!

Now that your baby is two months old, it is better to check things up. From the crib that your baby will be staying to build up her motor and sensory skills. There should not be enough space for between mattress and the crib frame. That means if the crib is giving you hard time changing clean sheets with, that means it is a good quality one.

There is a required minimum distance between each slat. Wider slats may trap your newborn baby. Take note of the right measurements for each slat. It should be around 2 3/8 from each other. It’s totally okay to measure them if you haven’t bought a crib yet.

A rocking chair is a lifesaver. not just for you but for your baby when they are fussy. Don’t forget about reconsidering to use a baby swing. This will give your baby a good nap for an afternoon break.

On the other side, do not always keep your baby on the swing or rocking chair. She might be in total dependant of the swinging motion. It will also be a burden especially if you are going out of town in the future. You will need to bring a swing with you just to make them sleep.

If yure baby happens to develop eczema, you can check with your pediatrician on the best advice or products to use. They may be itchy and your little one might not really be comfortable with them. There are safe moisturizers and soap especially made for this skin allergies. Don’t worry, they will eventually move out of your baby’s system when they get older.

Baby’s skin is really delicate and sensitive. That is why using products for your baby’s clothes and things should be monitored properly. Let our baby have a lukewarm bath to ease itchy eczema.


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